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December 2nd, 2013

Page 398

Nerd’s making an early New Year’s res to nut up :)  Will he make it out alive???  How much dirt and crap is Evil1 dragging in his gut wound??  Any of you watch “The Blacklist”??  Last week’s cliff hanger was CRAZY!! What kind of segue was that???

Vote Incentive: colored Evil as Book.

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  1. Shade

    Aw poor Tanked some one catch him before he sets himself on fire.

  2. Nicole

    Too many pills does not a Hulky Prozac make! :(

    Brave Nerd bear!

  3. BrobyDDark

    Does anyone else want Boo Bites to be a real cereal? Because I would totally buy a box of that.

    Also Nerd is just crazy this week.

  4. Lenny

    Wait – where’s Death?

  5. geoff

    Haha Douchebag Bear’s (or whatever his name is, don’t remember) expression on last panel – priceless

  6. Sterling Rodd

    Ninja Skills, ACTIVATE! Form of: a can of whoopass! Shape of: an asskicking! Now where are my Nerdchucks?

    (…but OF whom, BY whom: ah… there’s the rub)

    @geoff “Douchebag Bear”? Would Lech be offended if I presumed you were talking about Lech? :)

    So is the fanny pack in panel 4 drawn deliberately to look like an anguished mouth? :)

  7. Sterling Rodd

    Ah, shoot. I should have said “shape of: a can opener”. Damn. :D

  8. pinecat

    Oh, Nerd. You truly are adorably stupid. Do try not to die though, huh? <3

  9. Alister

    Gotta hand it to Evil, he’s a tough little guy. Keep trucking Evil, you can still win this!

  10. Andrew

    Slight mistake on panel 12, Allison.

    Gay is saying, “Are you cray?”
    I think you meant for him to say, “Are you crazy?”

    Still, love your comic! GO NERD!

  11. Nicole

    @Andrew: Cray-cray is slang for crazy. So cray is probably just a shortened version.

  12. Justin

    I would buy sooooo many boxes of boo berry!

  13. Justin

    *Boo Bites > for some reason boo berries seems more natural to me so thats what my brain typed instead :)

  14. Tigerlady

    I just noticed evil Evil’s horns are longer! =o I knew something seemed different…. I like em! On another note, I agree with Lenny, where’s Death? And anyone seem Gimp lately? Vanity… he’s probably cowering somewhere.. but I bet Death and Gimp are up to something.

  15. YourWorstNightmare

    lets hope Death isn’t anywhere near our Evil… I made a joke… ^_^

  16. Nicole

    @YourWorstNightmare: Well done. :) *polite golf clap*

    Boy, Evil is sure losing a lot of blood there. :(

  17. An Anonymous Commenter

    Dang. I need to just wait a couple weeks before I come back to this.

    The cliffhangers are kiiiiiilling meeeeeeeeee

  18. Bry

    thats our Evil…a little trooper. :) hang in there, little guy…we know u can do it! >:( and please be careful, Nerd…he’ll have his ninja skills cut out for him in his little duel w/ Evil 2.0. oh wait…hes weaponless! D: oh god, Nerd, dont do anything stupid!

  19. Bry

    oh…and Prozac might be going over the edge… o.o he’s had a very eventful day, it’s a miracle he didnt snap hours ago…

  20. Chase

    Why does Nerd look so thoughtful when he repeats what Evil 2 said? I think he has a plan revolving around that somehow. But I also see a voodoo doll in Evil 1’s fannypack…

  21. Alister

    @Chase- Oh jeez, I thought there was a bundle of rocks in the fannypack, not a voodoo doll. When you look at it though, it definitely looks like one! Talk about having one hell of of a back-up plan.

  22. Satsy

    Somehow I feel like I’m looking in the wrong direction… Evil2’s likely to meet his demise here, comes with the territory, but it’d be cheap if that’s what the chapter title refers to. But the more I consider the bears we have, the more I question which of these will go… if these.

  23. YourWorstNightmare

    Dang I guess its a good thing he has that fanny pack then

  24. Cam

    Evil, I hope you have a backup plan.

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