Page 484
July 27th, 2015

Page 484

Such heart felt family bonding moments… there’s no way this goes bad.  Plus follow us on Twitter now!

Vote incentive: a different animal chilling out for summer… looks relaxing, I am decidedly not having a relaxing summer (%*# twin potty training).

Probably the opposite of hot weather animals:  ‘March of the Smartly Dressed Penguins‘ is new this week at Woot… which has a new Unstealthiest Ninja tee in the queue :)  Plus ‘Uni Prick‘, the dickiest unicorn ever (spell check really fought me on that one) and the ‘Oblivious Pirate’ is quickly going down!


  1. MangoCheeseSauce

    And then comes the cons of the day! XD

  2. Nurinaki

    Evil? Saving a life? What is this madness?!

    And still no Death :(

  3. T-Shaw

    Huh, still no Death. But Tanked went no. 1 in the pool. Wow

  4. Vausch

    Haha, looks like Evil and Gimp switched roles for the day.

    I really have to say this chapter has been fun. Little dialogue the last few days but the actions between the bears has been nice to see and it’s nice to just see everybody having fun. Even Crack for a little while. Dangit Vanity X3

  5. DJChris

    Ahh man, Tanked wizz in the water, I understand what Nerd’s thinking of getting out of there.
    And the girls really ganged up on Leech when they on his face in the water funnel, classic, he got it coming a long time.

  6. Dire

    I love pages like this. A bit if brief harmony – albeit by loose standards – among the usual brawling and conniving.

  7. Anon

    Evil saving Crack’s life? Prozac and Gimp messing with Gay? what is this everything is different

  8. Kiwi

    When shall the bear stack?

  9. madeofstardust

    Lech probably doesn’t mind the ladies playing around with him :D And wow! Lifeguard Evil!

  10. Michael Sirius

    ah yes… harmony?

  11. TaggertShare

    There’s a little Evil in every good Bear, and a little good in every Evil Bear. Just as with those Creatures known as Humans. So I was told by a Care Bear.

  12. noni

    I really hope that is just beer getting rinsed off Tanked’s fur.
    I have all just fine shed reading all of the archives, and I thoroughly enjoy this webcomic. :D

  13. Faiz

    admit it, some of those people at the pool piss discreetly. Frankly, I hate that. >(

  14. Collin

    Is there an archive for all of the vote incentives? I’d love to view them all.

  15. Doshu

    I do love the character development and the impending doom that is jealous Death (I assume)

    Also I saw someone wearing one of your shirts today and it prompted me to come back and read the pages I had missed during the busy season.

  16. madeofstardust

    Did anyone see the mini-preview picture for the next arc? My heart melted.

  17. admin

    @Faiz: and some people aren’t discrete at all :P Not sure which is worse…
    @Collin: I post them to the Facebook page when I remember!
    @Doshu: thanks! And which shirt??

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