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September 28th, 2015

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ARGGH!  The work of prepping and staging a house for sale!!!  I hate it.  You super clean everything to the best of your ability (putting your work schedule a little behind in the process) and you know you just have to try to maintain that (good luck with kids!) for the next 3 or so months that they say it usually takes to sell a house.  At least the kids are in school all day and we’re home so if we get notice of a showing it won’t be too hard to quickly/superficially tidy everything.  But I hate this, way more than packing and actually moving :(  Then Evan whacked Owen in the face today causing a nose bleed and my immediate concern is to get him off the carpet because I JUST CAN’T WITH MORE STAINS.  lol, this sucks.

Vote Incentive:  in honour of Oktober Fest :)

New design (baby Raptor squad!) up on Neatoshop.


  1. T-Shaw

    Who’s this Owl, and why would Evil want to put Crack down?

  2. stardust

    A wise owl maybe? Ooh! I wanna see!

  3. stardust

    A wise owl maybe? I want to see that.

  4. stardust

    And the axe brings up Evil2 in memory.

  5. Alister

    Of all the things that Evil could possibly have, Nerd has to question him having an axe? I’m sorry, but besides a club, an axe seems the most fitting weapon Evil could have if he could only have one.

    @T-Shaw Evil seems to always take the most direct, simple route when it comes to solving problems with the other bears. Judging by his face in the first panel, his initial reaction to Crack’s break down mirrors that of the others. He’s definitely disturbed to say the least. Extreme situations need extreme solutions, after all.

  6. ArteKnives

    Your moving shenanigans make me laugh. Oh, and the comic too, i guess

  7. tsophiekins

    i feel like i’ve seen that Evil picture before… has it been a vote incentive?! Also: Blood (and most stains…) get it in COLD WATER as quick as you can. So cold. Icy if possible. As long as it’s cold, stain won’t ‘cook’ and stay on forever :) then just wash in your normal cycle and everything should be fine!!

    Packing/moving sucks, hope it all gets sorted quickly!

  8. spoiler-alert

    Like nerd, two images popped to head when reading owl:
    1. Winnie-the-Pooh’s Owl.
    2. Owl getting eaten.
    Spoiler tag I guess? :D

  9. Aldin

    “We can take him to the owl…”

    Yes, I’ve been meaning to see that sob die a horrible death. Maybe Crack can do him in for us!

  10. Glowworm

    Yes, but does Mr.Owl know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

  11. thorbjorn42gbf

    SERIOUSLY? He just ate a bird and now you want to take him to the OWL? do you really think this is a god idea?

  12. EatingFurniture

    Does Nerd have the hots for Evil, or is it just me who thinks that lumberjack Evil and rockstar Evil are hot?

    So we’re introducing a new character, eh? An owl? THE owl, in fact. You could tease us and have the group decide not to take Crack to see the owl, and then there are so many questions. Who is the owl? Why did Death want to go see them? Why didn’t everyone else?

  13. Bry

    “the owl”? hmm…interesting

  14. Luiz

    I smell some Secret of NIMH reference…
    Let’s get to the Great Owl… who knows all :P

  15. Chaos Wielder

    Oh man this is awesome! Who is Owl? I have a feeling that The Owl is not and Owl but something else? Hmm…..

    P.s Alison, could you tell me what application you use to draw BN? I’m interested in cartooning. :)

  16. Shenny

    Are we not going to talk about how Tanked managed to get a straw stuck in his nose? Or how he’s eating the aluminum can?

  17. Cyzzle

    There are 3 bears on the first panel that look more worried than the others (to me, the others look more surprised than terrified).
    I’m surprised that Evil is one of them, i don’t think i ever saw Evil’s worried-face before.

  18. YourWorstNightmare

    Way to go Evil XD that will solve the problem…NO! lol and Nerd, I love how those two images popped into his head. I’m starting to think I’m not crazy, Nerd seems to be a LOT closer to Evil ever since the clone incident and he is frequently seen deliberate getting close to him…..(insert evil grin)

  19. Becky

    I keep thinking of Evil Lumberjack as Dexter.

  20. Kath McGill

    On selling a house. First off, as the house is occupied, you have the right to tell the selling agent (who will pass it on) that you require 24 hour notice before some one comes through the door. That prevents (for the most part) random people showing up un announced. Second, Hold your agent to this. Third. Have set hours for showing the house. (while the kids are in school., after you have had your coffee and are dressed.

    The first time my mother tried to sell her house she told the agent this, and there was only one agent who disregarded it. They showed up at 10 pm and tried to get into the house. My mother had the door bolted , and when she heard someone messing with the lock, she called the police. The agent had a difficult time explaining to the police what she was doing there and the people who wanted to purchase the house were really pushy that they had the money, they just HAD to see the house RIGHT THEN and my mother said “I don’t care if you are the pope. if you can’t read the sign your too stupid to be responsible.” She ended up taking the house off of the market and staying there for another 10 years. I know people will say “But don’t you want to sell the house??” and yes, you do, but, you want to sell it to someone who will go through with the sale of the house because they love the house just as much as you do. They will be responisble to follow through with what goes on, and yes, houses have sold so fast sometimes, they don’t even get the post up to advertise it’s for sale.

    My aunt used to flip houses, and she would have them sold in less than a week, she said her secret was to bury a statue of st joseph in the yard by the house and pray over it, and when the house was sold she would dig it up and take it with her to the new home. seems to have worked she sold over 50 homes in the time she was raising my cousins.

  21. Caveman

    So who wants to bet that evil is actually the evil evil and has been keeping good evil in a basement this whole time or something just re cloning himself every 2 days or so


  22. Bry

    @ Shenny lmao omg i didnt even notice! xD! but, eh, it’s Tanked…he always manages the weird, silly things

  23. Sterling Rodd

    The owl? I didn’t know there was an owl. Nobody tells me anything around here.

  24. stardust

    @EatingFurniture: Y-You’re not the only one who thinks that.

  25. All

    Wait so they have an owl? Am I the only one who thought of The Secret of Nimh?


    @All This was one o’ my first thoughts.

    I am curious of the owl’s personality…if not wise, but would be observant [kind of their nature].

  27. Anonymous

    @EatingFurniture: You’re fucking disgusting if you think a cartoon bear is hot. I hate furries. You’re supposed to find humans hot, not animals.

  28. Brian Hibbs

    Calm down anon. No point in getting worked up over the fetishes and fantasies inside someone’s mind. For all we know they were just joking anyway.

  29. Riol

    Don’t worry, moving isn’t that bad. But yeah it’s terrible. Just… ugh. Hope everytHing’s okay though.

  30. stardust

    Dang. Dat anon is mad. Oh well. It was a joke in my part. The bears are super cute though. Come on. They’re all cuddly! And have the cutest paws!!

  31. MicaXIII

    Evil’s a lumberjack and Nerd’s ok with that

  32. YourWorstNightmare

    @Anonymous you really should keep your negative comments to yourself that was very rude of you. I think you owe an apology to EatingFurniture. See act like a child and be treated like one.

  33. Constance

    Furries are weird, to be honest. But that is coming from someone with a yaoi and vore fetish. :P

  34. *****

    If you are a furry and easily a fended I feel sorry for u I’m a furry and I am not easily affended if you talk shit I don’t care there is no better u than u

  35. *****

    BTW didn’t know what yaoi was … Looked it up … Naruto ruined :(

  36. victhed70

    *Anouncers voice* Who is the owl Death speaks for? Why did Crack finally…crack? Why does Evil own axe So? On is obvious! The other two are new! Tune in next time on Bearnuts Comics!

  37. Bry

    @ Anonymous jeez u couldnt have found a nicer way to voice your dislike for furry fetish? to be fair, a furry is attracted to anomorphic animals (animals that look at act human); if someone were attracted to specifically animals, thats bestiality…theres a HUGE difference! so, in this case, since Evil and the others r actually bears, if EatingFurniture was serious then this isnt a case of furry love…it’s beastiality. yes, this is a cartoon comic and the gang (as well as all the animals in the zoo) have human traits, but theyre still animals

  38. Bry

    * look and act

  39. Solrak

    Jeez Anon, what git your panties up in a bunch?

  40. Solrak

    Meant to say “got”, not “git”.

  41. EatingFurniture

    Furries are weird and I don’t understand them. And I’m a furry! I understand how it must be for people who aren’t furries.

    @Anonymous; I do still like humans, and I don’t like animals. What I like is the fantasy combination of animals and humans.

  42. admin

    @tsophiekins: it was on Facebook a few weeks ago
    @Luiz: NIMH freaked me out a little as a kid
    @Chaos Wielder: I apply pencil to paper, and then ink to paper for clean up :) All the colouring/gutters/letters is done in photoshop though
    @Kath: For sure, we tried that last time and it generally wasn’t an issue. We definitely didn’t get any weird time of day requests. I imagine most people looking at the pics online will understand there’s 3 kids in the house and you can’t be too demanding with your requests… you know, hopefully.

  43. Caveman

    Can you please make more of the Bears dressed up in costume vote insentive really liked the one with evil and nerd in starwars

  44. admin

    @Caveman: that should be doable :)

  45. Caveman


  46. richard s f

    Parents should never have carpets that stains will show up easily on….first carpet I remember crawling on was black, red and brown… lol

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