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September 21st, 2015

Page 492

Death’s dilemma: being helpful and wanted is always a nice feeling… but maybe not when your usefulness involves a “skill” you perhaps don’t relish.  And Crack is going to go hoarse at this rate.

The twins have barely done two weeks of school now and they’ve already brought home the first plague.  They just got runny noses but Jim and I both got full blown sinus pain head colds.  Up all night sneezing two nights in a row :(  What is flu season going to be like this year I wonder… in the meantime, this golden time of no kids at home all day I’ve been looking forward to for so long has turned out to not be nearly as productive as I’d hoped.  We were planning on moving next July but it turns out we can’t push back the closing date as much as we’d like so now I’m spending all my time during the day trying to get this place cleaned out and open house ready.  Urg.

Vote incentive: It’s pumpkin season!

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  1. stardust


  2. stardust

    I want to give that poor thing a hug right now.

  3. Pinecat

    Oh fuck, and my instability connection between Crack and myself grows, I can’t fucking wait for the next update.

  4. Death

    I… I didn’t mean any harm towards him…

  5. Urago

    Poor Cara in Panel 7.

    *Hugs her*

  6. Faiz

    Death was like “Sorry to do that but I have to…”

  7. Aldin

    Crack has finally cracked.

  8. Vausch

    Careful there, Death. If he gets into another episode you might be next!

  9. Constance

    Lol, you should have had gay say “cracked” instead of broken. :D

  10. Hikaru

    I feel bad for both Death and Crack.

  11. Alister

    There’s no worse fear than the fear of your own mind slipping from you. All of Crack’s fears are based on facts, or misconceptions of things he’s observed and his predictions on what may happen if he encounters them. Never has he been faced with being afraid of NOT knowing, aside from being scared of the dark. I feel really bad for that poor bear. :<

  12. Virgil

    Crack: Bear. Nuts.

  13. Luiz

    Oh Crack Snow… you know nothing!

  14. luckycrack

    Don’t worry. Crack didn’t crack. He’s simply a gourmand. Seeing how the zoo is in short supply of foie gras and that it’s just in time for the winter’s migration… Well, Crack just couldn’t help himself.

    Completely understandable.

  15. YourWorstNightmare

    wow…poor guy thats gotta be scary, he’s always know what was going on (or at least what he thought was going on) now he has no idea, i think that freaked him out more than anything. Poor Death, you can see he didn’t wanna do it :(

  16. Chris

    There’s ol’ Death Bear:3 Everybody was asking about him.

  17. T-Shaw

    What was that?

  18. Brian Hibbs

    He’s probably not going to be any calmer when he wakes up.

  19. Solrak

    Man, I am not gonna like his origin story. I just wonder what messed up event or childhood he might of have had to turn out like this.

  20. Fawnet

    Ohh, poor Death–what a sad, guilty look!

  21. Ansil

    Oh man…the twins are already in school? Geez. I’ve been following this a long freaking time. First MY kids grew up too fast, and now yours. Oh well…get used to the diseases. They don’t let up for a few years, and then you gather your immunities. Besides…take a couple breaths, and “poof”, your kids are in their 20’s. Seriously.

  22. YourWorstNightmare

    I sense an origin story coming soon

  23. Ice Raven

    Now thats A hot-tub shocker!

  24. TaggertShare

    Shock Therapy Bear Nuts style! He actually is acting like a Woman I knew in College as she had a nervous breakdown. She kept coming on the PA System saying “you are all doing a good job, you are all doing a good job…” She was still saying it as the Ambulance pulled up.

  25. Caveman

    Yo I used to have a friend that stuttered a lot and this reminded me of him sooo much

  26. EatingFurniture

    Wait, your kids have only been in for 2 weeks? I’ve been in 8.

  27. Caveman

    Can I get a book mark of panel 6 please

  28. EatingFurniture

    @Caveman; I don’t know.

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