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September 16th, 2013

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I think I have to go re-watch the LOTR trilogy again.  I adore those movies but I couldn’t really get into The Hobbit in the same way, which apparently is pretty common.  I’m not even sure why, I quite like Martin Freeman.  Maybe it just doesn’t feel as epic??  I’ve read the book and seen the animated version (or one of them?) but didn’t feel the same apathy.  Huh.

I’m getting into the Christmas spirit (pre-Halloween of course) while designing Xmas stamps for this year :)  I’m still amazed I can come up with anything as I’ve been doing these for 4 or 5 years now.  If you’re into card making/scrapbooking check out Whiff of Joy because they love me.


  1. Tairune

    Evil finally cracking up and pulling a smeagle from lord of the rings? Hah, I knew not going to bed for work and just browsing the internet would pay off someday!

  2. Dark Git

    Will there be a book 3? I love having books 1 and 2 but would love to have hard copies of the rest

  3. Duke of URL

    I don’t understand why his/their irises keeps switching from pinpoint to huge.

  4. Nicole

    @Duke of URL: That’s typical of Bear Nuts. Iris size depends on mood, attitude and moment. Extremes of emotion tend to make them go down to dots.

  5. Fazzey

    Awww….Evil is so cute as he has a moral conundrum. He can’t stand having a second one of himself.

    And those stamps look cute. If I could justify getting a few, I would…..But I already don’t use the stamps I have. ;^_^

  6. Brian

    I too loved the Lord of the Rings movies and just could not get into The Hobbit. And I have read and reread all four books and the Silmarilliaon. Weird.

  7. YourWorstNightmare

    Poor Evil had finally gone nuts

  8. Tara

    Wait, I’m confused about panel 6. So did he imagine his clone by the tree…? Or is the clone just referring to the “MY PRECIOUS” comment?

  9. Lauren

    I’m having trouble distinguishing between the “Evil”s.

  10. slashermew

    i think he truley had smegual moment. he had a split imaginary perosnalty he was talking to while evil #2 was away. so the evil by the tree was never really there. he starting to doubt his own evilness compared to the new evils. and he dosent like it.

  11. zuros

    Wait, I’m confused about panel 6. So did he imagine his clone by the tree…? Or is the clone just referring to the “MY PRECIOUS” comment?

  12. Bill

    I know what you mean. I liked the movie but I haven’t gone back and watched it religiously numerous times.

  13. Alister

    Paranoia isn’t very becoming of you, Evil.

  14. admin

    @Dark Git: eventually! The small press publisher I worked with is closing shop so I’ll have to figure something else out.
    @Tara/zuros: it’s all in his head :)

  15. Zach


    Possible, but this overlooks the most important aspect of having two of one’s self. First order of business should be obtaining Viagra. Really, when will this come up?

  16. geoff

    I don’t understand the transition between panel 3, 4, 5 and 6

  17. MicaXIII

    wait did he imagine the clone before or are they referring to the screwdriver?

  18. starfoxxkeller

    lauren, the original evil is the one with the scatch on the left side of his head.

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