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October 14th, 2013

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Happy Thanksgiving to my Canuck friends and family!  Sam brought the plague home again and I was sick all weekend, fantastic!  I also baked a pie which I’d never attempted before.  It was okay but I can’t quite figure out what was lacking about it so I guess this calls for more experimentation.  Anyone have a sure-fire apple pie recipe?  I’ve found tons on line but some anecdotal experienced baker’s opinions would probably be more helpful :)

Turkey time at the zoo.


  1. pinecat

    Watch, that turns out to be Crack. ._.

  2. Nicole

    Time for Evil vs. Evil!

  3. Paladeus

    Hidy hidy! Amusing little change-of-heart with the Evils.

    Apple pie recipe? Check Alton Brown’s recipe. He has a highly amusing video (Good Eats is the series) where he also goes into explanations about what makes the pie set up so it isn’t as goopy/liquidy (rather than thick and syrupy) that I love cooking to. Plus, he entertains, which makes it all good.


  4. Alister

    Looks like Evil 1.0 has lost his appetite for clone-based mayhem, so to speak.

  5. abowden

    evil actaully DOES have scruples, whadya know.

  6. Kitsunekage

    That’s odd, usually it’s the clones who are of poorer quality. Although, in this case I’m glad to see that evil.1 does have a moral compass, even if it doesn’t point directly moral north.

  7. Sterling Rodd

    “Eating my way through the endangered species list has an exotic appeal”

    …Okay, if you can squeeze THAT onto a t-shirt with a good picture of Evil, wow, million-seller. :)

  8. Sterling Rodd

    Yeah, where IS Crack, anyway? I’d love to see him step up and help out, if only just a little. :) Not to mention the take-charge, determined bear who brained Evil with a frying pan and duct taped him to a chair. Who else has managed that? :)

  9. Bantiarna

    My friend adds bacon grease to her pies. Personally I find that if I halve the sugar in a recipe that it improves the taste a lot. Haven’t tried apple pie but that theory works with apple crisp and apple sauce.

    Thank you very much btw for making such an amazing comic. I loves it to pieces and when sick will go back and re-read it.

  10. Yu Huo

    I am rubbish at pie– something about pastry flummoxes me– but I’m pretty good at apples-in-a-pot, which you could use for filling for a ready-made pie crust, or a cobbler. You will need:

    Apples, sliced, about 10, unless they’re tiny or huge, in which case you will need more/fewer
    Sugar, or honey, or molasses, depending on your type of apple. Sweet apples will require no sugar at all, particularly if you are using cinnamon.
    Water- only a little. Most apples have sufficient water content that they sweat down of their own, but you might need a tablespoon or two to start the steaming off.
    A cinnamon stick.
    Four whole cloves.
    One thumb-sized bit of ginger, shredded. You can use powdered if you like.
    One small chilli pepper. Yes, chilli pepper. It is astonishing how this brings out the flavour of apple. Use flakes or powder if you don’t have fresh.
    Salt, a little, and pepper to taste. I like a little Szechuan peppercorn, but that’s just me.

    Cook it all in a pot until it’s soft and yummy, fish out the cinnamon stick and spent cloves, and eat it, or try to make a pie out of it, whatever! Who doesn’t like yummy apple mess?

  11. Yu Huo

    Also… I’m sure it’s probably Evil I, but I’d really like it if that ‘no’ came from Death.

  12. Justacritic

    Stupid Evil, knock him out first then say no, you’re really holding the idiot ball there.

  13. Nicole

    @Yu Huo: Love yummy apple mess! :D Also, I think the “No” has to come from Evil. He has to fight his own demon (so to speak) to grow up a bit more. He’s grown up a lot over the entire arc of the comic. But coming face to face with actually killing his own friends…yeah, that appears to be where he draws the line.

  14. dieresys

    How is everyone so sure that the one holding the gun is Evil 2.0 and not Evil 1.0 =)
    This demans a navel check!

  15. Soph

    For pie I’d suggest this recipe by Canadian Living:
    Personally I’ve found it to be both the simplest and tastiest of recipes I’ve ever made. For apples I’d recommend using Northern Spy. Also, rather than beating the butter and shortening, use either 2 knives to repeatedly cut the butter and flour together (is that makes any sense) or a potato masher to mix them

  16. Chuck

    Easy as apple pie:
    Buy a pie at the store. Hide the box at the bottom of the trash. Put the pie in the oven to heat up 10-15 minutes before guests arrive (so they can smell it “baking”). Humbly accept the compliments for your baking prowess.

  17. Dubael

    Happy Thanksgiving Alison, sorry to hear that you got ‘plagued’ hope you recover soon. Sorry, baking isn’t my forte either, however I do concur with Sterling Rod, that would make a very cool t-shirt.

  18. YourWorstNightmare

    finally comes the Evil vs Evil showdown we have all been waiting for XD I wonder though… will Evil be able to take on his clone

  19. Whitnay

    I’m looking forward to seeing the Evils face eachother down, but second wanting it to be Death. Also, Evil will have the other bears to help him take down the Evil clone. I’m thinking he’s not good enough to take him down alone. We shall see.

  20. Tara

    Actually I think it was Death who said it. Look at Death’s facial expression, it’s the perfect one for a calm, “No.” Not only that, but the speech bubble is in the fire, so I assume it’s one of the bear in the fire trap.

    I’m sure Evil will beat up the clone eventually, but it might be the rescue squad that fights first.

  21. Cam

    GET ‘EM EVIL! At least, that better be Evil who said…Unless Crack woke up and found courage, but I don’t think he will…

  22. Cesar Castillo

    I normally hate the evil twin idea but you pulled it off pretty well. also where is vanity I haven’t seen him for a couple postings.

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