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December 14th, 2009

Page 138

It’s like a reality show sometimes… but no one ever gets to leave!!

I’m addicted to The Soup lately, the clips are hilarious, the commentary is usually pretty funny (though some of the clips just speak for themselves) and if you haven’t seen it you must.  Marvel at the astonishing ignorance and selfishness of our Western culture, it just makes you proud… oh my God where do they find these people!!!

If you’re curious about the behind the scenes of the comic, check out a couple of new interviews with me over at The Xcentrikz and The Fabler Blog.

Vote incentive: Kestral (more older characters that I’ve done nothing with!!  Yay for my apathy and poor time management skills!)  Jimmy colored this one so I can’t take credit… actually I tried to color it and he came over and laughed and offered to re-do it, worked out great :)

SITE UPDATE:  The fan art page is finally up!  I know I’m missing some that were sent to us earlier so please let me know if you’ve done something you’d like included or if you have different credit info to post with your image.


  1. TJ YZ

    Evil still has his earring!
    Poor nerd. He trys so hard to be tough, and when threatened, resorts to being a tattle tale.

  2. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    Panel 1: He’s staring into my soul. I can feel it.
    Panel 6: That shut him up.
    Panel 9: Death with a throbbing vein? Not a good sign.

  3. Dianne

    Hmm…am I 3rd?

    Hahaha I love how evil is just so businessy about it.

  4. Kaos

    Damn.. Evil looks evil with the voodoo doll. nice work on the shadows. Awesome.
    Hmm.. Death is definetly getting annoyed of this all. interessing. keep it up!

  5. Dan Elshaw

    Helo again from Cape Town!

    The comic is coming along great. It seems like death is going to explode, its those dark quiet bears you got to watch out for.

  6. Mickel

    I new I grew up in a cave, but dang this looks familiar!

  7. Robert

    I can so relate to death. I often fell like that.

  8. Kurobara

    Ha, I really lawled at Evil’s face on panel five. “Oh reeeeaaally.” it seems to say. “Are you suuuuure?”

  9. Bosn_C_Otter

    I think death is just getting a little bit fed up.

  10. phDexter

    There no words how cool is this strip. No, wait: there are two words: completely awesome.
    Tanked’s and Nerd’s face is just awesome, when they realised, that Evil have another voodoo doll.
    And Death… I just love that guy. He little bit like one of my favourite series main character (even if it finished a while), Ned.
    Whoa, I wrote a quite long text. I hope you have patient to read this. And i hope you’ll forgive me for my grammar mistakes. I’m from Hungary, and a month ago, I found your comics. I thought, it one of the best I’ve ever read, because it’s cool style, but this strip (I think) the best so far, so I decided to write.
    By the way, is the baby alright?

  11. Tyron E!

    Nerd still looks like my friend “Louie”! You even put the gap in his teeth in the right place! Fascenating! Having roomies is no fun,i know! Never a dull moment or peace!

  12. NiaTeppelin

    Huh, I sort of missed where Nerds’ Glasses went … contact lenses, by any chance? Or did I really miss something here? =O

    The fifth panel is sooooo awesome, I think I’ll make it my new mobile phone wallpaper. Love it! <3

    But poor Death, I wonder just how long he will stand it.

  13. GAH O_o

    Nia Yeah his got broken when they went to go save Evil from wild so he has none right now haha and love every comic good job!

  14. PTM

    I haven’t commented on this comic recently.
    Death doesn’t look to happy.

  15. Nicole

    Nerd and Tanked in panel 7… *SNARF* :D So perfect! :D

    And Nerd in panel 4 looks like such a perfect little Disney bear.

    @Nia: I think Nerd has to take off his glasses when the bears are “limiting the contraband” so to speak. He had them on when watching Harry Potter in last two eps. I’ve noticed him take them off before when going outside sometimes.

  16. Heart of Blades

    Nerd is digging his own grave! lol. Tank is cute as always and I love that Evil still had the ear tag. Poor Death, he looks like he’s about to snap

  17. Chris

    Death slaps himself on the forehead… *ZAP*

  18. DC*

    these comics rule who ever drew these is amazing dude i love u

  19. Evil2.0

    ( Ok sorry I’ve like bloody dissapeared I got buried under books and work)
    1, I feel sorry for evil, 2 is he ever gonna get rid of that tag thingy, 3 thank you for the fan page, 4 hope you’re doing well with Sam

  20. Rawrimaducky

    lol Tanked :)

  21. Maha Panta

    I thought foreign foods were banned? How is Tanked getting beer? I was hoping for a return of Sober Tanked Bear. Hehe . . . it could be the “Strange Case of Dr Sober and Mr Tanked”!

  22. admin

    @phDexter: Thank you very much and the baby is doing great too :)
    @NiaTeppelin: Sometimes I don’t draw his glasses if I want to push the expressions, I feel like they get in the way. And he often does take them off before he goes outside. And of course they get broken a lot too.
    @Chris: That would suck, not being able to touch yourself!
    @DC: Thank you!
    @Evil2.0: Yuck, I hope it all works out!
    @Maha Panta: Tanked has a stash, for emergencies :)

  23. ScullyL

    I just found this comic today while I was “studying” for finals and had to leave my library in order to read it without disturbing others…I guess laughter is distracting. I love this comic!

  24. Nicole

    Yes, Tanked must have his beer. No compromise on that one, I would think. :)

    I love how Death’s ears are turned back; poor guy’s just on edge!

  25. E

    Pff Gay, Lech, you and your lover’s spats?

  26. Peach

    Aww poor Tanked, getting startled by loud noises like that.

  27. Moo

    Ok, I have to say, I just ABSOLUTELY LOVE that first panel face! hahahahaha so cool

  28. beaufleur

    Wow! This is a fun, FUN comic!! Can’t wait for more!

    (and going back to something you mentioned a few comics back about getting babies to sleep …. I just continued to breastfeed mine, tucking them in next to me and eventually they would fall asleep and then I’d put them in their crib. Worked great. ^^ – now they’re out of the house and I miss those days! ;) )

  29. bobgoober

    Poor Death. I know just how he feels….-_-

  30. Zoe

    I like how you gave Evil “Hackles” of some sort, in the 4th panel. He looks good with them. :>

  31. Kookaburra8su

    ohh… Oooh… I think I found a Christmas surprise!

    So full of character’.

  32. S.P

    Lookie, Evil still has his earing. Why haven’t the keepers noticed his return yet?

  33. Bob

    33rd! Wait…is that not an achievement? Oh…okay then…I did like the comic then ^^;

  34. Icantseethesun!

    wait sec after that arc nerd doesn’t have glasses anymore

  35. Kitsunekage

    Hmph! Death would hate it at my place. Wjat you see here in the comic is a normal weekday for me. Thats why I stay in my room and read 30+ web comics. BN is my second favourite, after El goonish Shive, and only because EGS has been running for 5+ years. It also was the first web comic I ever read….*sigh* good times.

    Hope you’re still around when EGS turns to ash.

  36. Kitsunekage

    Oops, I think I need spell check.

  37. Ayla

    Eugh, Nerd is probably my least favourite of the group. That’s not to say he’s a bad character, all of your characters are great, but everyone has a fave and a least fave, eh?
    Poor Death, though.

  38. Ratapoil

    “I want it destroyed right now! No, wait!” HAHAHA

  39. Elkian


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