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November 12th, 2010

Page 224

Fool Tank once, well then it’s easy to do over, and over, and over again.

Continuing our post Halloween fashion show that’s about half over (it’s gonna be Christmas by the time this is done!) with SuperNerd! He loses his powers when his glasses fall off, like Sampson’s hair. ¬†Green kryptonite just gives him gas, the blue stuff irritates his allergies and the red one worsens his asthma. ¬†The black kryptonite.. uh.. insert your own de-nerdifying power here.


  1. systemcat

    To @kitsunekage’s comment. I consider geeks and nerds to be the same thing. And no one poke at me for this, I am one & proud of it :-D.

  2. Kookaburra8su

    What does a shaved panda look like? Does it bare thinking about?

    …I don’t know, but it looks like another course of vetinary treatment coming. See coming episodes of “Cone Collar II”

    Evil he does, stun panda bear and bare panda nuts, does he live?

  3. blackbevil

    pore tanked din’t konw what hit him

  4. Zermel


  5. El Phillipo!

    How can something so cute be so evil?

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