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August 24th, 2015

Page 488

I really haven’t been sleeping well lately, and by lately I mean like the whole last month plus.  I wake up before the kids all the time now, sometimes an hour or more.  I roll over and the clock starts with a 5 and I used to get irrationally upset, but now I’m resigned.  Sometimes I’d go for an early run, now I just try to enjoy an hour of peace to myself (no one trying to “share” my breakfast!) but I’m toast by like 9:30 pm.  I feel like I’m too young to be in bed by 10 every night (not to mention post bedtime is usually my most productive time of the day!).  I have no idea what’s caused this apparent shift in my circadian rhythm?  The hot summer?  Overwork?  Pre-pre menopause??  Let’s add a couple more ‘pres’ on there…. I might just have to start adopting Jim’s usual schedule of a morning nap, followed by an afternoon nap (and yet he has “NO TIME” to help with the yard work… riiiiigghhht.)

At least Death’s having a good day… so far…

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  1. stardust

    Wow Prozac. Okay.

  2. T-Shaw

    Prozac seems jealous.

  3. abowden

    Oh god no… He’s actually going to get attacked by geese. Do I see the start of a friendship?

  4. MagnuM

    Prozacs kind of a dick in this lol
    Death is the -pat pat- master

  5. Athlone

    Death is mastering comforting physical contact! yay!

  6. Caveman

    You know I don’t think I could have girl friend that had to ware gloves every time we touched

  7. Faiz

    Jealie much, Prozac?

  8. Bry

    omg am i seeing a DeathxCara ship forming??? Lol!

  9. Anon

    Death and Cara sitting in a tree…

  10. Brian Hibbs

    Prozac is actually making a lot of progress here. He’s getting mad but he’s not going crazy and hurting anyone.

  11. Glowworm

    I’d get scared too if a goose suddenly snuck up on me and honked!

  12. Kiwi

    Omg Death and Cara are becoming Friends! I don’t know about Prozac. I think he’s annoyed with her sudden changes in emotions. Well I’m glad Cara is doing Better than Sara. Also Crack. No sudden movements. It smells fear!!

  13. TheTriggs

    Noticing people saying Prozac is being “jealous” rather than the obvious sign that maybe he doesn’t have time for Cara’s mood-swings. He gets annoyed everytime she gets all choked up. I think they may need to have a word eventually.

    Well at least Death and her seem to be gettin’ on well!

  14. Luka

    Oh man, I’d be running for the hills. Been attacked by enough swans and geese to last me a lifetime.

  15. Caveman

    Prozacs name should be changed to salty

  16. Qim

    Inishiate mental breakdown in 3…2…1…

  17. Qim


  18. alagon

    He REALLY should start running now. Geese are sometimes used instead of guard dogs in England due to how plain vicious and territorial they can be. Never mind the number of peoples arms they break each year.

  19. MarauderDeuce

    I used to really appreciate that time in the morning when I was awake before the missus and the kids. Was my time to get zen and center myself mentally before ‘family’ started. :)

  20. Ice Raven

    Drink A gallon of coffee A day and it keeps the flesh eating elephant’s away!
    What’s that you say there’s no elephant’s in the wild’s of Indy, See it’s working great ! :P

  21. EatingFurniture

    @Anon; K-I-S-S-Cara fell out of the tree.

    I love the new t-shirt design!

  22. rphb

    Okay that was NOT a duck

  23. morgankhat

    Canada geese…flying groundhogs they are. The only thing they’re good for is eating, depending on the age of the bird.

  24. Hikaru

    Freak-out in 3…2…

  25. TaggertShare

    Cara and Death…well opposites do attract. I can just hear other Females telling Cara “make sure he wears a Rubber… glove, that is!”

  26. Tom

    Na man, geese are horrible terrible things. I got too close to one when I was like 6 and it chased me down and nearly killed me.

  27. dizzie

    dawwww. she and death are so adorable /)^3^(\

  28. Chronamut

    What happens if death has sex? Does the lady bear? (or male bear, you never know) die? Does he have to wear a condom? :P

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