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November 18th, 2013

Page 396

A Monday morning stabbing!  Or afternoon, or whenever you read this :)

We had a great weekend!  Sam’s birthday party went off with no major loss of limbs, or sanity.  And we got to go -gasp- out!  We saw Thor with some awesome (and semi-awesome) people and I’m just wondering when Marvel’s going to give Loki his own movie??  Please??  Plus we’re going to see Eddie Izzard tonight for Jim’s birthday :)  Then the cold weather will likely set in and we’ll become shut-ins.  Tis the season.

4 new designs up on Soc6:  and ShirtWoot is selling Christmas cards with a couple of my designs (Candy Tiger!).  I keep thinking some year I’ll make holiday card sets… but I don’t.  Next year!

Next up in the Firefly costume vote incentives is Crack, whom I can’t picture ever consenting to being blasted into space…


  1. pinecat

    Oh shit, let’s hope that’s the right Evil!

  2. Beta

    Honestly I didn’t see that coming. The grotesque depiction of what is coming to an end, that is. It’s a flavor that isn’t of Bear Nut’s bubbly humor or slapstick comedy, and is a ballsy move that I’m sure will be of debate. But nonetheless I’ve always been one to look for someone to take something to another level, and not meander through a predictable path.

    It’s always been thought provoking to me to put one’s self into unfortunate Evil’s shoes. What thoughts go through your head at a time like that I hope to never know, but to know that one’s end is inevitably here sure makes one think differently at their place in the world.

    In more lighthearted news, pie is always good.

  3. sylentknyt

    Nice sword. “There can be only one…”

  4. abowden

    I think it’s the real Evil, otherwise they’ll have to kill him.

  5. RIP evil

    the clone’s horns are twice as long and have those two white grooves, so he’s the one wielding the sword.

    farewell, original Evil );

  6. pinecat

    Abowden, they wouldn’t kill off the real Evil. He’s too popular. I think if they killed anyone it’d probably end up being Crack. T^T

  7. Chase

    Nice use of perspective to keep us from ever telling them apart through the whole scuffle. C:

  8. Bosn C Otter

    Wow, that …er…. wow.. that escalated quickly. I didnt know this comic could get that grim.

  9. Proximo

    It’s a nice use of perspective, yes, but if you look closely, you see who is who.

    “Real evil” is allways the bottom one, and allways on the right side. So if you follow the strips you see its the “real evil” that is winning the struggle. ;)

    (he has also allways clenched his teeth the same way… and sorry about my bad english ;) )

  10. Alister

    And the rhino tramples off, with not a single care given.

    I’m thinking it might have been Evil 2.0 that did the stabbing. I think I’m spying two lighter rings on those horns.

  11. Sterling Rodd

    Yeah, I’m along the lines of Beta; I thought the “death” would be something kind of cutesy and a little funny. I’m kind of glad it wasn’t. Bear Nuts has never really lost the edge it’s had from the beginning but it’s been nicely moderated, too. It’s nice to see the story get a little real sometimes.

    At the other extreme, I like the colour version of Nerd in his Firefly duds. Well, I would, wouldn’t I? :D

  12. Sterling Rodd

    @Alister — I think those are just highlights. If you go back a page, you’ll see the same on Evil 1.0’s horns when he’s climbing up on the rhino.

    …Wow, I bet you no one’s ever said THAT sentence before. :)

  13. Alister

    @Sterling Rodd- I know they’re highlights, but Evil 2.0 usually has two of those rings on his horns now due to their length while Evil 1.0 only has one highlight ring.

  14. richard s f

    Rising soon Zombie Undead Evil?

  15. Betavash

    Evil 1.0 has one ring on his horns AND he has the scratch on his head as well, though they did forget to draw them on in the first panel.

    So it looks like Evil 2.0 did the stabbing.

  16. Glowworm

    I just figured they’d send the second Evil back through science–not kill him. Also if there is a scratch mark on this Evil’s face, that’s the right one.

  17. Satsy

    Problem: The stabber’s missing the graze-marks that original Evil’s had for some time, now. Horns aside, in the scuffle the perspective has kept us form seeing where the claw-marks are… but they should be on the left side, between his eye and his ear.

    That’s the clone Evil. 8(

  18. Nicole

    Wow! Amazing job Alison!

    I agree, you can’t tell which Evil is which…we’ll have to wait another week. Unless killing his alternate self extends Evil 1.0’s horns…oh my…

  19. Alister

    @Nichole- I never thought of that one. Although, his horns never grew when he tried to scoop out Vanity’s eyes…perhaps that sort of growth only happens after he finishes what he starts.

  20. Sterling Rodd

    Also, second to last panel: I know they’re technically supposed to be predators and all, but couldn’t they be a LITTLE grossed out? :)

  21. Aephius

    A character finally shows genuine development, then the author IMMEDIATELY kills them off…? I dunno about that, but uh… I guess we’ll see? I think Alison INTENTIONALLY made it impossible to tell the difference between the two for this sequence! (perspective, a vague landing, so we don’t know if they rolled around, panel cuts, it’s pretty well done, actually!) After all, in a week, if even a single detail was noteworthy, it would be totally spoiled. Webcomics require a certain way of pacing.

    Speculation at this point would be more or less guessing. Details that seem to point one way or another, again, have been intentionally left out!

    tl:dr we’re not supposed to know jack till the next update. Believe me, Evil (1.0) was a favorite of mine and I’d be kinda crushed if he was killed off when he finally starts to show character development, but there’s no sense getting sad… well… YET, anyway.

  22. richard s f

    Evil Zombear :)

  23. SuperBH

    Ahhh, but what if the Red Dwarf paradox unleashes? Clone Evil killing Real Evil means that Clone Evil can’t exist because Real Evil is dead, ergo Clone Evil ceases to exist due to Real Evil no longer existing. Since Clone Evil can’t be there to kill Real Evil, Real Evil cannot actually die so time returns to before Evil even cloned himself!

  24. Alister

    One part of me wants to be right about Evil 2.0 being the victor because I’m like that, but a bigger part of me doesn’t want me to be right because I’m wayyy too attached to that little white circus freak to be alright with him being killed off.

  25. Beta

    I’m going to try and put some perspective into what I’m seeing here. I’m probably wrong but it doesn’t hurt to try.

    Both Evils fall off and Evil-2 is clearly on top in the first panel. The horns tell us this. Then it gets pretty fuzzy. I can only assume that panels 3, 5, and 6 are Evil-2 getting the first blows on Evil-1. The reason I assume that it is this way, (and not the other way around); is that then in panel 7 one of the Evil’s begins to make a last ditch effort to turn the fight around. In doing so he starts to force the evil that was on top (Evil-2) on towards his back in panel 8, and achieves so in panel 9.

    Since Evil-1 Started off on bottom in panel 1 and ends up flipping the script in panel 8 and 9, I can only assume that it is Evil-2 on his back in panel 9 and does the stabbing in panel 11.

    TL;DR Evil-2 starts on top in panel 1 (Shown by horns) and ends up on his back in panels 8-9. We assume Evil-2 Stabbed Evil-1.

    I hope tis not true. I’ve always enjoyed the original characters much more than replacements; Even if they are nearly exactly the same. If a character goes through a development change, I still would rather have the original than a clone or something. The old human attachment thing.

  26. Alister

    Well Beta, at least there’s hope that even if it’s Evil 1.0 that got stabbed he could survive. I mean, Gay managed to survive literally being burned alive and he’s not as tough as Evil. On the other hand, they were able to get Gay some medical attention via the zoo’s vet. Although, with the zoo in utter chaos and almost all humans either off for the night or knocked out cold, vet care might be too far away to do much good.

  27. Halbean

    I’ve got a bad feeling about this, haha~

  28. YourWorstNightmare

    D: that is Clone Evil doing the stabbing because he has no scratches and his horns are longer also the maniacal grin while stabbing

  29. Huh?

    Look at the first panel. Evil 1.0 doesn’t have said scratches anymore (even though they were present in the last page)… prrrrobably an artistic error, but I guess we’ll see.

  30. Huh?

    That being said, I’m definitely voting Evil 2.0 as the stabber, I can see the double rings (how do you people notice those things?)

  31. Alister

    @Huh? – Some of us notice these things due to an amazing eye for detail and deep enthrallment in the story and all of it’s drama. Some are gifted with wonderful memory and a detailed retention about every little thing that goes on with the characters such as background and changes in design, no matter how minute they may be.

    I, on the other hand, have no life other than studying things about teeth and over-analyzing webcomics because somehow that is a very important thing which the fate of the world depends on.

  32. Xint22

    Evil 1 is gonna survive but then everyone is gonna go wail on evil 2 and kill him. Everyone else heals evil 1. Its kind of awkard with everyone just standing watching them fight and reacting through gasps and oh noes

  33. BrobyDDark

    Everyone, direct your attention to panel nine. Evil 2.0 has claw marks on his left arm now from where Evil 1.0 scratched him. Also the hottom evil has short horns and no rings. Evil 2.0 was stabbed, and Evil 1.0 was the stabber.

  34. Sterling Rodd

    I think the real question we should all be asking is how long is Gay gonna be green.

  35. Sterling Rodd

    P.S. And also, what’s become of the purple leading man and principal chick magnet of the strip?

  36. PapillonBleu

    That wonderful moment when you get your computer back after a month without it due to technical problem, and you have lots of update to read.

    That horrible moment when the last update available is THIS. Oh god, why? I can’t wait for the next update, I need to know who’s who!

  37. That_Guy

    I’m pretty sure the stabber was Evil 1.0, Evil 2.0′ Hors where slightly curved but the Stabbers Horns are straight.
    The rest can could be a coloring mistake, we’ll see.

  38. corvuscorone68

    @Beta did you forget about the squirrels and that fat bear? that was pretty gross and not very slapsticky

  39. Hey Ho jimbo

    If the real evil did die couldn’t death revive him?

  40. Jess

    Death on the final panel is hilarious.

  41. Cam

    Oh no! Evil! I hope that’s the bad Evil, but I don’t think he’d go down so quickly.

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