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October 7th, 2013

Page 390

And of course Evil doesn’t play well with others, eventually.  Like my twins will play well together for a little while and lull me into a false sense of “be able to get up and go do something somewhere” and then the biting starts.  Or my hair dryer ends up in the bath tub (plus Jim’s clippers and ALL the towels, and then two babies in their onesies).  The shampoo bottle went in the toilet and, curiously, the ACTUAL bath toys went in the sink.  5 soaked towels are really heavy.  AWESOME START TO THE DAY.

Zombies!  In time for Halloween there’s a new zombie tee (or old if you’re familiar with my Woot derby days) in my Soc 6 shop, or Neato (they really like zombies there).

Plus I have a new shirt on Woot that’s a little more kid friendly (though those zombies are pretty cute…) that I guess is sort of a cross between a penguin and my inept ninja in water wings.  Speaking of Unstealthy, I really want to start working on a new one and I have a few ideas and can’t narrow it down in a practical way… Perhaps I should poll you guys! :D

You can also get Unstealthiest Ninja 4 on a kid’s hoodie at Woot but only until Oct 10th.

And vote incentive: more cute Christmassy mice since all the Christmas stuff is at Costco and I gorged on a giant tin of seasonal short bread… so long diet! :)


  1. Justacritic

    Drill the Evil One! Before he shoots you Evil, he doesn’t have standards!

  2. Kylie W

    Been waiting for this for a while, where Evil realises how far his Eeeeevil doppleganger is willing to go and comes to the rescue … hopefully. I know the list that Evil is holding is supposed to parody the “Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My” thing, but giraffes should really top that list :)

    And yes to new Unstealthiest Ninja t-shirts! I have all 4 so far, and have just been waiting for you to reveal another one.

  3. Urago

    Gay and Vanity look cute hugging.

  4. Saddust

    Tanked will save ’em all ! \o/

  5. Kitsunekage

    When all this is over, I want to know how’ll they cover this one up.

    And, Evil, having a co-alpha doesn’t really work in the long run, you’ll just end up killing yourself. Wait, does that count as suicide or murder?

  6. DozerTheDozerian

    11th panel – Evil is the Evilest Evil I’ve ever seen!

  7. Chase

    Theerrrrrrre it is. The part where 2nd Evil is too evil even for Evil.

  8. Alister

    Whoa, is it just me or did Evil 2.0’s horns just get a tad bit longer after the “You can die” panel?

  9. Knux

    Panel 11. That is the hotest Evil I’ve eva seen, mm-hm~

  10. Nicole

    @Alister: You’re totally right! His horns DID get longer! Ca-reepy!

    Yeaaah, you can’t kill all of Evil’s roomies…then he’d have no one to torment. Time to kill Evil2.

  11. Dubael

    @Alister Yes, got longer and STAYED Longer! Very observant!
    @Kitsunekage I think that could be… Murder/Suicide! *Cue Ominous Music* Duhn-dun-duhnnnnn!

    Alison, love the work as always and dammit I wish I had some surplus funds to buy some of those shirts, got a couple of nephews and nieces those would look too cute on.
    I’ll be buying when the ‘ship’ comes in.

  12. Sterling Rodd


  13. Sterling Rodd

    Damn this thing.

    SOMEBODY’S gonna die, anyway. :)

  14. Raqoon

    Oh evil…you’re so horrible yet so cute at the same time….

  15. Jess

    Love that evil look over the shoulder Evil 2 is making. ^-^

  16. gomamon2003

    Evil v.s Evil

  17. Tara

    Oh gosh, his horns DID grow longer! O__o; Do they get bigger the more insane or evil Evil becomes? Hmm…

    I really wish this comic updated more than once a week, I love it! <3

  18. Pierce

    I love the expression and pose Evil is striking in the top left with the tranq rifle! You should draw a full picture of him like that :D

  19. YourWorstNightmare

    oh dang this strip speaks for itself O.o his horns got longer and that look when he was questioned about killing the others is it finally time for Evil vs Evil?

  20. Cam

    Oh crap, did his horns get longer? Take him out Evil before things get out of hand! Oh who am I kidding, it’s going to get out of hand…

  21. Hikaru

    I squealed at panel 11. Evil II looks SOOO adorable <3

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