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March 26th, 2012

Page 314

Nerd’s new “look” is growing on me :)  I imagine that “style” would be rather hard for him to maintain though…

Somewhat of an update from last week:  BOTH boys slept through the night on Wed.  I should have known better than to get optimistic after only one night but I couldn’t help it and sure enough neither made it through the whole night on Thursday and dashed my frail hopes once again.  And then Owen had a conniption, or a nightmare, or indigestion, or it was just his turn to be a prick, or whatever on Sat night and had to be walked for 20 minutes around 2 am.  Did I mention my husband tends to sleep through this stuff?  Or he just can’t hear it over his own snoring.

Babies are still cute though, kind of.


  1. Soundwave the Unchresomatic

    Letch did NOT deserve to get grounded.

  2. samiamthrice

    …This all came out of the polar bears kidnapping and abusing Nerd. Why the heck are they grounded for something the polar bears started? Especially Letch, why the heck is Letch even grounded? This makes no sense.

  3. poco

    Grounded? Can he do that?

  4. Zankou

    well, unless the next chapter takes place like a few months from this time nerd could have that look for awhile.

  5. gamehunter

    LoL ahhaahha Crack cracks me up :D (U MAD BRA!?!?!)

  6. alexander B

    lol, leech got an ear infection he didn’t deserve, but evil deserved more than what he got… as did nerd.

  7. kath

    I honestly don’t blame Nerd. Really. He was the victim of being bullied, and he reacted. He was bearnapped, spray painted and his belongings stolen from him with the threat of them being damaged (can’t remember if they did break it or did tanked later on. ) But, I don’t blame him, and while his fur will grow back, and people think, there was no lasting damage, deep down, yes, there was. The end result with Steve loosing his arm, wasn’t what he had in mind. To make the polar bears feel as helpless as he did, yes, Every bullied child wishes that. Had Prozac stepped in and Stopped the polar bears when they started at the beach, none of this would have happened.

    The answer to having your husband deal with the crying child is to take the child back to your bed and lay the child next to your husband. Not only will you be back at your bed, your husband will be up as well and then he can take care of him. Someday soon, your kids will be reading all of this, and saying Mummy, whats a parasite? :D Every child sets their own pace. they will be potty trained before you know it. :D

  8. I❤Monkeys

    Babies are cute!! Maybe you should do a baby photo of all the bearnuts… (I think we have seen Prozac and Tank as a baby so far?) actually what would be cuter is if you could sew a bear suit for the twins and Sam too ~~ :D

  9. Maken

    I don’t know which i get more of a kick out of, the comic or the life updates lol. (not laughing at your misery simply the situation that I dread). hmmm might have to agree with lech being (somewhat)unfairly punished.

  10. Jordan

    Aw, I feel bad for Lech, too xD He was the hero of the arc in my eyes. Or at least made an effort to be one.

  11. Jeremy Kuehnau

    I have to hand it to you, I am very impressed that even with your new children, you’ve managed to steadily update the comic. I’ve seen many other web comics come to a complete stand still for months or even a year after the author has children.

  12. Sterling Rodd

    Interesting angle in panel two there. You don’t see three-point perspective in web comics very often. :)

    I agree with Jordan–I think it was Lech who really shone in this arc. Pro just did what Pro does, but Lech, he definitely stepped out of his usual Team Lecherous Evil role. I knew he had it in him. But I won’t say whose. Ooo! See what I did there? :twisted:

    I think Jeremy’s right, too. It really is impressive that the strip has consistently moved forward with not one, not two, but three babies to draw serious attention away. I think we’ve ALL seen web comics grind to a halt for far smaller distractions.

  13. Sidero

    This comic is awesome! I discovered it last week and I read it all twice! And We already ordered the books
    My sister (9 years old) found me reading the comic so i had to read it all another time translating the entire comic in italian (yeee italian fans!). I translated censuring here and there maintaining the meaning and now she keeps talking about the comic, she even dreamed that she was marrying Death (her favourite Character but she could not because everytime they thouched she paralyzed. Now I can only think “What have I done?”…
    Anyway Lech doesn’t deserve that it was his way of protecting someone… But I can’t blame Prozac, they ripped an arm, despite it was an accident, a really serious accident… It’s hard to judge them because they wanted to do something bad with Steven doll but the didn’t want to do something so bad… A vengance from the Polar Bears was understandable.

  14. Duke of URL

    “I imagine that “style” would be rather hard for him to maintain though…”
    NO problem at all – haven’t you ever seen someone who gets a *f*r*e*e* haircut from the beginners at a Barbers College?

  15. Beta

    Ya, I’m beginning to think Alison’s a superhero. Between freelancing, 3 kids, waking babies, Jim’s snoring, and this web comic, that calculates to somewhere between -2 to -5 hours of time left in the day to sleep. Must have super powers.

  16. Glowworm

    Like everyone else, I don’t think Lech deserved to be grounded. Crack with that spray made me laugh.

  17. Paprika

    I can understand Evil and Nerd being grounded, but all Lech did was take the blame so nobody would get hurt. He failed, but he tried. He should get some points for that

  18. iamry

    What exactly IS Crack spraying in Lech’s ear? At first, I’m thinking it’s some kind of disinfectant or something, but then I saw the skull and crossbones… hmm…. *Gasp* It must be PIRATE SPRAY!! YARRR

  19. Nicole

    Another thought on Lech’s grounding…this isn’t just about the Polars it’s about exposure of their real lives to the zoo staff. Lech was making a spectacle of himself, hero or not. So that may add to the grounding. Although, frankly, perhaps none of them should’ve been grounded as the polars started it all. That said, voodoo dolls were an explicit no-no, as is appearing in public as anything but a “normal” bear. ;)

  20. Jon B

    Great comic. Keep the faith on the babies. They’ll sleep soon. :) Keep up the great work as a cartoonist and mommy. :)

  21. Sterling Rodd

    @iamry “Pirate spray”. :D Is Crack hoping to turn new touchy-feely Lech back into the old bragging swashbuckler?

  22. igan

    But I like White Knight Lech ;_;

  23. silverfang16

    Lech totally did nothing wrong… -_-

  24. Chase

    Nope, Lech shouldn’t be grounded for trying to save the monkey from a horrible fate. But I suppose he might be grounded because it kinda looks like he tried to cover up Nerd and Evil’s misdeed?
    And, also, Nerd. A bit of missing fur will grow back better than Steven’s arm. It was totally worth it.

  25. Chase

    And ocrap! There’s no “End” thing in the corner! Is there still some more stuff to happen in this arc?!

  26. RuntyTiger

    @kath: As cute as the idea is, however, that’s hazardous to the child and could even be fatal (potential suffocation from the pillows, heavy blankets, restless sleeping bodies and/or crushing injuries). But yeah, moving babies crib closer to you guys would be a good idea.

  27. Nicole

    Heh! I don’ think that’s “pirate” spray. I think it’s poison. :D It’s most likely a disinfectant that would be bad to ingest.

  28. Sterling Rodd

    @silverfang16: “Lech totally did nothing wrong… -_-”

    At least, not on camera. ;)

    Hey! What happened to the monkey? :O

  29. Narfcake

    Yay, Alison got another print at Woot!

    Just note that they’re no longer American Apparel shirts, so the sizing is completely different now – watch the chart before ordering.

  30. gamehunter

    “*Gasp* It must be PIRATE SPRAY!! YARRR,, aaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahh hahahhaha oooo ohhhahahaha OMG :D nice one !!! @Sterling Rodd: ,,Ooo! See what I did there?“ AWWW YEA I SHORE DID c(-:

  31. Amber Thompson

    Push him out of bed, than when he looks at you, you say “since you are up, look in on the kids, please.”:)

  32. Old Grizzly

    Like all parent when they are angry Prozac blames everyone. Lech got involved when he should have stayed out of it therefore he should be grounded. Retaliation for past injuries just leads to more problems. Nerd was only humiliated but the polar bear was maimed for life. I reckon that they all got what they deserved.

  33. Lori

    Babies are cute so parents don’t kill ’em. ;)

  34. Zunrin

    Is it weird that the thing I find most adorable on this page is Evil’s scrunched up belly image? Anyway, loving the comic keep being awesome!

  35. kath

    @Runty if a kid is crying hard enough to wake a parent, there is little chance for the parent to still stay asleep and roll over on the child. I know we havn’t heard HIS side of the story of why he is ignoring the crying, (yes it is grand to get sleep) but its totally not fair for one spouse to do all of the night duty. Sleep deprivation is dangerous for everyone involved. The idea is to get HIM up and dealing with the kids crying on a regular basis and allow Mom to get some much needed sleep. If the kid is right there, he really can’t ignore what is going on, can he

    As for the spray, it would probably be some sort of disinfectant, windex maybe?? (they used it for everything in the movie My big fat greek wedding)

  36. Draco

    Can Bears really be grounded?

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