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August 17th, 2015

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Canada geese are big, and occasionally vicious, and often fearless.  They would wander around loose on the zoo grounds and snap at small children that came near them, or alternately went up to kids and tried to rip food out of their hands.  This was last year at the Toronto zoo and some of the geese were taller than the twins.  When they fly overhead at the end of the summer I get this prickly feeling of winter is coming and that obnoxious honking is the herald.  Alternately, I welcome them back in the spring and occasionally have to stop on the road after the chicks all hatch and 12 little birds waddle across the street after mom.  I have yet to be pooed on.

I was all ready to claim potty training DONE, achievement unlocked!  (which means a trip to Timmy’s for a donut, or Owen REALLY wants this baby seal beanie baby toy) but of course, one of them lets me down.  Last night Owen said he was a big boy and didn’t want to wear a diaper so I let him stay in undies all night and he did not wet the bed.  So proud :)  Evan pooped his underwear so bad the day before I gave up and threw them out… at a birthday party no less.  Then he had another overnight nose bleed so despite Owen making it through the night totally dry, I STILL had to strip the bed and wash everything (including the dozen or so blankies all over).  They are such opposites sometimes it’s hilarious/depressing.

Vote Incentive: super fun BN style commission for Dim and Wit ‘s upcoming colouring book.  These gentlemen sound like the life of a Con!  Those Klingon pics are hilarious.

Woot’s running a DC inspired side sale on now (ends Wed) with two of my designs: DC Clubhouse and Ironic Sloth and a Cat themed sale from last week’s derby: Well Trained and Best Friends.


  1. T-Shaw

    Major freak out over Geese?

  2. abowden

    Yeah, geese can actually be quite viscous, not to be trifled with. I love how death is just patting him on the back in the second to last panel.

  3. tedflip

    death bear took off his gloves!?

  4. Athlone


    You’ll notice death didn’t have his gloves on in the first panel.
    Third to last he put them back on and… just look at how he looks at them.
    Second to last he hesitantly pats Cracked in effort to comfort him.
    Last one he looks disappointed that no one noticed what a big step it was for him making physical contact in a way most people take for granted.

  5. Caveman

    I would have just gave him a small shock to nock him out of it

  6. MicaXIII

    I wonder how sore Crack’s wrists are from him repeatedly eating his own hand

  7. Vausch

    Silly Crack. A flock of geese is called a gaggle.

    Now crows, that’s a murder.

    And they premeditate.

  8. Brian Hibbs

    With Crack a group of anything is probably called a murder.

  9. Faiz


    AGREED -.-

  10. ariane

    I actually think the missing gloves in panel 1 might be an oops. Death has them on for all of the last page as he would zap the flowers they are planting without them!

  11. chronamut

    omg I love ironic sloth – ftw!

    and I love that green bear – I am amazed he allows death to touch him..

  12. MustacheHam

    The place I work at is littered with these Canada geese, I found it weird that they hiss. Still, I internally panic when I see a group I have to pass by on the sidewalk..worried that they would attack and devour my soul. lol <:D

  13. Constance

    I totally imagine Crack being voiced by Emo Philips… I’ve been watching too much Slacker Cats. :p

  14. Michael Sirius

    @Constance I still imagine Crack speaking with Tweek’s voice

  15. EatingFurniture

    I don’t have much to say, I just like Crack and Prozac a lot.

  16. stardust

    A flock of geese should be called a murder. I hear they’re vicious.

  17. TaggertShare

    I grew up around Geese. Our White Emdems where usually friendly but noisy. Our Neighbor’s Africans were very mean. Watch out Crack, it does hurt to get Goosed by a Goose!

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