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July 30th, 2012

Page 326

So much for my quiet afternoons of simultaneous napping… that lasted all of two days.  Sam’s day care lady is closing shop and going back to her old job as she quite understandably needs a break from children.  We’re putting him in nursery school instead as next year he’ll be old enough for kindergarten (oh man!  my baby isn’t a baby anymore!)  I’m kind of sad about this.  He’s been going to day care for a year now and those little girls there are his first friends and I don’t imagine they’ll really see each other much any more.  I’m sure there will be lots of little boys and girls to play with at nursery school but change is coming and I’m not sure how he’ll react.  Nursery school is also only 2.5 hours per day compared to all day at day care… I am immensely sad :P

More Korra fan art!


  1. Vince Velcen

    At least he has the Remote…. now if only he can escape without being in the cross fire any longer.

  2. EnviousSpartan

    *starts eating popcorn as the event continues*

  3. igan

    Gay and Lech really should start thinking about selling tickets

  4. Zoe

    Gay and Lech sure are going at this pretty hard for something as petty as television rights. They’ve obviously been compromising/ merely bickering about it for quite some time. Makes you wonder if there’s something more behind this bloodbath.

  5. gamehunter

    DUDE last panel !!! GAY is pissed off and is going to kill him o.0

  6. alexander B

    that last panel… IT’S ON BITCH

  7. carol

    two bears enter, one bear leaves….

  8. squashbuckle

    Oh my god, just f*cking kiss already

  9. Adey

    Man, Lech and Gay should just do it and get it over with already (semi quoting American Dad) XD

  10. Duez

    My gosh what a mess! I do admire the blood details though. XD Is it bad if that third panel might become nightmare fuel for me? XD And jeez, made him eat his own bow, harsh, man!

  11. Neveko

    Holy gratuitous violence, Batman!

  12. Xint22

    I can’t stop staring at the third panel 0-o

  13. AncalagonD

    The graphics you use to stand in for the swear words are absolutely the best I have ever seen. <3

  14. Dubael

    Not that I condone violence (okay stop laughing all those who know me) but this is the best brawl scene yet. That 3rd panel, bloody nosed happy faces. This is much better than anything Vince McMahon could ever have dreamed up.
    Yay for Crack bear getting the remote!
    In concurrance with Duez, coughing up the tie, that’s a wonderful sight gag.
    Thank you.

    Regarding the troubles with tots and the search for solutions re: child care, I empathise, time and again the liberals ‘Promised’ us a national daycare package and in the end result we got the ‘popcorn and beer’ solution of the Conservatives (hey at least they did something, not much but something). That’s presuming that it is still available and all that.

    What is it about childcare and education that makes policy wonks think that it is cheap or free and therefore not important?

  15. Chase

    Holy crap, they’re going to kill each other! xD

  16. Brian Hibbs

    Damn Gay you scary

  17. mehdi

    Gay expressions are just awesome.

  18. igan

    Lech’s screwed now though really

    The only thing keeping Gay’s killer instinct under control was not wanting to mess up his hair. The Beast is loose now

  19. raeByppilF

    Gay @ last panel

  20. ciao

    I bet Evil is sitting somewhere in the room doing that exactly. haha XD

  21. Yu Huo

    D’awwwww… Lech and Gay have the cutest relationship.

    May I just say that that was The. Most. Satisfying. Votey. EVER.

    Yip yip!

  22. Almoray

    I love your swear bubbles. :) they remind me of old Astrix Comics.

  23. Sterling Rodd

    And yet for all the remarks, it’s not Gay but Crack who winds up with flowers in his hair.

    Gay and Lech have been at this a few times. I’m increasingly persuaded they’re brothers. :)

  24. Sterling Rodd

    @squashbuckle: Oh my god, just f*cking kiss already

    That’s more or less exactly what I’m thinking every time I channel surf through XFC matches on TV. Cripes, come out of the closet, come out of the shorts, and make the “queen bees trying to sting each other” thing a reality already. :D

  25. Saeed

    Ever since my sister forced me to listen to the Care Bears album over, and over, and OVER again, I’ve developed a life long wish to see ANY adorable bear get beaten to a bloody pulp. Thanks for making my dreams come true!

  26. Solario the Visored

    The things Crack does for personal security! :/

  27. The Flaming Git

    Taking bets, taking bets.
    I bet Gay FTW,

  28. Kenichi340

    Well, that escalated rather quickly.

  29. Xint22

    You should start doing videos on YouTube I bet those would get tonnes of views! And personally I’ve been dying to see a bear nuts video!!!!!! U could do recreations of comics in video form!!!!!!

  30. concon

    Is it me or does it look like taking that bow off Gay have the same effect you get when you take Prozac off his meds? xD

  31. Roskoe

    Lech obviously never played enough hitman, cause he failed his mission.

  32. NekoD

    @concon i think so too, i suggest we’ll soon see Gay’s backstory

  33. HaruhiFan

    Me again! I used to be Unknown but then I got a gravatar because so many other people had one. I felt out of the loop without one. :) :P I’m sorry if other people take offence to this but I can’t help it. In the first line, in the third panel I couldn’t help but laugh my but off. I absolutley love how you draw this comic Alison! It’s perfect.

  34. Roskoe

    Wait Wait, Got a better one! “Saving Private Crack.” That’s like, a pententendre.

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