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November 8th, 2010

Page 223

Now Vanity has the decorator’s bug, his style being pompous.

Poor pushover Tanked has lost his room, he should probably go sleep on the couch.  He reminds me of my cats; I have a male and a female and really the only time they show any behavior differences is mealtimes (and humping times but she’s just not into it).  Normally Toaster doesn’t cower except when I put the dishes down and she lets the male eat first from her dish (if I put down both he goes to hers first).  If I move Neko away he scarfs his down really fast and then moves to her’s wether she’s done or not.  I literally have to referee until she’s done with the added Sammy complication as he wants to get his paws in there too and they both back down when he arrives. Neko has thankfully given up fighting back when it comes to Sam. The baby laughs whenever the cat hisses at him and then tries to hug him which usually ends up in a cat pancake and some fluffy tail.  I’ve tried squirt guns and yelling at him and whacking his rump (the cat, not the baby) and he still disobeys me whenever he can.  I can’t get this 14 pound animal to listen to me… I don’t know if that bodes well for raising a human (he rarely listens to me too).

I don’t think a mutated or otherwise enhanced Evil would ever use his powers for good but I did think of one character with traits Evil would enjoy.

I also finally got some backlogged fanart up including lots more Gay (he fittingly seems to be the most popular subject especially this adorable Spirit Day image) and my favorite so far by Vivzmind which is just awesome!  (Go check out her Deviant page, rocking animated style indeed!)


  1. Tomfox

    What’s up with Vanity’s Star? Is it like made of Sequin? Not knockin’ the style (I love it), just curious about what I’m seeing.

  2. systemcat

    It’s what I get for using my web site’s domain name in my email, spam-boxes love it. This is the fan art I came up with for Bear Nuts: Nearly drew Nerd dressed as a Klingon in the background alongside Gay. Gay’s costume I never worked out, but it would have been some thing just as fun and fitting to him. Hope you enjoy the piece, and decide to post it :-).

  3. JT

    I half-expected Evil’s superhero to be Deadpool. Evil Torch works too though!

    This page fills me with glee. Evil is one of my favorite bears and Vanity deserves whatever’s coming to him.

  4. Solario the Visored

    Vanity sure knows how to live! He’s even got a trained guard drunk! :3

  5. dffdtgutr

    I thought he was called ping pong. now he’s vanity.


  6. Zigmal

    hes a bit to evil

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