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October 5th, 2015

Page 494

The owl is somewhat inspired by ‘The Secret of Nimh’ which rather freaked me out when I was little (can’t remember how old I was when I first saw that).  It was definitely not your typical Disney movie like I was used to at the time, so I guess I wasn’t prepared for how dark and creepy it got.  Same with ‘Nausicaa’, no goofy musical numbers in that one either!

Vote Incentive: big cat, little cat :)

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  1. stardust

    A shaman of the wild…

  2. T-Shaw

    That’s a bit of a habit for a wise owl.

  3. stardust

    Please don’t let him be like Wan Shi Tong. “YOU KNOW TOO MUCH.”

  4. abowden

    I am guessing he terrorized the customers and animal control was called as a result?

  5. Luna

    With how you mentioned the owl in the last page I got a flash back to “The Secret of NIMH”.

    And considering Death’s caffeine addiction chapters back it looks like he can sympathize with the owl with developing a bad habit XD

    Wonder what he’ll ask the bears for in return for his help and want that help will be. Will we see Crack’s origins with this story?

  6. Athlone

    Death’s last pic in this strip is so cute!

  7. Aldin

    That’s ’cause The Secret of NIMH is not a Disney movie.

    And I guess even the wise can develop nasty habits/addictions.

  8. Bry

    Death seems to be pretty smart and wise himself, heheh. i wonder what Owl will tell the bears to do about Crack’s, um, sotuation

  9. Bry

    * situation (y does my phone’s touchscreen hate me? T^T)

  10. Michael Sirius

    Don’t worry Nerd, if he wanted to kill you, he would’ve already. Besides he likes you now. Or always has, idk

  11. Alister

    Can’t blame the owl, french fries are freaking awesome.

  12. Glowworm

    That owl reminds me of that seagull who will brazenly walk into a store and walk out with a bag of dorritos in his beak. XD

  13. Brian Hibbs

    The owl has nothing useful to say and Crack eats the owl as soon as he wakes up.

  14. YourWorstNightmare

    @Brian Hibbs DUN DUN DUN!!! Foreshadowing! lol @Michael Sirius XD yesh! @Alister Sooooooo true lmao

  15. Luiz

    Hmmm so I was right about this owl reference since the previous page? Neat :)

    At least, The Secret of NIMH have one wonderful lullaby song, Flying Dreams. I really recommend you watch it again!
    @Aldin is right, isn’t a Disney movie, but fom MGM. It was directed by Don Bluth, who left the Disney studios in the end of 70’s. His last relevant work was directing Anastasia (Fox Animation).

  16. SansSkeleton

    OH MY FREAKING GOD, THE OWL SHIRT!!! I started hyperventilating. I feel incredibly light headed. I swear I’m adult, but I went into child-like-primal-mode when I saw that design.
    I adore your comic and all of your drawings. You’re amazing for sharing your talent :)

  17. Brian Luiso

    The past tense of “lead” is spelled “led”.

    I’m not trying to be a grammar snob, it’s just that I would appreciate a correction if the roles were reversed.

  18. Thunder Chicken

    To those mentioning The Secret of NIMH, if you liked the movie I highly recommend the book. Way, WAY better. The book is also known as “Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH”. Her name was changed to “Brisby” in the movie to avoid possible legal trouble with the makers of a certain flying plastic disc. Anyway, the book goes much deeper into the origin of the rats, and has a much more realistic storyline – well, as realistic as a book about talking animals and super intelligent rats can be. There is no “magic” in the book – the rats use their intelligence, not a magic amulet, and many other plot points are significantly different as well. I highly recommend it.

  19. EatingFurniture

    “How’d he end up here?” and then Death chooses to ignore Cara’s question and says something really vague about an accident.

  20. Brian Hibbs

    @EatingFurniture Maybe that’s the real reason Death’s a loner, he’s got no social skills.

  21. admin

    @Luna: yep, we’re going into Crack back story :)
    @SansSkeleton: :D Thank you!
    @BrianL: nice catch! Fixed!
    @ThunderChicken: I was aware of the book, it’s somewhere on my vast list of stuff I need to read one day :)

  22. Urago

    Sara looks cute in Panel 1.

  23. EatingFurniture

    Hey, not to rush you, but the archive could use an update really bad. I can hear it begging. It has a hoarse voice. It reminds me of Nick Offerman’s voice, if he was dying of lung disease.

  24. Walrus King

    This is fucking awesome. Keep up the good work. ^^ Just did marathon of the whole series.

  25. Ech

    Mcdonalds, how many lives will they ruin…

    Also you have kids, thats sweet. (Take heed that I’m just realizing theze things)

  26. Caveman

    Death psycho smile in panel 2

  27. Bry

    actually, @EatingFurniture and @Brian Hibbs, Death did answer Cara’s question: the Owl required tribute for his assistance and the animals brought him fast food, he “developed a bit of a bad habit”, then it lead to some sort of accident from the looks of it…that or he caused problems and animal control was called then he was brought to the Discount Zoo. from the looks of that view, w/ the Owl walking to a McDonald’s and having to cross the street, is making me think he got into an accident. we’ll find out soon

  28. TaggertShare

    For a wise old Owl he is not wise when it comes to good nutrition. He had better hope the local Government officials don’t try to regulate his eating habits. Our Governor is always ranting that Food Stamps are only spent on Junk Food. I guess the Veggie I bought yesterday are Junk Food!

  29. DeskBass

    I have the growing feeling that Crack is going to make a the owl an UNhappy meal!

    I’ll just let myself out.

  30. Caveman

    Na that was pretty mc good

  31. EatingFurniture

    @Bry; But how did he get here? Was the owl always here? Did he smell food and, after having difficulties achieving it, advertised himself as a wise owl in order to get the salty goodness that is fast food?


    Also I’m anticipating Tootsie Pop jokes coming up.

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