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November 11th, 2013

Page 395

Remembrance Day thanks to all those who’ve served, or who have families in the military.  Your time and sacrifice is immense and I feel bad that we don’t recognize your efforts more often.  Sam came home on Thursday with a poppy sticker and said they talked a bit about them in school but he was still pretty fuzzy on the whole concept, and I found myself at a loss about how to explain war and soldiers to a 4 year old…

Firefly Halloween costumes continues with Nerd.


  1. Bluedramon

    I’m really enjoying this story. I like that it’s showing that there’s more to Evil than meets the eye. The fact that he saved Nerd does definitely show that, despite the way he treats him, he does care about Nerd on some level.

  2. pinecat

    Oh crap, Evil don’t die! Nerd will be really, really sad!

  3. Silenthunder

    Lech’s still just like, “What?!”

  4. Ana

    I can swear the cloned Evil’s horns got longer once again in the first panel. I bet we cannot see them in the rest of this page exactly for that! They are gotta get as long as a goat’s or worse. Well he’s gonna die and it’s for the best, as whatever he wants, doesn’t really justify his assholeness. Like, how does he expect to, dunno conquer everything if this keeps on the humans would shot him or something, and no matter how many rhinos he might have, he’s no match against their technology as, after all, he’s just a bear.
    But again the humans of this comic are terribly not bright in a point to basically leave the issue to the others bears while running like chickens XD

  5. corvuscorone68

    @Ana they might have gotten longer because he was being depicted as a chibi and his appearance was exaggerated

  6. corvuscorone68

    would someone PLEASE pull that dart out of Tanked’s head? utterly unsettling

  7. mehdi

    All right,
    in exclusivity , we won’t have a fight between good & evil, but between evil & evil !
    First time in history !

  8. Alister

    This page really has me on the edge of my seat, talk about action!

  9. MustacheHam

    woah, that’s crazy. I like the deep red used for this intense comix. :D

  10. Kath

    how to explain war to a 4 yr old. there are two kids. and one toy. The right thing to do is to share the toy. War is when two kids fight over the toy, and no one wins. War makes everyone sad and no one gets cookies for treats.

    Perhaps the larger concept that kids today don’t understand is what the world was like back then. Rationing coupons. Not having chocolate, or butter, or tires for the car, or more than one pair of shoes. Gas was rationed, flour- sugar- things we take for granted. A silk wedding gown was un heard of because the silk was used in the parachutes.

    On Jan 28th my fathers plane went down after a bombing mission on Austria, and 5 of the 10 men on board, including my father were captured by the germans and held for 3 & 1/2 years in a pow camp. My grandfather was informed in april of the same year that my father was MIA, but didn’t know if he was living or dead until june of the same year. When he was liberated by Patton’s men, my father returned home weighing only 82 pounds. He said during the entire time they only had indoor (in tents) shelter 3 months of the 3years, sleeping outside in the cold winters where many of the men died. Given the chance to do everything all over again, my father would do everything the same.

    My father died, 10 years ago rather quickly from cancer. After his death, my mother started to get letters from the men who had been in the POW camps with him who expressed their sympathy of his passing, letting my mother know how many lives my father had saved during the war with creating the little tin can camp stoves that they could cook food on, and keep themselves warm with. He never saw himself as a hero , never really spoke about the war- but to this day, I can still remember him saying when we were watching the old war movies, how he said “it wasn’t like that really” War is a sad time and the world needs to learn to have peace

  11. Nicole

    Whoa! So much action–I think Evil has underestimated Evil. :D

    Kath, thanks for sharing your dad’s story. He was truly a hero.

  12. pinecat


  13. Therew

    I think Evil torments Nerd the most because he cares about Nerd the most. Why else would Nega-evil go after Nerd first?

  14. Cam

    Yay Evil! Get that bastard!

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