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November 1st, 2010

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This one primary food source thing (especially as it’s not a high energy yield food) is a huge weakness.  I’ve read that pandas can definitely ingest meat but they can hardly be bothered to hunt and kill so unless something pretty much dies at their feet they’re stuck with the shoots.  In a world of survival of the fittest, the superiority of fast adaptation, and the biological need to procreate, it’s amazing that pandas still exist.  They must play some key role in their environment to have nature keep them around; despite what Christine O’Donnell thinks the inexorableness of evolution can’t be denied.  I’d love to know what would happen if poachers and conservation efforts cancelled each other out and pandas were left alone with no human interruption.

Did you know the male platypus has venom injecting spurs?  Nature is so cool!  I also found out the plural form of platypus can be platypuses or something that ends in ‘pi’.  Would that be platypi?  Or platypusi?  The dictionary is failing me.

A WolverLech, or maybe a Lecherine? Whatever, he’s got big claws.  And perhaps a venom spur somewhere too…


  1. CyberCorn Entropic

    @DethLok & demonic.cheshire ~ Technically, the monotremes (today limited to platypatooties and the four echidna species) are mammals. They’re warm-blooded, have fur, and nurse their young. The egg-laying is just a primitive trait held over from our ancient reptilian ancestors and doesn’t count against the mammalian status.

    On pandas: My thoughts on the pandas (both the bears and the unrelated red pandas) is that they’re carnivores evolving into a more herbivorous lifestyle. Whether that’s really the case or they succeed or not are good questions. The reason they tend to be such lousy hunters is that their digestive system is still mostly geared for digesting meat instead of plants so they’re simply not pulling out all the nutrients they need from the bamboo. Still, scientists have discovered that, like all bears, pandas are champs at raiding campsites for food.

  2. Fylisfe

    Oh Evil, I love you so much xD

  3. ForTheRoyalty

    I know we’re underground but still there could be a dimensional window that connects the lab to a parallel dimension consisting of a giant crib with a giant baby allien that wants to eat because I taste magically delicious! *starts to sweat due to the sheer fear my imagination is generatating* Or even worse the parallel dimension could consist of only a moose breaking nuts just like in Invader Zim!!!

  4. Regular Polyhedra

    Actually, the panda is a conservation reliant endangered species. The only reason the panda still exists is because the ancient Chinese thought it was adorable, basically. The more you know~

  5. Yeti7787

    On the Platypus: I find it less interesting that the male is poisonous and more interesting that the female is born with two ovaries and yet only one works

  6. FTS

    how would I go about reanimating a scanned photo for my fan art? I penciled in a commission using all bears in 3 seperate pictures, but I want to have it look better than scanned pencil.

  7. admin

    Maybe Evil was just a little dehydrated :)
    @all of you Australian animal knowledge buffs: thanks for the extra info guys, especially that one working ovary thing, weirdest animals ever (on land at least, those deep dark ocean critters are in a race all their own). I watched a Discovery Channel program on the box jellyfish and the tiny irukandji- deadly and near invisible. People would go to the beach and die the next day. I’d love to go to Australia (and New Zealand!) someday but I might just be too afraid to go in the water.
    @Niyko: thanks! Nice gravatar!
    @everybody stuck in (or out?) of ‘The Lab’, next time make sure it’s adequately stocked with provisions :)

  8. kitsunekage

    @ Admin *Voice echoes thru Lab* Accually, I have Wkipedia on my Favourites list, and this Lab DOES have provisions………. somewhere *Clang!* OW! *Walks out from behind a large deviece* Well, the hangar doors are closed, now…….. Aaaand I found the Key-Chain! *Looks down at it* It, uh, stores memories. I used it all the time to record my data. Each key is a memory. And I, uh, kinda maybe might have possibly deffinitly have forgoten how it works……..*Sweatdrop*

  9. Noxkitsune

    Knowing evil, that indeed could have been MUCH worse.

    And the plural form should be platipi, assuming it’s from latin. Just like octopus is octopi in plural form.

  10. chrys

    sing.: platypus > pl.: platypi is used by people who think that the word platypus is ruled by the o-declination, like the word dominus; however, the word platypus is ruled by the u-declination, like the word domus, thus: sing.: platypus > pl.: platypus (the plural form is pronounced platypús, with the accent on the last syllable)

    as wiki quite rightly states, the absolutely correct form IS platypodes, because platypus, though it /sounds/ Latin (and is generally thus used by popular science in its terminology) is actually ancient Greek (!) – and the plural of sing.: ‘pous’ (=foot) is ‘podes’ (=feet) [which, I just noticed is explained by wiki when you click on the relevant bold terms ^^]

  11. Ren_chan

    oh vanity,you need to learn this.never.mess.with.evil bear.EVER.

  12. saw666

    evil drinking water…i KNOW this wont end well
    (my friend did the same thing…i didnt wonder why until……well lets just say he could air on “jackass”)

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