Page 388
September 23rd, 2013

Page 388

Studio Dooomcat has a new t-shirt store on the Neatorama blog and we’re running a contest to celebrate!  To enter, visit the Bear Nuts Facebook page and tell us which tee design is your favourite.  Tuesday morning we’ll randomly pick three winners (I’ll literally write your names on little papers and let the boys pick, and then we’ll fight over who has to pick up the rest) and the awesome folks at Neatorama blog will send you a free shirt!  Because they’re awesome :)

And now back to fire and foreboding and subtle Star Wars references, or maybe not so subtle.  The vote incentive is a preview panel from an upcoming page of an Evil doing…something.  How’s that for descriptive writing?  I’m going to go binge on more Arrow season one eps :)


  1. riu

    How evil burning them alive

  2. abowden

    I think he secretly always wanted the chance to say that :)

  3. Beta

    Admiral nerdbar

  4. Zakurei

    Star Wars reference :3

  5. Dubael

    Beta Nailed It!

  6. Ninkurou

    Wait, I’m confused, didn’t they told in page 384 that they were going to other place than the african pavilion?

  7. Alister

    Beta, you stole the words right from my mouth!

  8. maniacalmercury

    It’s a miracle this zoo manages to stay open…. this much damage could drive a business bankrupt XD

  9. Nicole

    @Ninkurou: Maybe they’re just passing by the African pavilion?

  10. Jerome

    @Nicole & @Ninkurou, I was also a little confused, so I review the page 384… and now I understand that there was so many animals that had issues with Evil that they can’t decide which part to go first… the “Lets just start there” is referring to the African pavillion

  11. Nicole

    Thanks, Jerome. :)

  12. The Emperor

    Ms. Alison, I think you should check out this fanworks.

  13. YourWorstNightmare

    Oh my gosh hes gonna trap the others in a wall of flames!!! Will OUR Evil save them?

  14. NoveltyFishHead

    best said by a fish. :p

  15. Beta

    The Emperor’s link has some pretty good works. The Internets is good sometimes.

  16. admin

    @The Emperor: those are awesome! Thanks for the link!

  17. Zermel

    I’m guessing its gasoline in an pentagram shape.Just wondering about a few pages or so ago,was Evil talking to himself?

  18. PapillonBleu

    I’m pretty sure this is where Evil will start opposing himself to his clone. I don’t think Evil want to see the other bears dead. He need them to make his prank. And, well… I’m sure he love them. Even if he will never admit it.

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