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October 28th, 2013

Page 393

Happy early Halloween guys!  Browncoat Prozac is aiming to misbehave…if that weren’t kind of out of character I suppose :)  Vote incentive for this week is the next one up to be Firefly-ed: Lech

I heard somewhere that there’s a possible Highlander remake in the works, which doesn’t at all surprise me… and could be potentially awesome in the right hands.  I’ll have to go see if those movies are on Netflix…

I have a couple of older Woot designs back again for a limited time (ends on Oct 31 at 12am CT)‘You Weren’t Invited’, otherwise known as my crazy cat lady shirt, and ‘The Princess and the Menagerie’ which earned me TWO complaints in it’s original comment section that it should be taken down immediately because it condoned bestiality… best feedback ever!

Plus for 48 hours only starting tomorrow you can get ‘Hiding in the Dark’ screen printed from Qwertee which is based in Ireland I believe but ships pretty much everywhere.  I totally want a creepy serial killer Waldo look and find book :D


  1. Delakando

    Its time for the two to fight and one to walk away. Will the others intervene or will they watch the two evils destroy themselves.

  2. Nicole

    Whoa…how’d that little jerk get a rhino ally?? Go get ‘im, Evil! The good one, I mean. Er…can there be a good Evil?

  3. Alister

    A rhino mount? Jeez, how far did Evil 2.0 sink his claws into the zoo exactly?

  4. Anime fan

    Where in the blue hell did he find a katana in his size?

  5. Kitsunekage

    Thunderdome: two enter, one comes out.
    My money’s on on the white one.

  6. RahRahRasputin

    Damn it, where’s Sean Connery when you need him.

  7. gamehunter

    August 20th, 2013 at 1:17 am

    !!!spoiler alert!!!
    The conflict is going to escalate and the 2 Evils are going to be in situation that only one Evil can exist (,,There cold be only ONE!!!!)*Team Fortress 2 references* and then one Evil is going to DIE from the hands of the other Evil…..I know its a,,cliche,, but in the END *the author* IS GOING TO hint that the original less bad Evil is dead and that the evil tween is alive. ;)
    haahaaa Dude Im like 100% right!! LOL

  8. Ropo

    @Anime fan – it’s not a katana, it’s obviously a wakizashi.

  9. Cafe Delight

    o_0 what a twist…XD

  10. YourWorstNightmare

    we all knew this was coming, but the question is who will win…

  11. Beta

    I feel like Alison really has wanted to have Rhinos burst in scene for quite some time now =P And build up to what is now known as panel 9.

    Some say the wall can still be heard crumbling to this day.

  12. AgoAnimus

    I just noticed that Evil 2.0’s horns got longer at some point over the past few pages. Now I’m REALLY curious where things are going.

  13. Nicole

    @gamehunter: Well done. :) Only difference is we can clearly see which Evil is which due to the horns…we shall know the victor!

    @Beta: Har!! :D

  14. LurksInCorners

    Is this supposed to be a metaphor of using Evil to fight true Evil? As in “a necessary Evil”? If so, very clever. And in any case, this should be interesting…

  15. corvuscorone68

    @Nicole lesser of 2 Evils, better the Evil we know than the Evil we don’t

  16. rez_leza

    So the cloning device was not perfect after all :)
    Cloning devices always lead to problems, as every Calvin & Hobbes fan should know :)

  17. Fawnet

    Tanked looks like he’s achieved Nirvana :D

  18. starfoxxkeller

    wow Alison, you just had to make evil 2 say that in the last panel, it was very appropriate for the situation.

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