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September 9th, 2013

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Evil is essentially debating with himself, and is losing.

Vote incentive:  Did this for a friend (hi D!) who needs a new name for her financial services company.  She’s not impressed with my suggestion as it’s not “professional” enough :P  Would you, or would you not give your money to a woman with this as a logo??  Money vampire.


  1. gamehunter

    whoaa new Evil is like satanic EVIL :O

  2. carol

    That Money Vampire should be the new IRS logo

  3. abowden

    I seriously doubt either of them could take over much of anything over, if they could, they couldn’t control it for long.

  4. richard s f

    Perhaps Evil (version 1.0) having more life experience knows something Evil (version 2.0) doesn’t?

  5. Alister

    Evil 2.0 might think that Evil 1.0 might think too small, but I think he might have a bit of a problem with thinking too big and thinks he can take on more than he could actually handle. Especially if he keeps down talking his only partner in crime.

  6. Dubael

    When Evil confronts Evil, can Good Prevail… toon in next time friends! Same Bear Channel, Same Bear Time!

    Seriously though, that’s a cool logo, so… what kind of financial services does D do? Taxes? Fiscal Planning?

  7. Xint22

    I dont mean to be vulgar but I find this arc dull. I think everyone can see where this is heading because it’s fairly obvious.UNLESS theres a big twist involved!!

  8. Pat "through the ages"

    I love the money vampire!

  9. admin

    @Dubael: fiscal planning/insurance/RESPs/etc. She’s totally a know-it-all.
    @Xint: ha, I don’t think your opinion is vulgar per se… enjoy the ride I suppose?
    @Pat: :)

  10. Tairune

    I’m glad that my friend showed me this webcomic. I could re-read all the previous chapters and still laugh, plus seeing how they’re gonna stop Evil(Eviler Evil?) has me hooked!

  11. Dubael

    Thanks Alison, is she local to Ottawa or is she accepting clients from across the province?

  12. Virgil

    I notice Evil 1.0 consistently has a streak of blood (cut?) drawn just below his left ear. A simple means of distinguishing the two characters, or a future plot device?

  13. Nicole

    Virgil, I believe Evil got those scratches in a story arc before Nerd’s device was created…so yes, very helpful!

  14. Urago

    @Virgil: Evil made fun of Nerd in the Nerdgasm arc and Tanked got angry and scratched him.

  15. Beta

    Ah but Alison. In order for there to be a winner there must be a loser. Regardless if Evil debates with Evil he will always be losing, and at the same time Evil will also be winning. The outcome will always be that Evil wins and Evil loses.

  16. Yu Huo

    I would totally entrust money to someone with that logo! At least Money Vampire sounds honest. Could you do a logo for Rob-U-Blind PLC, All Your Base Are Belong To Us LTD., and MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Inc. too?

  17. Tairune

    Wait a minute, does this mean that scratched Evil is good Evil compared to the other Evil? Is the other one Evil-er Evil? I’m overthinking this one upon closer observation.

  18. Nicole

    @Beta: Gah! It’s like Shroedinger’s cat!

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