Page 400!
December 16th, 2013

Page 400!

400 pages!  Yay!  I originally would have expected to hit this mark a year ago probably but then life hands you unexpected, life altering, sticky little surprises.  As always, I blame the twins.  I still get comments and the occasional email about the BN schedule and as I do read everything but don’t often remember to comment, I thought I’d mention this again here while I thought of it: I’d LOVE to update twice a week again.  It would be nice to go back to M/W/F but it’s just not possible.  Paying work takes precedent, and of course raising the boys.  Sure Sam’s in all day kindergarten now but I’ve still got two at home and daycare for two is $$$.  I don’t sell enough t-shirts for that :)  Oh and book 3 (AND 4 since I’ve started onto my book 5 scripts now) will be delayed until I can devote some time to finishing off covers/extras/bonus comic/etc. Plus find the funds to print them; perhaps a Kickstarter or something in the new year. Bear with me (totally pun intended), but I’ll get to it when I can.  In the meantime, I’ve started writing some girly arcs :)

Vote incentive: Vanity is actually too small to reach the pilot controls…

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  1. Kira

    i would love a small evil voodoo plush… >w>

  2. pinecat

    Also, why do I get the feeling Lech is about to fuck things up?

  3. Suzu

    But don’t they both share the same DNA? So wouldn’t the voodoo doll affect them both?! D: No Evil! Nooooo!

  4. Urago

    Wait, Alison said she’s writing girly arcs. Is she hinting at new female bears?

  5. Nicole

    @Suzu: Exactly what I thought! Our Evil will get burnt up as well. :(

    Congrats on 400, Alison! :D

  6. Sterling Rodd

    Oh my… I didn’t see this coming. :) completely forgot that little hobby of Evil’s…

  7. Kath

    we have said it before and we will say it again. Take care of yourself, and the kids. the fans will wait. Hugs!!

    have you ever thought of getting the bears animated into a show? or plushie dolls!! there is totally a market for that!

  8. Alister

    I have to hand it to Evil 2.0, his rear naked choke is in excellent form. Tuck your chin in Nerd, tuck it!

  9. alicia

    Can’t wait to see what will happen next :) and OMG book 3 and 4! When will they be released?

  10. Glowworm

    Gimp’s expression in panel 3 kills me.

  11. Knives

    holy hell how is he still alive

  12. YourWorstNightmare

    Wait but they share DNA so won’t whatever Evil does to the doll happen to him as well!!! Thats not good he’s is already losing to much blood as it is… maybe Lech can help somehow… anyway if Evil goes through with it there is no way anyone can say he doesn’t care about the others now

  13. WhatItIs

    Are his horns still growing???????

  14. Tara

    I love clone Evil’s horns so much! I’m going to miss them when he dies. :c

  15. Evilbob

    Wow, Real Evil… That’s surprisingly… Unevil. You would think that he’d might be the real Fake Evil and that Fake Evil is the Real Evil…

    Hey! Does Evil get a karmic upgrade after this? Maybe he’d be a Loyal Evil? Or Necessary Evil?

  16. richard s f

    same DNA perhaps…but they seem to be two different individuals….and of course why would the voodoo understand DNA?

    Also Congrats on 400 :)

  17. Nicole

    Good point, richard s f. If Evil made that voo doo doll specifically of Evil 2, then it probably wouldn’t harm Evil 1.

  18. Flurry98

    I love how when prozac changes, he has that constant look of, “why am I friends with you guys” on his face.

  19. Alister

    If Evil 1.0 drops the doll into the fire, they might both go up in smoke. Although, I never really saw him discard his drill, and Evil 1.0 does ALREADY have a hole through his stomach. Maybe he could improvise and drill Evil 2.0 into submission?

  20. MagnuM

    Prozac’s abs are making me uncomfortable..
    Also, is he and Death breaking the 4th wall in panel 3? Haha

  21. Cam

    Wow, smart thinking Evil. Let go of Nerd you monster!

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