Page 324
July 16th, 2012

Page 324

We interrupt Crack’s meltdown for some new Glech (yay for ‘Scrubs’ ref!) in which they insult each other and… it goes downhill from there.  It may be the most stable “relationship” in the strip though… Slowly switching the twins to the same nap schedule as Sam as they’ve started to phase out their second nap anyway.  This means, if all goes according to plan, all three boys will be sleeping at the same time after lunch.  Whatever will I do with my suddenly quiet couple of hours in the middle of the day??  Oh yes, work, with the occasional fun break of chores!  I am however keeping my buffer alive so I hope to start adding more updates in the new year, my Christmas present to you guys.  I do have a question though:

Would you prefer one full color update per week like usual?  Or perhaps two updates per week but some may be in b&w, or just partial color, as I’m trying to be realistic and sometimes my coloring eyes are too big for my coloring… stomach.  I think you know what I mean.

More cute things in a tree!

Plus I’ve added more photos to the ‘Old Vote Incentives’ gallery on the Facebook page.


  1. Feartheswans


    Oh and Uh oh Night is upon you crack…. the Remote batteries, they’re your last hope!

  2. Stitchpunk

    I hope your happy you killed me with this page and calling it “Glech”! XD *prays its canon*

    And I think two updates would be awesome no matter how they are colored!

  3. cherie

    Okay, I’m honestly starting to think you’re teasing us Gay and Lech shippers (yes, we exist if you honestly didn’t know XD ).

    Also, two updates is great. No matter how they are colored and all.

  4. alexander B

    tsundre’s ftw, and poor crack :(

  5. wererat2000

    oh you silly, silly man. it’s not *why* i inconvenience for my own gain. it’s *who* i inconvenience for my own gain.

  6. gamehunter

    xax nice :P

  7. Jon B

    Awesome update. This is better than the Dark Knight… okay, maybe not, but it’s less disturbing… no, not that either. :D Love the comic.

    I would keep it full color once a week. Be too weird if it changed and the coloring is pretty awesome.

  8. LilSquiggle

    Absolutely love Bear Nuts. However, I do think your colouring is part of what makes the strip. I’d rather stick to the one update and keep the colours. You could always do random bonus updates some weeks if you manage to get far enough ahead, and if you don’t, well you wait till the next Monday :)

  9. igan

    just kiss already you two

    Anyway I’d be cool with two a week in b&w/partial color.

  10. Ariane

    Would you color them for the print version? I think that for the online updates, having some in B&W or partially colored would be fine, but for the print version it would be less than ideal to basically alternate. I would love to see the story advance a bit faster, but not at the expense of my print copies! :-)

  11. N0083rP00F

    Two updates or more a week would be awesome even if only one was coloured.

    Have you ever considered taking on an apprentice? I mean from the local apprenticeship / Co-Op programs from the colleges in your area? [Ryerson/Sheridan/Humber?] By that I mean, someone to take over the oh-not-so-fun-for-you-to-do colouring. Definitely not a short term project since the fall deadlines are fast approaching but maybe something to think about for the new year.

  12. Kath

    IMHO, your doing fine as you are. Please do not rush the creative process on our account. You have three adorable little ones under foot and thats more than most people can handle. If you feel the *need for speed* simply create them and hold them in reserve untill you get at least 6 months worth and then decide. It’s all fun and games until someone loses a binky,,, We can wait until Sam is in pre school and your sleeping through the night for a good solid 3 months.

    You owe it to yourself to spend time sleeping as well. In a very short time the twins are going to be chasing eachother through the house wearing nothing but cute smiles and painting the walls with left overs. Deal with that. Everyone here supports what ever decision you wish to make-

    Hang on… if they have tv, why doesnt Crack just leave the room light on all night? they would have to have light in the place to see what they were doing , they are in a cave… there has to be a switch some where.
    Good to see he got medical attention for his paw, (the poor lamb!)

    Of course, he could stay up all night watching the movies too.


  13. TigersBloodMagik

    I’m all go for one full color post a week. I have two babies and my third due in a few weeks so I know how quickly things can turn from ok to “Oh no I haven’t even started and I can’t find the time!” Don’t add extra stress to your already stressful life. We love your comics and appretiate the hard work you do on them on top of raising three lill ones. Keep up the great work :)

  14. Chad

    Thanks for the update, I just recently found this comic and I’ve caught up from page one!

    I’m sure you could recruit help for doing the coloring flats. You could probably even get assistance with inking too. Plenty of good artists would be thrilled to assist. It maybe something to consider.

  15. Sterling Rodd

    So, what, is Gay P/A flirting with Lech now? :)

    Me personally, I’d prefer the status quo to an accelerated story telling but less polished art. Ultimately it’s up to you, Alison; you’re providing this to us free of charge and it has to suit your needs, ambitions, and time constraints. I think it’s nice of you to ask us, though. :) If you ever see your way clear to tacking Fridays back on again, I wouldn’t complain, but given you’re looking after three preschoolers, and who knows what else, I won’t stamp my little feet and hold my breath till you do. :)

    I think N0083rP00F has a really intriguing idea! A student apprentice looking for experience and not too much money might be the bee’s knees. Or the bear’s knees.

  16. Ghyt Wembpang

    I’d definitely prefer one fully colored page per week to two partially/non colored ones. Of course I love getting the story faster, but it’s best to keep the look of things consistent I think… the extra wait is worth the great art!

  17. Glowworm

    “You made me slosh my appletini, you slut!” XD. Hilarious.

  18. Beta

    Do whatever you feel is best for you and your fans. If you are really wanting to do more updates then go right ahead!

    I would suggest just coloring the belly symbols and that’s it. I’m more into it for the emotions and story substance than anything and some of us can’t see color too well anyway :P so go black and white or slightly colored are okay by me!

    I imagine the coloring portion takes just as long as the sketch and ink portion!

  19. Greg

    I vote quality over quantity. I got used to one update a week long ago.

    If you want a compromise, maybe you could do little sketch shorts between the more elaborate full color stories, like Tanked versus the traffic cone. Less work if you need to refill your buffer, and the full stories won’t switch between color and black and white from page to page.

    Ultimately you have to do what works for you. Don’t stress or burn yourself out on our behalf.

  20. Magasek

    Your comics are hilarious as are your voting incentives and other art work. Your ability to capture emotions and present them through facial expressions is nothing short of amazing.

    In addition, your dedication to your family is equally amazing. Your kids are going to grow up knowing that they have one awesome mom.

    So, please do what you feel you need to with updates to satisfy you and your need to express yourself. Please don’t feel you need to do more for us. Your parasites are more important than us fans. When you feel the time is right and available for more, we’ll still be here. Wouldn’t miss it for the world :D

  21. Dubael

    As much as more Bearnuts is always better in my universe, I’d rather see you pace yourself and keep going for the long run, so I’m advocating once a week simply because 1) it brightens my Monday to see this strip, 2) another favourite artist of mine over did it and is no longer with us, don’t want that happening.
    As to Crack, I concur with Featherswans, raid the remote for batteries dude, Glech will be too busy doing their passive-aggressive male bondage, I mean bonding to realise.
    As to getting the twins on the same schedule with Sam, wonderful! I hope it works, it was a bloody joy when my two started sleeping at the same time, Goodness it was like a miracle, I actually started getting some sleep.
    All the best to you

  22. tsophiekins

    I’m echoing a few, and saying that two updates would be AWESOME but don’t worry about us. You go the pace you need to. However, the b&w idea might prove ideal for a book drive: ‘Purchase the BN3 book to see it all in glorious technicolour!!!!’ but whether you’d then be stuck colouring a load of pages at the end of things is preferable to having them all already coloured is another thing I guess!
    Omg Glech <3 Lech is such my fave bear. So manly <3

  23. CBob

    I haven’t watched Scrubs in a long time. What does “glech” mean? I tried googling it, but didn’t come up with anything.

  24. Beta

    @CBob – Glech is simply the merging of the two names Gay and Lech. The mashing together of names has been popularized within the FanFiction circles for a pairing of two characters and their relationship with one another. Often it is insinuating a romantic relationship between two parties, and the pairing is often not canon to the works in which they appear; although the relationship doesn’t always have to be romantic.

    Glech isn’t part of Scrubs. The Appletini is what is being insinuated as a reference to Scrubs; A certain character’s favorite alcoholic beverage.

  25. UOMeAnIOU

    Gay and Lech interactions will always be wonderful. ALWAYS.

  26. Nicole

    ADORE PANEL 2. Poor Crack!

    I love the colored pages, so I’m willing to stick with one per week. :) Glad the twins are giving you more time, m’dear!

  27. Beta

    It seems that a poll is in order for this color or no color debate.

  28. NekoD

    I would say you should keep the 1 coloured page per week, since comparing to animes, they also show 1 episode per week in Japan and I’m used to wait the time. It would be odd if they would start to show b/w episodes twice a week, by the way I think b/w wouldn’t fit to Bear Nuts. Also you’ve got your kids to watch after, don’t make yourself more stress then you already have. ‘Good wine takes it’s time’ and your fans will understand. With more pages throughout the week you could eventually run out of ideas too early and then we all would need to wait much longer. T_T

  29. CBob

    @Beta: Ah, gotcha. I got the appletini reference, but I thought that “glech” was maybe one of the personal slang words the characters like to make up on the show, but from a later season that I hadn’t seen maybe.

    Makes sense though. Kinda like what tabloids do with celebrity couple names (“Brangelina” and suchlike), I suppose. So, say, Kirk/Spock would be… Kock?

  30. Sterling Rodd

    @CBob — Groan :D

  31. Xint22

    I am currently in the process of making my own web comic but I want to know some tips please also can you tell me how you made your website Alison? Thank you oh and also I’m probably going to call it Jeef Berky.

  32. Beta

    @Xint22 – To make any website you need to first decide on a company who will host your website. Host Gator and X10 Hosting are common ones. You can usually choose a free domain, or a paid dedicated .com domain. After your basic website is made, you can choose what publishing platform you want to use for your website.

    Alison appears to use WordPress for her website. You would install WordPress to your website domain, where you would sign in to make posts and changes and things. WordPress has many premade themes that you can install to wordpress to start as your basic layout and then change things to suit your website’s content. WordPress is quite easy to use and understand and it’s User Interface is pretty friendly. You can add widgets and move sections around to your liking.

    This link should help you install WordPress once you decide on a website host and set up your main domain.

  33. Insigma


  34. Malus

    I think one color update a week is fine. Don’t wanna ruin a good thing already.

  35. Roskoe

    I’d honestly colour for you if it meant more BN :)

  36. mouseanderson

    Yah, go Gay!…wait that came out very wrong.

  37. David

    I would prefer one full color update a week, both because I love the coloring aspect of the comic and because I feel like any scenes that have the bears facing away from us would become confusing as to which bear was doing or saying what. That…is more of a minor issue, I just though maybe you would run into some sort of trouble without color. :)

  38. cactusblossom

    I definitely love this comic, but I think it would be weird in black and white. I vote to keep a colored update once a week.

  39. Kate-Hedgehog

    I love the colours! Please keep them. Even though I would like more updates, I think sacrificing colour would be sad.

    …And I just read some other posts and this has caused me a very O.o type brain lapse. But I’m happy to find out you have kids, because I do too and I feel your pain (though I don’t have twins… I feel a similar yet less adequate version of your pain!)

  40. Cam

    “You made me slosh my appletini you slut!” Glech <3

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