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November 25th, 2013

Page 397

Soooo Evil…  The growing horns are kind of an homage to Hellboy.  I was partly inspired to do this whole arc by a quick “HellEvil” sketch I did awhile back.  I love it when random sketches lead to crazy places :)

Some of our neighbors are already getting the Christmas lights strung up. Never bothered me before but now Sam’s old enough to wonder when we’re going to do that too so I can see my lack of festiveness (ie. lazy) is going to be challenged this year.

Vote incentive: next up is Evil in probably one of the more inappropriate guises…

Plus I just noticed Society6 is now offering kids and baby sizes and FREE shipping through Cyber Monday so I’ve posted one of my older kid friendly designs because my boys love penguins :)


  1. pinecat

    LOL YES! But, oh my. I think Evil might not survive this……..

  2. richard s f

    hmm, someone’s been missing from a few weeks ago…

  3. Bah ah

    It’s really irrating that you post only once a week. You’re kids are big now and should be in school or daycare, you think you can start doing Fridays again?

  4. gamehunter8

    OH NO!! This makes me SAD ;(

  5. corvuscorone68

    well this IS a comic strip, the nice thing about comic strips is the usual laws of physics need not permanently apply

  6. arezel

    I love Prozac’s in “oh, come on” expression in panel 10 :)
    And Vanity is still to small to quite reach into the frame :)

  7. DozerTheDozerian

    Evil licking sword is epic! Poor Evil #1… I hope he’ll be OK…

  8. Moxie Man

    What, no one has commented yet, that Evil Clone’s horns just got longer since being dragged off the Rhino and killing Evil 1?

  9. Suzu

    Wonder where Crack is in all this o.O;
    and Ooooo Death has disappeared too!
    Also, those horns. I like them xD

  10. Alister

    Oh jeez sometimes I really hate being right. I have my fingers crossed for the VERY slim possibility that Evil 1.0’s horns grew drastically due to killing his clone and that he’s just doing this to mess with the other bears just a little more. Don’t think that’s going to happen though.

  11. leslie

    its time for the good to come out there can only be one lich kin .g …. I mean evil

  12. Yu Huo

    Re. lights: There is no lack of festiveness or laziness about it. IT IS FREAKING NOVEMBER. What about ’12 days’ don’t these people understand? Just explain to Sam that those who put up lights before it is properly even winter are commercialised twerps who have utterly supplicated themselves to the corporate machine. Unless they just have lights up whenever they want, because, hey, fairy lights are neat.

  13. Anon

    Oh wow. I didn’t notice Evil2’s horns getting longer until now. Subtle.

  14. Doug

    Call the Rhino back! According to _The Gods Must be Crazy II_ rhinos put out fires.

  15. Zermel

    I really am curious as to how this one will play out for Evil.I am hoping the living evil will suddenly stop pretending,doubtful.

  16. Zermel

    I am also wondering about the return of Friday updates.Maybe every other Friday?I feel starved of this comic,especially after seein this.

  17. Knives



  18. BrobyDDark

    Death went missing. I can only feel sorrow for Evil 2 now that there is a Death on the loose.

  19. Chase

    My money’s on Gimpy or Cracked… somehow. We know Gimp’s supposed to be there in the fire but we somehow haven’t seen him since October 7th even when all the bears have been huddled together in the center for a few pages now. I don’t REALLY think Crack will pull through and save the day but it would probably be hilarious…. Gimpy just had better save our Evil with all his healing prowess. :C

  20. Nicole

    People! Alison’s kids come before a daggone comic!

    This is a shocker. Someone save Evil1!

  21. Yu Huo

    Seconded, Nicole! Alison, good stuff is worth waiting for.

    So I am looking forward to what happens next. Tanked pukes out the fire, Gimp and Death combine their mad skillz to revivify Evil, while Vanity reveals his awesome Kung Fu Panda moves to take down Evil II?

  22. Bry

    omg no! i hope thats just the original messing w/ his “family” (i can so see him doing that…like scare them then double over laughing and taunting them)! D: but if it isnt…live, Evil, live! hang in there u crazy, yet lovable, asshole! D’x

  23. YourWorstNightmare

    NOOOOO you better NOT kill my baby!!! :'(

  24. richard s f

    um tanked puking is probably going to increase fire hazard…

  25. TailaBlu

    I was hoping the reason Evil’s horns grew was because of killing his clone and the evil influence is driving him to be more malicious towards his family for one last time before cleaning everything up.

  26. Banannie

    I feel, Cracked is still passed out, Gimpy will pop up to heal Evil, and Death will pop up to zap Evil2. Zap, zap. Or they are still trying to help Tanked.

  27. Aephius

    Huh. It’s possible she DID kill a character that started finally to show development. I mean unless he magically survives a stab through the heart, but we’ll just have to see what happens next. I keep saying that because I might be in denial. I’m actually using coping mechanisms for a fictional character.

    Good job / I’m actually sad now

  28. Philip the Hermit

    I notice that Evil 1.0 coughed up blood when he was stabbed. That means he didn’t get it in the heart, but a lung! If he’d gotten it in the heart, there’d be no blood in his airway, right?

    You can survive a punctured lung for a while. So he might be alive!

  29. Philip the Hermit

    Oh, hey, he might have also gotten stabbed in the stomach, that could make him choke up some blood… Again, much more survivable than getting it in the heart!

    I’m hoping he isn’t dead… (crosses fingers).

  30. Yu Huo

    Well, Nerd still has the cloneriser. Maybe if they could bash Evil II around the back of the head hard enough to knock him out but not kill him, they could put both Evils in it, reverse the polarity of the neutron flow, and get one living Evil… BUT WHAT KIND OF EVIL WOULD HE BE??? Still, they have to deal with the fire first.

  31. Nicole

    I’m thinking that Evil can survive if the zoo clinic staff get a hold of him fast enough. We’ve seen them take care of Lech and the polar bear who lost a paw. So we’ll get our final battle and then hopefully the humans will have gotten things in hand again by that time.

    Evil’s a bastard…but he’s OUR bastard, dammit!

  32. Chris

    What if this turns out to be an elaborate fantasy or dream?

  33. Urago

    And I just dreamed Evil 2 managed to kill all the bears, then they were comforting each other as ghosts as Evil 2 wreaked havoc on the rest of the zoo.

  34. sneakers

    I totally didn’t realise that they had grown on Evil’s evil clone.

  35. Cam

    That new Evil is getting more powerful! Turn, Prozac! Hurry!

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