Page 222
November 5th, 2010

Page 222

That fanny pack can hold volumes apparently (hammer space!), but only instruments of evil.  I believe this is also the first glimpse into the lair of Evil and it’s actually quite spartan (compared to Gay’s at least).  Evil doesn’t need much and wants less and his design sense is rather non-existent… except for that mantel…

IronCrack, which sounds like some insidious new street drug, is a paradox indeed.  And I would NOT want to have to draw 22 or more pages of guy in a complicated suit.  Hat’s off to all the Marvel ‘Iron Man’ artists that make it look easy!

I started a Threadless account awhile ago for fun and I got sidetracked with life and stuff (darn baby again!) and completely forgot about it.  I’ve found a renewed interest lately (probably has to do with the 3x$10,000 prizes available in their current design competition…) so I posted a little pirate piece I’ve always loved, simplified a little for a t-shirt.  The designs usually chosen at Threadless tend to be larger prints and not so much on the comical side but there’s a few up now I love (the ninjas clashing one is right up my aisle) so we’ll see… any way, if you like imperiled pirates then please check it out.



    Good comic.

  2. iknewthat


    *sings* hide your kids, hide your wife, hide your husband, cuz Evil’s burning errybody out there!

  3. Solario the Visored

    I might be wrong, but I don’t think we’ve ever seen the inside of Evil’s room…

  4. Puck

    He looks a bit like Stitch in that first panel.
    But then, I’m always noticing a similarity between your art and Chris Saunders’.

  5. NAI


  6. tahrey

    Odd, I misread that as “hamster space” at first. For some reason, it makes more sense that way.

    Hammerspace is something you can reach into through thin air without needing a Bag of Holding to represent it.
    Hamsterspace is more like a hammy’s cheek pouches… you can get a surprising amount in there, but there is a limit, and it has some small physical representation at least.

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