Page 485
August 3rd, 2015

Page 485

So poor Death didn’t have a great time this arc… but don’t be mad at me!  He plays a bigger role in the next one :)  And there’s a little preview image of happy Death on the FB page and my nascent Twitter account.

Vote Incentive: an animal kingdom inspired racing design (which was me today on my run: waaaay off pace, with multiple walking breaks.  Soooo humid, I think I sweated off 2 pounds though.)

Couple of things fleetingly available in Woot side sales at the moment: ‘Browncoat Crest’ on sale till Aug 5th as a tee OR a tote bag (lots of awesome Firefly stuff in there!) and the glow in the dark ‘Oblivious Ninja Rocks’ is on sale now (tee or tote) but only until tomorrow!  Glow shirts aren’t available in the back catalogue due to the specialty inks required so this Unstealthy shirt isn’t available often.


  1. Beta

    I’ve been waiting since ‘nam for another great Death arc. Next one sounds amazing. :)

  2. madeofstardust

    He…He could’ve killed them.

  3. Josh

    I’m sad that it’s over and that we only had one page but at least it was a page

  4. Josh

    And on face book does that mean the next arc or the next time there is a death arc

  5. StoicM

    Wait, Wait, did death just electrocute them out of spite… wow this might lead to some cool character development. Granted they didn’t invite him to the party, but all of them knew he didn’t like water to begin with. Side note:I wonder how they all we feel about being shocked by Death? A good, but bitter to an end to arc.

  6. abowden

    That’s kind of dick move. As well as potentially fatal.

  7. history

    worth the build up, also death ias a douche…….nerd for president 2016 ™©

  8. Quant

    Shame on you, Death.

  9. Rainey

    Well damn; who spat in HIS oatmeal? XD

  10. Vausch

    Aw, Death, that was mean XD

    Guess it’s hard to add anything beyond that. Death rarely does much in the way of harming the others since they stay out of his way or listen to him. Guess even the one that can easily be seen as one of the most sane bears can be petty.

  11. T-Shaw

    Well it looks like Death had some fun on his own.

  12. MangoCheeseSauce

    And boom goes the dynamite…


  13. ZS

    I’m a bad person. Very bad.
    My first reaction to the last three panels was basically “… bwaahahahaha >:D”

  14. Anon

    It’s over already? I was looking forward to learning more about Death and the way he is.

    And yes, a dick move to punish the other bears for having fun. It’s not their fault he can’t join them! …Or is it?

  15. rugibess

    Whelp i guess this is the end of bear nuts… death kills all them.

  16. Alister

    Jeez I didn’t know Death had such a spiteful side to him! I can almost understand though, I’m usually in his position when it comes to everyone being invited to go out and have fun with me being left out.

  17. Nicole

    Well, I guess we all have our dark side! :o Can Death not get into the water at all?

  18. Urago

    Wait, if Death has this problem with water, how does he take care of his hygiene?

  19. Constance


    I assume he’s immune to the effects he has on water. :P

  20. Stripe

    what a jerk.

  21. FYI

    @Constance: it was mentioned in a previous arc that water can short him out

  22. FYI

    also is death crying in panel 5? o.o

  23. Thwaitesy

    They didn’t invite him. He can’t join in their fun, so he decides to make his own. Only fitting I think.

  24. EatingFurniture

    Something I haven’t considered: Death might not even be all that much of a loner. We don’t know when Death got his power. Death may have been really social but after getting charged with electricity, was forced to stay away as to keep his friends safe. I’m rather lonerish and I wouldn’t mind having alone time at all, so I imagine Death wouldn’t be so spiteful if he were the same.

  25. Wasted

    uhhh i dont wanna say this is OOC of him but i dunno wasnt he supposed to be loner-by-choice-appreciates-silence-avoids-crowds kinda guy?

  26. Vausch


    Technically none of the bears were outright invited save for Prozac. I can’t imagine they wouldn’t have outright said he couldn’t have fun with them. They just happened to all be having fun in a place that he kinda…can’t. It’s like everybody wanting to go to DQ but you’ve got a friend that’s allergic to peanuts. You don’t mean to outright exclude him, and you are looking out for them because you don’t want them hurt, but at the same time you and some of the others still want ice cream.

  27. Michael Sirius

    I’m sure that Death didn’t hit them with lethal levels, just a little shock because wow, 46(?) chapters and he’s had mabye 5(?) appearances? It would suck to be that lonely. Besides, Evil has done as bad, if not worse, to the other bears. Besides, remember that time Death saved Tanked? It all balances out. If anything, I feel sorry for him

  28. Caveman

    I don’t think I have ever seen a bear cry in this series

  29. Kerisa

    Saw the ‘Firefly Crest’ image and just had to tell you!… I took mine to Gencon last week and had Summer Glau sign it…squee

    I’m going to have to buy another one, because I’m afraid to wash it now…lol

  30. admin

    @Kerisa: !!! Sooo coooool!!! I want to go to a con again :( Darn children.

  31. Bry

    was Death’s eyes…watering? or was that just the lighting? i know he hates water and all, but Death seemed pretty upset :(

  32. Faiz

    Insecure dark cub you are! Just because you hate company, doesn’t mean you have to zap them. This must be the first time I hated Death for… However…

  33. Faiz

    I mean, this must be the 1st time Death’s a dick aside from Evil n’ Lech’s @$$#0L3rY ( oh and Vanity’s).

  34. Bry

    @ Faiz i think Death WANTS company, but the other bears are petrified of him because of his ability. i think he zapped him out of anger and spite because everyone left him out

  35. Bry

    * them

  36. EatingFurniture

    @Wasted; I’m a lot like that, and I have trouble imagining Death being so spiteful if he were the same. Bry explains my point well.

  37. MangoCheeseSauce

    Wow, the Kik BN chat has grown a lot. ^„„^

  38. Brian Hibbs

    I guess the meditation isn’t working as well as he had hoped it would.

  39. admin

    @MangoCheese: the what?

  40. MangoCheeseSauce

    @admin: There’s a kik chat that has Bear Nut fans either roleplaying or talking all about it in general. ^„„^

  41. madeofstardust

    @MangoCheese: I’ll be joining shortly if you don’t mind.

  42. MicaXIII

    I just read through this entire comic and I love it to pieces<3 I love how the characters have developed and just everything in general!

  43. MangoCheeseSauce

    Only 15 more minutes! ^„„^

  44. MangoCheeseSauce

    Hmm, seems the update is taking a bit.

  45. Josh

    Plz quick

  46. MangoCheeseSauce

    2 week wait?

  47. Faiz

    @Bry, Y-you really think so? Awww… I pity this dark cub >'(

  48. Josh


  49. Bry

    @ Faiz yea thats the only thing i can think of…because i swear his eyes were watering. i know Death is a loner, but even loners feel left out sometimes

  50. Cam

    I want to dress in rubber and give Death a hug. Poor guy, I hope we find out the origin of his powers and possibly a cure. I want Death to have a happy life. v.v

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