Page 489
August 31st, 2015

Page 489

Went to bed early again and forgot to prep this page, the page of cracked Crack.  Blood/gore takes a lot of extra time to colour!  Good thing goose dismemberment is pretty rare in this comic.  (Follow us on Twitter and Facebook!)

One weekish till school starts!!!! :)

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  1. MicaXIII

    woah Crack finally cracked, huh?

  2. ObliviArt

    I do not know if I should say Crack has officially um CRACKED or if he is simply taking the direct path to remedy a problem, by removing the problem all together. Um, Lets say he cracked and then was able to remove the problem more effectively.

  3. EatingFurniture

    A few of the bears have moments where they can go awal. Prozac hulks out, Death is crazy with caffeine, and Crack as a breaking point as well.

    @Michael Sirius; I do think that Prozac can calm Crack sometimes, but I wouldn’t take it to a ship. If Prozac were to fall in love with any of the bears, I would say Cara for pretty much perfectly resembling Prozac’s dream girl, as well as possibly able to be calmed by his meds, or Gimp for seemingly being the only sane one in the group. Gimp is probably Prozac’s second-in-command because of his calmness and for being their doctor, although Death of course is both wise and scary.

  4. Caveman

    @EatingFurniture Wonder when evil will hit a insanity moment and what that will cause

  5. EatingFurniture

    @Caveman; Evil is an insanity moment.

    (although I imagine it’d be like Evil 2.)

  6. Webby

    Are those first two panels a Strange Magic reference or a coincidence? Either way the interaction is perfect.

  7. nessa


  8. Vausch

    @Eating Furniture I think he means when will Evil cause Crack to pull whatever is happening to him now. Crack has come close to taking Evil out several times, and that’s when he’s in control.

  9. Bry

    @ Vausch Caveman means what could cause Evil to snap. Prozac gets aggressive when he hit his final straw, Death gets aggressive when he drinks too much caffeine, Tanked gets aggressive when he runs out of beer, Crack gets aggressive (I guess) when hes completely terrified but remembers the tape and “faces his fear” (namely taking a broom and beating the shit out of it, or dismembering and eating it), and Sara gets a bit more “aggressive” when shes, ahem, in heat. Cara is a bit of a wild card, she switches from happy to angry and back again so fast w/ seemingly no trigger whatsoever. so Caveman is wondering what Evil’s breaking point would be and what he will do, so EatingFurniture was saying Evil is practically always in a state of perpetual “breaking point” status, though recently he seems to be calming down and becoming more “sane”, but he believes that, if Evil DOES have a breaking point, he’d become more like Evil 2.0 and his “pranks” become more of a murder and less of a prank

  10. Caveman

    @Bry yes that’s what I meant but keep in mind when evil cloned him self he completely surrounded crack in corn he then threw up and passed out so why didn’t he do the same when confronted by the goose (Sorry try to be more clear next time)

  11. Luna

    Well Crack finally snapped after all this time. I wonder what his reaction will be when he snaps back to normal. Prozac is going to need an extra large dose of sedatives to deal with the shit storm this might stir up.

  12. DeskBass

    oh, I see.

  13. Stripe

    take notes kids, this is what drugs do to you ;)

  14. Vausch

    @Caveman Tank once forced a corncob in Crack’s mouth and duct-taped it shut. Maybe geese scare him worse than corn? Or maybe he’s never actually encountered a goose close up before. Or maybe he has and this brought up enough recovered memories to cause this.

    Gah, I miss the twice a week updates ;w;

  15. Caveman

    Me to

  16. Buterr1221

    I love u crack..

  17. Sparrow9612

    Hopefully Crack hasn’t become one of the Walkers from the Walking Dead. Those things are not restricted to pursuing humans…they will eat ANYTHING living, up to and including horses in sufficient numbers.

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