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November 5th, 2010

Page 222

That fanny pack can hold volumes apparently (hammer space!), but only instruments of evil.  I believe this is also the first glimpse into the lair of Evil and it’s actually quite spartan (compared to Gay’s at least).  Evil doesn’t need much and wants less and his design sense is rather non-existent… except for that mantel…

IronCrack, which sounds like some insidious new street drug, is a paradox indeed.  And I would NOT want to have to draw 22 or more pages of guy in a complicated suit.  Hat’s off to all the Marvel ‘Iron Man’ artists that make it look easy!

I started a Threadless account awhile ago for fun and I got sidetracked with life and stuff (darn baby again!) and completely forgot about it.  I’ve found a renewed interest lately (probably has to do with the 3x$10,000 prizes available in their current design competition…) so I posted a little pirate piece I’ve always loved, simplified a little for a t-shirt.  The designs usually chosen at Threadless tend to be larger prints and not so much on the comical side but there’s a few up now I love (the ninjas clashing one is right up my aisle) so we’ll see… any way, if you like imperiled pirates then please check it out.


  1. FTS

    Ah yes 5:00 a.m. The best time for evil.

  2. PadawanSerry

    @panel 5
    Yeah I have that same face in the morning when I turn on the lights too.

  3. likeacupcake

    I see you liked the hammer space idea =P, and I think Evil likes the icecream scoop a little too much…

    Duck tape, syringe, icecream scoop, matches…

    He’s going to duck tape drugs to people’s icecream and set it on fire? Strange kid that Evil… Though seems as if he does like something on Earth, after all! That mantle!

  4. FTS

    Also pirates seem pretty bad ass (as well as drinking) when listining to “Nancy The Tavern Wench” by ALESTORM

  5. kitsunekage

    Heh, 5:ooam is the best time to catch anything off gaurd! *looks up at ForTheRoyalty, then Franticlly shuffles thru the Keys* Damnit, We don’t have time for this! Vixen! *I glow, and a female carient of myslef splits off of me* V: You called?
    V: Stick one in your ear, and turn….. Why?
    K:*Points up* V: Oh….. Key 42.
    K: Kthxbye! *Vixen glows and dissapears, I instert a Key into ear and turn* Oh…OH SH*T!! *Runs under ForTheRoyalty to catch him as he falls, misses* That’s gonna leave a mark……

  6. kitsunekage

    ^ Sorry “Varient”

  7. Zesty-Hedgie

    I have a feeling evil is going to renew his quest for vanity’s eyeballs… hopefully vanity was smart enough to lock his door.
    Love this series! I’m a major bear nuts nut, and Ive spread it to all my friends! This comic is always the perfect mix of adorable, with enough hilarious and slightly mature humor to make you not feel guilty for liking the cuteness. :D I love this series so much I’m totally going to Cosplay as one of the bears to an anime con! wish me luck on the costume making.

  8. Tomfox

    Hooray for Hammer space! Looks like Evil is on a “trophy” collecting mission

  9. silverfang16

    Hmm…he’s going to drug them, tie them up, take their eyes as trophies, then burn the bodies?

  10. Lody

    lol, he actually did it, he really did build the mantel.
    I feel sorry for ping pong seeing as the bears have just starting accepting him.

  11. Aps

    I love how his eyes are so happy in the second to last panel :)

  12. Lax

    Why do I have the feeling there is more stories about Evil than the rest of our characters? What about Gimp?! He hasn’t had a story yet, and only one for Death!! IT’S NOT FAIR, I TELL YOU!

  13. kitsunekage

    @ Lax *Pats on shoulder* There, there. I’m sure Alison’s got arcs coming for them……Tissue?

  14. Skullbank

    I’m always up for more stories about Evil. And his fanny pack. Sweet!

  15. Tanryx

    Oh my gosh! My cat gets the same cute but devious look on his face that Evil has in the 2nd to last panel.

    Love it!

  16. SpartanJon1337

    We haven’t seen Gimp in a while. Maybe he’s handcuffed and he lost the key.

  17. Marjolein

    Anyone else hearing the mission impossible tune here?

  18. changeling

    @lax: Gimp had story, but it’s only available if you buy the book. :P

  19. Kurobara

    Jeez…Evil is more of a morning person than I am…or morning bear. I can barely manage to drag myself out of bed at 5:30, and I’m pretty grouchy most of the time after that.

  20. Ayla

    He -did- build a mantel then? Evil – secret DIY expert :P

    Dude, Evil’s an early riser, isn’t he? I have to get up at 4:45-5:00 some mornings, and I can barely function. It works if you don’t sleep and prepare to crash and be horribly ill a few days later, but, eugh.

    I do the same horribly violent slamming thing to my alarm clock. My last one broke because I threw it across the room and into a wall at 4:48 a.m precisely. They’re there to be abused. They’re more evil than Evil.

    Anyway, I’m an Evil fan, so I’m happy to see yet more of him. It makes me laugh that he talks to the mantel xD But seriously… if he’s about to do what I suspect, he should have dropped the idea and left it alone. Pfeh! The little fiend! xD

  21. Sunsetfalls

    Not going to lie, when I first saw the 3rd panel I thought this arc was going to start off with Death. Awesome job with IronCrack. I can’t wait to see it in colour!

  22. ForTheRoyalty

    Yesss, you turn that 42nd key! (@kitsunekage) *Realizes the horror that’s about to happen* Uh-oh… *Starts falling* FOR THE ROYALLTYYY!!!! *continues falling… meets the floor* I’m ok… I see pretty pandas on fire…*Face against floor* I need WAFFLES… and a mantel *still faces the floor* @_@

  23. Chad

    Another wonderful update :3 also, I like how his fanny pack looks like a mouth with teeth, while opened. Like it’s ready to go NOMNOM on the instruments of doom.

  24. midnight

    panel 4, so evilly menacing looking. and the contrast with the look of deep affectation towards his currently bare mantel space.

    i can’t wait till monday to see what happens next :D so excited!

  25. Cherry B.

    He was really serious about that eyeball collection…<.< Lulz, love his face on the 7th panel. x)

  26. Khalid Birdsong

    The “It’s time for evil.” panel is one of my favorites that you’ve drawn! Hilarious! I want that on a shirt!

  27. weazelcheese

    “Busy hands are happy hands.”
    -Norman the Guardian

  28. alicia

    This is gonna be a awesome arc, I can tell! Man, he gets up at 5! I figured Evil would be one for sleepin’ in late. Or is that Lech’s job?

  29. Nicole

    Good God…this does not bode well for…well…anyone. HIDE YOUR CHILDREN!!!

    Do love Evil’s little dog bed or whatever that is he sleeps on. :)

  30. TheGnome

    Ah Evil Bear. Bringing high quality evil to the world. What dedication.

  31. Topazert

    Evil’s line “It’s time for Evil!” reminds of the imp from the Reincarnation series on!

  32. Bill

    That second frame on the second line fills me with the overwhelming urge to play with his fuzzy little tail… XD

  33. Saiyza

    D’awwwww…..wait, what?

  34. DoggyGal

    At least he woke up early^^’
    Anyway,I am glad that you made a t-shirt design!:D It’s so awesome!^^ You know,it reminds me of victory…with defeat.I don’t know why it does…but I LOVES it! Maybe you should consider making t-shirts for everyone’s favorite bears,and having little phrases,like
    “I may be Evil,but at least I’m Cute!”


    “A Drink a Day keeps my Mean Away.”
    That would be great!:D….speaking of which,how DO you make a t-shirt?

  35. squeakybunny

    How evil can evil be? It looks like his bed has Mickey Mouse balloons all over it.

  36. squeakybunny

    . . . until you see the bone shape in the last panel!

  37. kitsunekage

    @ ForTheRoyalty *Picks up Royalty in a fireman’s carry* Come on, I’ve got just the device that’ll make you feel as good as new! *Drops Royalty into the large device I walked round earlier, shuts door* Right, now! *Starts mummbling*You hit this button here, pull that lever there, flip this switch, and…….*Machine Comes to “Life”* Tada! *Door slides open, Roalty falls out* One semi-concious Royalty. Don’t worry about the sightlessness, It’ll clear up in a moment! *Another body falls on me* HOLY CR*AP! *Shoves body off, looks like a female varient of Royalty* Ummmmm, What just happened here?

  38. anthony

    Hey Alice, what happends if ya do get the 1st post anyway? (Just an honest question.)

  39. Mr. A

    @ Anthony You must be referring to the people to proclaim “First Post!” when they get the first post. It’s merely a childish thing people do. Yes, that’s right. They are merely standing at an elevated position for a mere bare few seconds and proclaiming that they – and only they – were worthy of claiming the first post on this particular page, out of the millions of similar pages around the web.

    Indeed, we should applaud these people as we would children. Spreading the facade of amazement across our face in a smile and clap as if delighted at their colorful finger painting they made in kindergarten today.

  40. ForTheRoyalty

    Royalty M: *fully awake* Who’s that good looking woman, and why do it seems that I’ve seen her somewhere? *Royalty F opens eyes M realizes the situation* What exactly is that machine for kitsune?
    Foyalty F: I deduce that by my being here the machine somehow cloned you and freed me. Now to the more pressing matters where are those waffles we previously asked for?
    M: She’s right, but dear you forgot the mantel…
    F: Oh yes sorry.
    M: Don’t worry I can’t stay mad at myself.
    F: I know I’m you.
    M: Oh right.

  41. DIRGE

    Yay! Evil Bear is the bomb! When can you start making plushies of these loveable Bastards?
    PLEEAZE! Gimmie! Gimmie! Gimmie! thank you.

  42. Enigma

    *Climbs out of there pack covered in gore and blood turns and fires a few shots from a rifle sized rail gun* DOWN YOU BLOODY VERMIN!! *zips the pack shut and sits down on the floor next to it* other people get rat or mice infestations but NOOOOO my house gets infestations of elder gods, undead, and ethral beasts what a damn mess well take me ages to clean up all that……*looks down at the mess they are in* ya well anyway I found all the stuff you might need hope you don’t mind it being a little bloody. *looks in the lab* ummm why is there a Female and Male versions of Royalty and why do you even HAVE a devise that can do that?

  43. ForTheRoyalty

    M & F *at the same time*: That’s what we want to know!

  44. Enigma

    *sighs* Kits you are makeing me wounder if its only Evil that shouldn’t be let in side. As for Evil who well be the lucky bear to get the 5:30 amish wake up call well be given the ice cream scoop I’m thinking it well be Vanity but then he did take a piss on the bamboo so maby not.

  45. kitsunekage

    @ Enigma and Royalty Hold in a sec… Vixen! *Said Fox appears as per previous explination* V:Yes?
    K: What’s that machine?
    V: Don’t you remember? You built it in an antempt to biuld a cloning device and ended up with me? *Smirks* In fact, It’s our anniversary today…….
    K: *Sweatdrops* Uhhh, so she *Points to F-Royalty* Is like you?
    V: Yes.
    K: So, ah, no hard feelings, but, um, Royalty, if you want her to “live”, per sei, You might want to give her a name, or, when she returns to your sub-concience, she wont come back short of you stepping into the machine again….
    V: *Starts to glow* Well, my times almost up for today, but before I go, know this, Royalty. She is an aspect of your inner-self. She must be named accordingly *Dissappears* K: To be honest, Vixen sometimes scarys me……

  46. kitsunekage

    Oh, and if you want waffles….. MAKE ‘EM YOURSELF!!!!
    Kitchens up front, near the hole you entered thru…….

  47. ForTheRoyalty

    Royalty: Interesting then by the power invested in me by, apparently, this machine I shall call you *Drum rolls* Tarantulas, inspired by the close second favourite transformer, and due to the fact that there’s no way I’ll name a girl Megatron … *Smiles* You just need one more thing in order to be complete *reaches aout is pocket and takes out a second chainsaw* Here you go… Now come Tarantulas WE SHALL HAVE WAFFLESSSSS!!!!! *Both run to the kitchen with chainsaws at hand*

  48. Vadrum

    I would say spoon the heart out with the ice-cream scoop from who ever is in the way ^^

  49. Enigma

    *blinks a few times at the explanation then takes out a small crystal then spins it on the floor then waits for it to float in the air* Ok time to make it so those tw……errrr four can’t get to some of the more exotic items. * reaches out and a large data screen appears and shows a 3D rendering of the pocket dimension and the building inside of it* don’t need the destruction of yet another universe blamed on me mmmm lets see now *taps the screen and starts closing off sections of the building*

  50. 1up20x6

    Poor Vanity. Going to go blind, just as I was starting to like him…

    And yay for IronCrack! He’s as adorable as regular Crack.

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