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September 14th, 2015

Page 491

The pages get really colourful when they’re all standing around.

So the first week of school went well!  ish.  It was only three days so we’ll see how they fare after a whole week.  There’s 4 kindergarten classes at the twin’s school!  And we live in a small town with another elementary school.  Unfortunately, they’re in the smallest/oldest class and not one of the newly renovated classes on the other side, so they don’t have their own bathroom.  They have to go across the hall and share, which probably led to Owen peeing himself on day 2.  And Evan has lost his hat already, and neither of them can seem to remember their teacher’s names… but I’m sure things will get better.  And then they’ll get too comfortable and we’ll start getting notes home about stubborn, whiny behaviour like we did with Sam.  At least it’s really quiet during the day!  I even got Jim to go on a “run” with me on Friday :)  He made it about half a km.

Vote Incentive: considering all the stories about people texting and walking into traffic/poles/doors, I think that behaviour would be right in Oblivious Ninja’s skill set :)

New shirt at Woot this morning:  Turtles!  Pizza!  Shaming!


  1. T-Shaw

    Still afraid of water.

  2. MangoCheeseSauce

    Wow, Death isn’t even in the group shot.

  3. stardust

    @mango: well, he’s a loner, right? And shut it, evil.

  4. Vausch

    At this point it’s become a reflex for Evil to deny wrongdoing even when everybody knows he wasn’t there. Then again he also denies wrongdoing when he does it in plain sight.

    I wonder how Crack would fair with Prozac’s meds? I mean the stuff is good for anxiety. Might only make him scream at 80 decibels.

  5. Chris

    Jeebus:P Prozac has his hands full.

  6. Buterr1221


  7. Rainey

    LOL Evil: “I didn’t do it.” XD

  8. Siraj

    Geez… I genuinely feel sorry for Cracked here.

    … also, Evil is correct. For once, his paws are clean.

  9. Faiz

    Plus points to Evil for being genuinely innocent! Yay!

  10. MarauderDeuce

    Noted the Resistance logo on Oblivious Ninja’s tablet. Seems appropriate. :)

  11. YourWorstNightmare

    Evil “I didn’t do it.” love it XD he really is innocent and he assumed Prozac would figure it was him lol
    Poor Crack, still afraid of water, and Prozac seems irritated…

  12. Bri

    The tension of everyone being worried or curious! I can definitely see how, out of context, it can look suspicious as to what had happened. :b

  13. Caveman

    Alison I want to start a web comic what do you suggest I do to make myself known more

  14. admin

    @Caveman: Hmm, I’m probably not the best to ask as I really don’t spend much time/energy trying to do that, or at least not as much as I could. Some people are great at maximizing social media, cultivating artist relationships, building a fan base… I just starting using Twitter like last month :P I’m just going to keep trying to produce as much fun art and comics as I can and hope the exposure comes, but it takes time if you’re not as pro active about it. The one thing outside comics I put effort into is of course t-shirt designing. I think I’ve expanded my reach a bit like that, plus it really helps pay the bills while the comic does not, like at all.

  15. Caveman

    Thx is there anything that I can do that makes this easier because it is so time consuming and I still need to go to my college classes:(

  16. Caveman

    Oh and the reason I ask you is because this is my first web comic I actually like

  17. admin

    Well, I definitely would place school before the comic :) You may want to delay launching your comic until you’ve built up a large enough buffer of pages so things like illness/holidays/class projects don’t make you miss updates (a lot of readers may bail if you don’t stick to your schedule well).

  18. GameOver

    i like how Prozacs just like “i am so done with your shit”

  19. Sparrow9612

    I imagine that Crack’s scream at the end would use a sound-bite from Courage the Cowardly Dog:

  20. Faiz

    @ the admin, i’d wager that if Death’s origin’s to be available, it’ll reveal that he’s a “hell-touched” when he was a cub; then leading to his habitual isolation but now trying a new approach.

  21. Meeko

    I wonder if it had anything to do with Death patting him on the back? Maybe instead of killing someone, it just turns them into some sort of zombie that will attack the living? Crack didn’t attack his friends, but he didn’t entirely get the chance to. You know… rather than dying, it turns them into the undead?

    This leads us to wonder what will happen to Cara, if this is the case. Or poor Death. He seemed so happy that he could touch someone without killing them, that I hope that I’m completely wrong with this. That’d be a real “break the cutie” moment for him.

  22. Vausch

    @Sparrow9612 I always imagined Crack’s voice as that of Tweek from South Park.

  23. Kiwi

    Hey Alison. Will you be able to do Cara and Sara’s Bios someday?

  24. admin

    @Kiwi: that’s definitely on my to do list… it’s a long list :(

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