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December 9th, 2013

Page 399

Nerd’s new found sense of bad assness lasted nearly a whole page!  We’re also soooo close to 400, that’s a nice round number :)  In other less fun news, on Friday the furnace was making a rattling sound and the upstairs smelled burny.  The tech comes out to look at it and it’s just a loose bracket that’s holding up the motor.  It’s banging against the side and the friction is causing that wonderful smokey aroma.  And of course they don’t have any replacement parts on hand and it will be at least two business days to get one, most likely.  So that means no furnace ALL weekend.  Fortunately it’s not that cold this weekend, it could definitely be worse (we lost heat at our old condo years ago during a cold snap with a HIGH of -20.  I HATE drawing with gloves on.) This is rather crappy timing as we have three kind of sick and coughing kids (make that 4 with Jim) and they’re being stubborn about keeping their sweaters on :P  They’re being stubborn about EVERYTHING lately because they know better then me of course.  Soooo, I’m cold, kind of headachey, I can feel the plague cough coming, and my patience level is -100.

Shirt Woot is all Christmasy sales right with lots of my stuff available, including a brand new seasonal themed Unstealthiest Ninja:

And now you can get Candy Tiger on a tee:

You can also get Unstealthiest Ninja One and Three screen printed on tees for only $15 in the ShirtWoot top 20 sale, and Fire Ninja is also available in a really nice black hoodie with prints on both sides.  These sales end on Dec 16 at 12AM CT.  I have a couple prints coming up on Shirt Punch and Ript as well so hopefully if I have to buy a $%*& new furnace… it’ll be covered. :P

Continuing the Firefly costumes (it’s totally going to be Christmas before these Halloween images are done…) there’s only one choice to be Simon of course :)


  1. pinecat

    AWWWWWWW, That’s an adorable Candy Tiger shirt!
    As for nerd’s heroism, it was a good attempt buddy! But sadly, that’s probably not going to work. .w.

  2. Kylie W

    I guess it’s a good thing Evil 2 decided to put the sword down?

    Any ideas when we might be seeing a Bear Nuts volume 3 come out? It feels like ages since the last one came out.

  3. DozerTheDozerian

    Heh, that thing about “I’m your creator” never works… But Nerd still might found a way out. (Perhaps, he or Evil will manage to grab the sword before Evil Clone will.)

  4. Kath

    I remember hearing of a person who’s furnace broke, so they were using the main fire place to keep warm, their family dragged out old wood from the garage and had donated it. they were told that the part would take a few weeks to get in, and then the guy saw they were burning a head board. He called his boss back and said “They are burning their funature to keep warm! the boss got the part delivered in 2 hours.

    Sometimes, it’s better if you just abandon ship. Drain the pipes, pack the bags and check into a motel until the pipes are fixed. You will have heat, and someone else to make the beds for you. You really need to take good care of your self hon! And I know I probably speak for the gang here when I say “”If your ill, the comic strip can wait. We don’t mind and we would rather you be well when you did it !”

  5. Kath

    er not pipes, well, you drain the pipes so they don’t freeze, but its the funace that needs fixing. or my eyesight… :D

  6. Bry

    eheh…Nerd, i dont think your distraction plan is working… ^^” well, he gets an A for effort…i hope he thinks of something fast

  7. Faust I

    Across the endless eternity of space and time, mad scientists collectively face desk. Telling your creations to stand down never works, it just makes them angry.

  8. Anonymous

    You deserve everything you get for watching Supernatural. It’s a demonic series.

  9. Alister

    Wow, Nerd stood up to Evil 2.0 way longer than I thought he’d be able to. Good job for that at least Nerd!

  10. Nicole

    I’d say he’s distracting him quite well, actually. :)

    Alison, I hope you and your family feel better soon!

  11. Revriley

    Man, I keep hoping Crack will show up and help out in some way.

    …Okay, the chances of him actually waking up (5% chance) and making the conscious decision to go to the rescue are pretty much non-existent (.005%).

    I can’t help it though, Crack is my favorite character. I wish he had more to do in the stories.

    I bet his backstory is pretty horrible. I kind of hope it was horrible–maybe if the other bears knew they wouldn’t be so dismissive/jerky to him.

  12. richard s f

    Proof that Nerd watches too much TV, it’s the “I know what Evil is going to do, I just need to keep Evil 2.0 from noticing” scene…but is there going to be a twist?

    “Next Time on Bearnuts: the next generation, Will Nerd’s desperate plan stop the evil Evil 2.0. Can Evil Save the crew? Find out next week!” -cue theme music, roll end credits…

  13. Lody

    Just noticed that Evil said “all ready” instead of “already”.
    Thought I’d point that out. (no one hate me for being a “grammar nazi” please)

  14. Nicole

    No one minds the grammar nazis. :D

  15. Sterling Rodd

    It’s up to Evil to destroy his clone. Nothing less will do. :)

  16. Bry

    lol I can’t stop looking at this page…it’s too funny and adorable. xD only 3 more days ’til the next update…! this latest arch is driving me crazy w/ the once a week updates, it’s getting too good T-T

  17. YourWorstNightmare

    Wow Nerd… not ur brightest idea

  18. sneakers

    Oh mi godz! The seasonal tees are adorns!

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