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October 21st, 2013

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Happy Birthday Sam!  4 years now!  Start pulling your weight.  This lovely image is what Jim gave me when I asked him for a pic for Sam’s party invite… thank you muchly but the theme is pirates!  I’m going to hype up 10 kids on sugar and give them scissors and glue and see what happens!!  This will probably be the last party I throw at my house :)

Vote incentive:  I think it’s been a couple of years but I got a chance to do some Halloween costume sketches for the bears again so here’s Prozac: pop culture shame if you don’t know who this is :)

These have been really fun to draw but I probably won’t do all the bears as the show’s cast is like half female and I don’t have many suitable characters :)


  1. Nicole


  2. Beta

    The next 6 years is best years

    Well gay is at least one female :P

  3. Knives

    They’re all so dumbfounded.


  4. Irmavep

    does anyone else think that tanked wont even be phazed by something as prozaic as a tranc shot to the head? He’ll just get back up and be his usual disarming self….. he may even become knurd

  5. roxifoxi

    OOOOH!!!! Evil so cute!!!! *-*
    Poor Tanked, innocents first! ^^

  6. Alister

    Nonononono not Tanked! C’mon Evil, you can put up a better fight than that!

  7. Urago

    @Beta: I found that a little homophobic. Gays, effeminate or not, still identify as male.

  8. J

    You have no idea how happy that costume made me. GO MAL, GO.

    I’m still one of those lame fans who prays someday we may get a continuation in spite of all odds against it.

  9. LexiaFira

    scissors and glue to sugar fueled four year olds. is that wise? they had best be safety scissors LOL

  10. Yu Huo

    Maybe Tanked will just develop a ‘taste’ for tranq shots to the face?

    Also, is my colour balance way off, or does your son really have violet eyes? Because if so, cooooooooooooooooool.

  11. Shadow

    My first guess on Prozac’s costume is Mal.

  12. Erin

    Firefly reference (the vote incentive)?
    Also a couple other things.
    I’m sorry for not getting back to you email wise. You did a very good critique of my comic, and as the result a while back I made a piece of thank you fan art of Bear Nuts. Would you like to see it?
    Lastly here, your party comment in the blog was great. Hope you don’t mind if I use that in my DA sig., about loading kids with sugar, handing them scissors and seeing what happens.

  13. Beta

    @Urago Can’t tell if real or sarcasms. Interwebs not best for context.

    I sure hope that my sarcasm got through what with the use of the joking emoticon and all.

    Inb4 off topic explosions.

    Evil 1 certainly likes head and face injuries.

  14. DDaisy

    I know this is kind of silly to point out in a comic about talking bears, but a tranq dart to the forehead would just bounce off- that’s why people aiming to take down an animal go for the thigh. It’s a big muscle so the dart has plenty to imbed itself in. Plus tranq darts don’t have an instantaneous effect- it would take several minutes at least for a bear to go down.

  15. Kath

    Actually, at close range, the impact of the shot, would be enough to knock him backwards, Its the same as if your shot with a blank at close range, it does hurt, it will knock you to the side of impact. at first, when I saw that Tanked had been shot, I was like noooooo!! but then I saw that people had clarified it was a tranq shot, and not a bullet with blood. (that would be a little dark)

    I guess this might be *the moment* for the bears, as dysfunctional as they are, this might be the moment, much like in the Avengers movie after agent Coulson dies that galvanizes the gang into working as a team to defeat loki. (“Hulk, Smash” ) “Prozac…. Smash”

    Sorry I haven’t been posting as of late between work, and a numb arm from a pinched nerve, being able to type has been pretty difficult.

  16. Nicole

    Hope your arm gets better, Kath! *hug*

  17. Nicole

    @Beta: regarding Urago’s comment, it definitely can be insenstive to refer to gay men as “females” since some of them do not fit the masculine male stereotype of our culture. It’s the equivalent to saying they’re not “real men” when they are just as much real men as any other male. So…just food for thought. Depending on who is reading your comment, it could be hurtful. Though I know it certainly wasn’t meant to be.

  18. Urago

    @Beta: My apologies, then.

  19. Avigayil

    Where is Gimp? O.o

  20. admin

    @J: me too, the comics just don’t quite cut it :(
    @Erin: no problem! email me the fan art :)
    @DDaisy: lol, good point! I’d try to stick to all darts go in butts but it just doesn’t have the same visceral effect for me :D
    @Kath: hope you feel better soon!

  21. Becky

    I really should read the blog before looking at the pictures. I saw the pic of Sam and thought ‘Zombie Baby! So that’s what’s going on in Walking Dead these days.’

  22. Beta

    @Urago: More like my apologies. My wording was terrible and didn’t portray what I had meant to say correctly. It was my mistake.

  23. RoslynDrey

    HA! Firefly costume ftw.

  24. Kitsunekage

    For some reason, I saw caption jack hawkins for the vote. Then again, I’ve watched more doctor who/torchwood then firefly.

  25. Chase

    Purple friend? Who is purple? Maj, is it? Gay’s elephant friend? Or does he mean one of the bears, because the only one even close to being purple is Nerd but I always thought he was gray.

  26. Silenthunder

    Death and Lechs’ faces. XD
    Death: Huh?
    Lech: Seriously?

  27. Cesar Castillo

    I guess it’s time for me to see an eye doctor cause I just found the a-hole

  28. Tindra Drejdal

    am I just color blind to purple? thre are so many instances I hear ppl call something purple but I just see gray.

    and like, as an artist, I tend to use purple to make a more interesting-looking gray, so I know it is *technically* purple but I just never view it as purple due to the lack of saturation

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