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August 6th, 2012

Page 327

And all is for naught, but not knot… and if you have a toddler and have seen the latest Winnie the Pooh movie 30 or so times, you’ll get the reference.  Speaking of toddlers and movies, I was watching Cars with Sam and there’s a part where McQueen jumps over a pile up on the track ahead.  It’s a slow mo action shot and I said “Look Sam!  McQueen’s flying!”  He looks at me and says scathingly “Cars don’t fly momma, airpwane’s fly.”  Schooled.  At least the twins can’t talk yet, because shortly after they cutely say their first “Mama!” the talking back will begin.  I think Sam’s third coherent word was “No!”.

New stuff up on our Society 6 page: Zombie Teddys! Actually it’s going to be a procession of zombies as I have a few related designs to throw up.  Next week, after a bit of revision as the old file is a little small, ZAMBI.

I have to get some new bear shirts done too…

Plus this week’s vote incentive is kitties! Or lynxes to be exact.  I’ve been drawing tons of big cats for a zoo game and now I’m itching to put more in the Discount Zoo :)

AND as this is the last page of this arc, be sure to LIKE the Facebook page as I’ll post the preview title card to the next arc on there shortly.  Have a great Monday everyone, especially the long weekend celebrating Canadians!


  1. D.Durand

    It’s funny how ?

  2. Hi

    Awww, after all that, Crack’s night light is broken. And I wonder how that fight will turn out. Hope there’s some type of friendship between them sometime. But awesome arc.

  3. EnviousSpartan

    The last panel reminds me of my moments back when my brother was around 6 and learned to grab things as he please, then when i return from work to enjoy my things…

    …joy is gone. >.>

  4. gamehunter

    xaaxxa GAY got OWND LoL and the green dude got OWND by Evil xaxaax LoL

  5. alexander B

    lol, I didn’t expect that one :)

  6. Delakando

    I have a feeling its about time that crack might go alil violent himself on evil.

  7. Starkittens

    Poor Crack!!!

  8. Neko_Goji

    Remember what he did to Evil last time.. Looks like he has to bring the duct tape out again.

  9. Saeed

    The expressions on these panels are wonderful. I love that trail of blood in the first panel. Really gives it that nice twisted edge. :-D

  10. Bosn_C_Otter

    This was the saddest Bear nuts ever. And there will be no happiness because you put the dreaded “End” at the bottom corner…. Sigh… Maybe “The least I can do” will perk me back up.

  11. Bosn_C_Otter

    Ok, Appa doing a header into the ground, that made me smile again :)

  12. Glowworm

    That’s really really sad! Poor Crack.

  13. kath

    Oh, I can just see Prozac saying as Crack freaks out tonight “And what have we learned from this now? Burnt paw (glares at death) Broken furnature (glares at Lech and Gay, “No TV for a month for you”) Glares at Evil, and grabs his tool “No drilling for you!” “Your all grounded for another month while I sort this out”

    Sees Crack crying in corner. Moves TV into Cracks bedroom and puts it on a station that just has snow.” Nite Crack”

    Me thinks Allison has been having the battle of the toys …
    One of the words we taught my nieces and nephews early on was “STOP” along with playing the game where when the music stopped, you froze and someone yelled STOP!.

    Kids hear No all the time. It means pretty much the same as Yes. Stop on the other hand can prevent them from running too fast for you to keep up.

  14. Ninkurou

    Crack will not want to sleep alone this night… He sure will not… But WHO is gona sleep in the same room with him?

  15. Ninkurou

    And for the guy talking about crack going against evil, I dont think that this will happen, crack is too scared of him.

  16. Dubael

    Poor Crack Bear
    And yes, the back talk starts soon LOL
    Also with Twins, you will soon learn their language, they will gang up on you and soon, you will all be speaking Twin *hysterical maniacal laughter ensues*
    Now where were we? Oh yes, lovely art, wonderful story-telling, keep up the good work *twitch, twitch, giggle* Bravo.

  17. Amy

    oh god. Poor Crack. Something tells me he’s about to crack and go violent on Evil’s furry little butt. XD

  18. Kate

    Lion King reference, anyone?

  19. Kate-Hedgehog

    BWAAAAAAH!!! Poor Crack… There is so much unintended fail.

  20. Kenichi340

    How…Dare you, Alison. ='(

  21. Revriley

    Panel 5–brilliant expression.

    Well, Evil did say he was going to get Crack when he least expected it. And like Amy says, I’m wondering whether Crack will demonstrate a repeat of his ‘lair of doom’ episode…or, actually, it might be kind of cool and a little bit sad to see him sleep out in the moonlight or something.

    Or he could just steal some of Death’s candlesticks.

  22. richard s f

    enter the “Nightlight Avenger!”

  23. Bix

    Not as evil as i thought but still good :P

  24. poco

    Evil is a douche. I don’t get why he has such a following.

  25. Shniggles

    Looks like its about to hit the wall with Crack and Evil, uh-oh.

  26. Zermel

    I expected nothing less of Evil.

  27. StaveItOff123

    I need to mention this and after a story arc feels as good a time as any
    I recently cleared my bookmarks so I had to google bear nuts to bookmark it again. While flicking through google I found a website that called this web comic “evil”. Granted evil is awesome, nothing feels better than being cruel, but I think they meant it as an insult. I didn’t read it and don’t know if there’s even a comment board but sufficed to say if there is and if anyone is looking for a target to troll look it up.

  28. Duez

    Gotta love Panel 4, just, how cute looking. XD
    But it seems it was all in vain! Alas~, this is what happens when you cross Evil, I guess. Lesson learned?

  29. Nick

    I love how this story line ends with a punch to the gut. Crack’s battery nightmare comes to a grisly conclusion. Love it.

  30. Nova Stardust

    Awww, poor Crack. Makes me want to hug him.

  31. Nicole

    Noooo!!! Not the cutest nightlight ever!!! :(

  32. Shadow

    Did you say Zambi? *squeals* <3 I guess I’m gonna have to put some money aside.

  33. HaruhiFan

    He’s doomed.

  34. raeByppilF

    I like Gay’s killing face
    I also love Lech’s fighting abilities XD

  35. stave

    Am I the only one reminded of dark knight by this?

  36. Cam

    I knew Evil would do something! Poor Crack, I want to hug him. Then again, he may scream about germs or something…

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