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September 7th, 2015

Page 490

I love how pandas CAN eat meat, but are too lazy to go to the effort of hunting something (will probably pick at carcass something else killed/died of old age/etc.)  They WILL mate, but ridiculously rarely and the female’s cycles are really short.  It’s likely they’d just laze themselves to death without human intervention, but because they’re so damn cute people bend over backward for them.  I’ve no clue what the average zoo or panda refuge pays to operate each day (the keepers at the Toronto zoo said they had bamboo flown in from the southern US every month for instance).  Meanwhile, the West African Black rhino was declared extinct in 2011, and other subspecies aren’t doing so well.  Sucks for you rhino, I guess you have to be cuter.  Or not have a magic horn that’s used for male enhancement powder or whatever.  People suck.

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Victor’s back and he LOVES ice cream :)  Also up on Woot this week is a dino tag team tee: Go Team Blue!


  1. Stripe

    Welp, this is what drugs will do to you ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. T-Shaw

    I agree.

  3. chase

    That’s about what my reaction to realizing I did that would be as well….
    Prozac’s been particularly annoyed-looking lately, too. Hmm.

    Also, “honk”? Really? Holy crap, what if Crack has some weird bird flu from that goose now!

  4. slashermew122

    either that or *honk* is a sleeper keyword to awakin the dormant killing machine inside him….. nah…..

  5. James

    Well this was uneventful I expected something more from this page

  6. Aldin

    Supposedly, the latest zombie apocalypse movie coming sometime this fall involves boy scouts and zombie cats.

  7. Wasted

    So did Crack absorb the goose’s powers or what

  8. stardust

    Crack stopped after Prozac slapped him.
    You know who didn’t stop?

  9. Luka

    hahaha Stardust, that’s exactly what that Honk reminded me of, as well.

  10. GameOver

    i’m just wonder what that would be like in reality, you just watched you friend turn into a mindless zombie, tear a goose to shreds, and as you are trying to pull him away from the remains, he just honks from out of no where.

  11. EatingFurniture

    From what I mentioned a page or two ago about Gimp being Prozac’s second in command, Nerd also likes to help wherever he can, especially with Prozac.

    Also, can’t wait to see what Crack says about this. There’s no way they’re just gonna leave this. The bears are gonna get in a some kind of circle in the living room maybe. I can see it now; They sit Crack in a chair, and when he wakes up, he sees all (or most) of the bears in a circle waiting to ask him what he knows. I bet Prozac will be sitting next to him, Gay and Lech are gonna be on the couch, Gay will have his legs crossed and Lech will have on foot on the couch and an elbow leaning on it… I know your mind, Alison. I KNOW. Or maybe I’m completely off and everyone ignores it. But I think this might be setup for The Origin of Crack.

  12. b

    Wow, just wow

  13. Kath McGill

    the issue with the black rhino… there was ONE male rhino, and in order to breed they have to have a *harem*. Well, ok, the place that had the male , didn’t have the female, and china spoke up and said “yes, we have females, we will let him have the harem and send you back 2 of the babies…. ” great! HERE ARE THE SHIPPING CONDITIONS….

    So one very healthy black rhino male was shipped to china for the condition of staying there 4 months and being returned… except 4 months passed and no rhino… and they called and called and finally, they said “Oh, he died….” and they were like What? when?? and they said “He died during transport.” and they said How?? and they said “Oh we put him in back of truck and drive and he died… and they were like wait…Truck?? Yes, they put him in the back of a moving truck NOT REFRIGERATED & DURING THE SUMMER and the animal died before he made it to the zoo. and the zoo that owned him said “Wait, why didn’t you tell us and where is his body?? and they said “Oh, we got rid of that for you, no problem… click…

    sadly, that is how the entire species of the black rhino died out. While there may be several females still some where hidden in the zoo, (or if the Chinese keeper lied and actually has the harem to themselves, it was not for lack of being cute, the baby rhinos are adorable, they died because of simple greed,

  14. tsophiekins

    VICTOOORRR!!!! Ah so cute. I still have that drawing of him you did Alison! Need to get it framed properly <3
    Crack is secretly one of my fave bears. I re-read the series the other day and he’s surprisingly brave so many times!

  15. EatingFurniture

    @tsophiekins; Crack bear is the best bear

  16. Cam

    Hmm, so Crack can snap and go into a zombified psychosis that seems to make him savagely attack things…
    Well, that sounds fun!
    I wonder if Evil will exploit this.

  17. Urago

    @EatingFurniture: Cara is my favorite bear, so far. Aside from Gimp, she’s one of the nicest.

  18. mehdi

    Must a Stanic Ritual Abuse done on crack, he just can’t remind anything.

  19. tiny-nuttella

    Not sure where to ask this, but when will book 3 be published? I recently found book 1 and 2 slightly hidden away in my bookshelf and was devastated I’d forgotten about them :(

  20. EatingFurniture

    iirc Crack’s origin story is supposed to be the next one to come up and the next book is the Book or Nerd. Might be wrong.

  21. admin

    @Kath: That is freaking horrible :( People really suck.
    @tiny-nuttella: I don’t know :( I’ll probably try out this whole Kickstarter thing as the small publisher we teamed with last time went out of business. And babies; I’ve had too many babies and no time.

  22. TaggertShare

    I like Vanity’s reaction and comment. It may be time for Prozac to take a tranquilizer.

  23. Yu Huo

    Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha! ‘Carnies’. Ha ha ha! Ehm.

  24. hamadanners

    Female pandas will fake pregnancy to get better living conditions. Ac better food ect.

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