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November 4th, 2013

Page 394

Because everyone needs a demon eyed rhino minion to smash things for you.  Lech Jayne totally gets that.

Whedon and non-Whedon fans alike, what’s everyone’s opinion on ‘Agents of Shield’?  I feel like we’re all so critical now a days and it seems the majority feeling on the show is “meh.”  Perhaps unrealistic expectations is the problem, but I adore Coulson so go team short bus… Sky (Skye?) is totally annoying though.

Vote incentive:  Of course these characters suited Death best :)


  1. Delakando

    To strike at the heart of evil.. Strike at his friends..

  2. gamehunter

    I love how Nerd shouts at ,,bad,, Evil, to make a diversion. :3

  3. J

    JAAAYNE. He was my favorite character. You are making my day, I swear. I miss that show so much.

  4. Tara

    How has the dart not killed Tanked? It looks like it’s pretty deep in there. xD My head hurts just looking at it. At least the bears seem to all be in the same circle now for some reason.

    I really like panel 8. Clone Evil looks adorable in that pose and the rhino looks bad ass. :3

    You also picked the best bear in the bunch to be the victim in this. We all know deep down, even when Evil is the most cruel to him, he loves Nerd. Possibly more-so than the other bears. c:

    Is the rhino evil as well, or are the red eyes some sort of medical condition? lol

  5. Pashakitty

    Truthfully my problem with Agents of Shield is the brutality and senseless violence. I had the same problem with the last Iron Man movie. Creating a serum that turns people into human bombs I really could have done without. I will not be watching Agents of Shield anymore even though I love Agent Coleson. I hate how the people they try to save often turn on them and wind up either still dying or, killing some innocent person who was just trying to help and then dying. I stopped watching Heroes for the very same reason. I stopped watching it at the end of season one when they made it obvious that they were never going to kill off Silar.

    I’m also getting very tired of faceless all powerful evil empires who are always one step ahead and never quite get stamped out. I want a show where the good guys actually make a definitive difference, I want them to win more than lose, and I want bad guys to stay dead once they die. There will always be bad guys to fight, so let the really bad men get caught, and or killed and stay caught or killed. And give the next really bad guy some kind of different motivation.

    But it seems like shows these days are all about drama for drama’s sake and senseless brutality simply for the shock value. Castle is the only show that I’ve seen in a very long time that seems to break this trend even though it deals with murder in every episode. The writers of Castle seem to have realized that if it stays dark too long the show just gets too depressing. Even though season 4 of Castle did go that rout, they seemed to realize it and pulled the show back up to something I could deal with by season 5. If they had continued to go down the dark path to the exclusion of everything else, I probably would have stopped watching it too.

    Anyway I will get down off of my soap box now. Sorry for the long post.

  6. Alister

    Lech asks the important questions.

  7. Ana

    And his horns keep growing like herbs wow!
    Oh since when Nerd cares about the original Evil? That’s…..interesting :P
    Ah well, I have more than rhetorical questions, something I noticed in this comic: how old are the bears anyway? I saw from previous chapters adult bears (their parents) and they are much larger. So that implies these ones aren’t adult yet? Probably teens or even younger? I can’t really tell lol but they are so small compared with others animals!

  8. Ana

    Huh guess my comment just got the wrong avatar and even my website among it but oh well, first time doesn’t work very well XD

  9. Megan

    I know what you mean about Agents of Shield. I enjoy Coulson as much as the next person, and while there may or may not be something to the long post from before (reoccurring bad guys and innocent deaths are frustrating, but that’s what Joss Whedon does, he makes you feel horrible because good people die), it isn’t what drags it down. I think it’s just basically an entire series based around letting people go “WHOOOO COULSON!!!” and so it’s sort of overhyping itself, and overhyping is a huge negative factor for me.

  10. Kim

    Hey, I’ve been following this for years and I love the new comic.
    Anyways on AOS, I didn’t really want to watch it at first but now that I’ve seen it I love it. I love the blend of humor and drama and they’ve already set up several story lines that they can follow up on through the characters. I’m not really into the hacker girl, seems like they just needed a role for the pretty girl to play. I’m also hoping the guy playing Grant Ward improves as he settles into his role, right now it seems like he’s playing the role instead of actually being that guy. Coulson is definitely my fave of the moment, and I still glance over at my husband and whisper “cancel the fish tank”. I’m really looking forward to watching more episodes.

  11. Nicole

    @Ana: I think they are normal size adult bears for what they are. I mean, they’re rainbow colors and have symbols on their bellies… :D Not exactly normal bears from the start, you know?

  12. Evil's lover

    nerd run

  13. MustacheHam

    oh dang! Those bro’s are in trouble.

    Awesome werk on the comix, I’ve always enjoyed the story line. :D

  14. Claire

    I’m enjoying Agents of the Shield so far actually. Nice subtle hints at other Marvel stuff, great humour and pretty good action.

  15. Whitnay

    I love Evil’s twin’s expressions on this page.

    With regards to Agents of Shield, I have been enjoying it. It’s not the best show that I watch, but I still like it. I’m willing to give it some time to develop. I’m really not at all surprised by the hype of getting Coulson back, and I think that once that wears off and everyone grows up a little, the show will improve.

    I agree that Skye is annoying, but I am hoping that she will be less so now that the big secret of her past has been revealed. No more of this, “oh, but I have to go talk to my ex without Shield knowing” nonsense. I’ll be annoyed if she refuses to tell the rest of the team and the secrecy continues. Guess we’ll find out tonight. I love Coulson (who doesn’t?) and I like Melinda May during most episodes. I would like to see some more nerdy banter from the two scientists, though!

  16. YourWorstNightmare

    Since when did Nerd and Evil care about each other? O.O this is getting interesting and it looks like our Evil is about to do something epic

  17. Nicole

    Well, as Evil said, they are his family. Family is family!

  18. bazmagorky

    Found this on DeviantArt:

  19. Urago

    @Nicole: Vanity is a child, though. :P

  20. Nicole

    @Urago: I wonder, though. Alison said before that Pandas are smaller than other bears and that’s why he’s smaller. So I’m not sure. Her certainly BEHAVES like a child!

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