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October 26th, 2015

Page 497

Got Sam the Lego Wall E for his birthday; the thing is adorable and I’m kind of jealous.  I want it for my desk but he’s all “I want to play with it in my room!”.  Fine, whatever.  Maybe I’ll get the Ghostbusters car for me :)  I think he’s probably still a bit young for video games (other than on the iPad) but he’s now asking to watch You Tube videos of other people playing Lego: Dimensions.  I guess maybe by next Christmas… that makes next year’s shopping easy.  Lego should probably just start printing money; the game looks like a blast and all the add on extra characters you can buy are awesome (plus once you’ve bought the character you get to put their vehicle together 3 different ways and play with them for real, it’s not just a nice looking figurine like the Disney and Skylanders games).

I kind of miss simple Tetris…

We’re moving again in a couple of months and my office is a mess so I’ve posted some new original art for sale on that Etsy account I forgot I had, and all the Bearnuts originals are on SALE (details here).  Help me clean out my office and find some great Christmas ideas for art loving friends of questionable taste :)

Vote Incentive: lazy cat is lazy

Some fall favourite tees from last year are available now on Woot: ‘Huddle‘ and ‘Smore‘, and the slightly sadistic ‘Melting‘ :)


  1. Brian Hibbs

    I suspect Gay will use his new found power to rule with a fabulous iron fist while dawning his hat of authority.

  2. T-Shaw

    Well, that proves that Lech is a pussy around Prozac and the girls.

  3. EatingFurniture

    Reminder to myself to check the vote incentive when it updates.

    I don’t blame Prozac for not trusting Evil, especially recently. Also, I can’t think of a time when Prozac put anyone besides Gay in charge. I know he’s neglected to designate a temporary leader in the past as well. Gimp does seem like a better leader, but at the same time, he’s mute, and usually not around, it seems. He can be more intimidating, though. Well, at least when Gay’s in charge, he has a fabulous cap of authority.

    Also, Alison, are you taking your kids out for Halloween yet?

  4. rugibess

    what is lech holding?

  5. Chaos Wielder

    Gay? He’s in charge? Oh well. At least he has the utterly fab cap of authority. If i was Prozac i wouldn’t let Evil out of my sight too (poor Crack). And Lech… don’t mess it up. In the second panel i was like Prozac you’re spilling the pills all over floor – hello? Is is anyone cleaning that up? Hello?

    Hey Alison! I totally agree with you Lego Wall-e is so cute!

  6. Michael Sirius

    I see we’re all in agreement with the fabulous cap of authority. I can see only one solution. Gay is gonna have to distract Lech as long as he can.
    Besides, this is clearly a thinly veiled cry for attention from Lech. By giving the warning he’s clearly saying that he won’t let Gay take his eyes off him. You gotta read between the lines.

  7. Caveman


  8. Alister

    That fourth to last panel tho

  9. chronamut

    I love how he gives him the finger :P

  10. YourWorstNightmare

    XD Cap of Authority! Is it just me or did anyone else just kinda stare at the screen at the comment Lech made to Gay…..I think Gay is gonna have a lot to deal with lol (Also HATE to do this but I gotta because I’m dying on the inside) DID ANYONE SEE THE WALKING DEAD LAST NIGHT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. daka

    Yay, hopefully more Lech and Gay goodness.

  12. Bryana

    youd figure Prozac would put Death in charge since he seems to be the only one, besides himself of course, that could keep everyone in check

  13. GameOver

    nice detail on the paw in the 10th panel

  14. Chuck

    It’s probably too late to change it now but I noticed on your “How Not to Train Your Dragon” shirt, Toothless’ artificial tail is on his right side in some of the images when it should be on his left. The top two and the last one.

  15. Brian Hibbs

    @Bryana: Death’s already going to be out using his powers to short out security cameras, so he can’t be in the cave being in charge of the other bears bears.

    I’m just waiting to see if Gay, using his new found power, decorates the cave and forces everyone into outfits that meet his fashion standards.

  16. Kath McGill

    lego is simply the most awesome toy there is. surprisingly, lego sets (even with out all of the pieces in the set ) are worth allot of money, even the bricks sorted by themselves. a friend of mine was selling hers on Ebay and I said that I would buy them and I spent 80 bucks on a huge garbage bag of boxed harry potter legos. Well, as it turned out later I decided that I didn’t want to keep storing all of them (as I never got the chance to really set up the whole thing) and I mentioned them to a co worker who did ebay, and there were a few I kept and two weeks later he is giving me 300 bucks for them from the buyer! (faints) and he said the ones I had left were worth a couple hundred each. apparently people buy them for the color of the brick or to expand what they are building or to flip them. and thats with ALL of the lego.

    the other nice thing is that they are not gender specific. the bricks are just the bricks. you can pop Snapes hair off and put it on another figure and change that figure into a girl, or not. the only down side is how many pieces they have and stepping on them in the dark.

  17. admin

    @Eating Furn: yep, for a couple of years now, or at least last year was the first year the twins went.
    @rugibess: hand towel/suffocator
    @Chuck: that’s an old one now, I think I flipped a couple of them so they’d fit better in the composition, totally forgetting about the side sensitive issues :P
    @Kath: for sure! Once they discontinue a set they shoot up in value for anyone who wants to find one later on down the road.

  18. Bry

    oh ok i didnt realize he meant in charge of the CAVE, then again he didnt send Lech w/ Death and Evil so nvm…i’m stupid xD

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