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July 23rd, 2012

Page 325

Thanks for the feedback on the whole posting schedule thing guys!  To address a couple of things: I will definitely make sure all pages are colored before they go to print; if I end up having to post some half finished they’ll be partial color instead of straight b&w (basically just characters flatted); I loved the suggestion about maybe incorporating those b&w Versus mini comics in between to give me a breather, I miss doing them and I have a list of match ups I’m itching to draw.  I’m not at the point where I need to change things up but alas my grand plan of consolidating nap times has been only sporadically successful so far :(  We are however starting to phase out formula – it will be GLORIOUS.

Non Bear Nutty bears!  I’ve been sketching tons of animals lately for a zoo themed app game.  That’s fitting huh? :)


  1. Delakando

    I hereby rename Crack into Ninja Bear. Go get them batteries!

  2. gamehunter

    axaxax EPIC!!! Love the fight in the back ground :D

  3. Kath

    maybe I am too much the comic geek, but I understood what they were saying…

    of couse they won’t think to look for the remote until after the batterys are out and they will blame eachother because the batterys don’t work and Ohhh Gee you know it would have been “perfect” if Crack could have placed the dead batteries in to the remote, but they went poof when Death tried to recharge them.

    of couse doing it one handed would be hard enough but Crack is determined!! Go Crack!!!

    Yesh, Sleep while the babys are sleeping, and OH the old trick mum used to do was to slip a spoonful of cereal into the bottle and that makes the baby sleep longer…

    (weird but true, it works!!)

  4. alexander B

    it would be funny if they were the wrong sise.

  5. LeaLeonis

    So, Lech has ben gay bashed. Geddit? :D

  6. Sterling Rodd

    I didn’t know Gay knew that gesture. …Oh, wait a minute. Yes I did. :)

    I like watching Crack put his plan into action here…

  7. Dubael

    Formula! You have my sympathies. When my wife’s gallbladder went and we were told that we’d have to switch to formula, we tried it for one week. Then we went to goats milk. It was cheaper, better digested than the formula and their diapers didn’t stink anywhere near as bad as formula diapers.
    Regardless, you’re now phasing that out so it is a moot point, but I offer the info here for any other parents faced with the prospect of formula.
    Also, if any physcian or pediatrician tries to dissuade you from using Goats Milk in favour of formula, remind them that cultures the world over use Goats Milk (cultures that are kicking our ass economically now) and that we used to use goats milk too before Formula was INVENTED.
    Yep, good old NATURAL goats milk.
    This Bear recommends it.

  8. raeByppilF

    “Jungle Girl meets Elephantman”, huh? Sounds pretty suggestive XD
    Lech is best bear

  9. Zoe

    In response to Dubael: It’s also highly unlikely that there will be any crazy stuff in goat’s milk. Formula is made with powdered milk and such. I’ve seen formula recalls happen several times because of shady powdered ingredients going into them, and the company later finding out that it had some nasty shit in there. I’ve NEVER seen a goat’s milk recall, though.

  10. Chelsiepk

    i can see Leach and Gay together! :)

  11. Insigma

    Why do I desperately want those two to make out…?

  12. Filthy Pazuzu

    “I’m not looking, I’m not looking!”

    Like my cat, who believes if he can’t see you then you can’t see him.

  13. Sterling Rodd

    @Insigma — You get your wish. This is how they make out. :)

  14. gamehunter

    @Sterling Rodd- ……….what!??!?! I did not get it ………………..o.O

  15. Richard

    I’d say keep the basic story at 1 per week in color AND

    Do flashback strips in black and white on the other day you choose as sporadically as you like…

    So you could have a flashback set of the origin of the death bear — all in black and white. Other scenes/origins from the bears’ past. That would give an extra reason to them being in B&W — they are from the past.

  16. Megan

    I know this was years ago it so you remember the name of the zoo app you mentioned here? I used to have it now can’t remember what it was XD

  17. admin

    @Megan: Pocket Gem’s Tapzoo game, but they’re not making new content anymore.

  18. Megan

    Ah ok thank you!

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