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December 7th, 2009

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I’ll admit I’ve never read any of the Twilight books.  Would Nerd be a fan?  It seems like it’s really just a romance with some supernatural elements, something I don’t think he’d be into.  Harry Potter on the other hand as all kinds of fun ways to geek out.  Though I did find the last movie pretty disappointing: where was the big fight scene at the end where Bill got mauled and the kids used the lucky juice??  I was waiting through the whole movie for it since the fight at the end of the previous movie was great!

The books are always better.

Today’s vote incentive is more practice with turn arounds: Katrina (an old character I’ve done nothing else with unfortunately)

SITE UPDATE:  I’m slowly getting around to adding some new stuff to the site, first up is a page with details on our commission rates and options.  If you’d like an original Bear Nuts sketch, or a custom bear of your own, or some other art done you can go here for more info.  I’m also working on a fan art page next.  I’ve collected a few awesome pieces already and I hope to have that up for next Monday’s update :)


  1. Delakando

    @GAH O_o – Yes I do play BvS and that would be me under Delakando. It’d also be me under WoW.

    I wonder if Geek/Nerd Bear would play WoW.. That’d be interesting! I’d be stalking him to piss him off >:)

  2. Delakando

    Delakando the new violent stalker bear!

  3. Pouncivil

    I think Nerd should play Warhammer fantasy. Its a table top game with little figurines that you paint up and move strategically around and is way geekier then playing anything else, some will argue that magic is awesome but its there for people who wish they were hardcore. to learn more…

  4. SanoSS7

    Actually, since Prozac asked Nerd “Where do you… GET this…” Nerd was correct in answering with “I ORDER…” if he had used ordered, it would have been a tense disagreement and then been prescriptivly and descriptivly wrong gammar-wise

  5. Jaci

    Gay should be a fan of Twilight. It’s so right up his alley. Oooh! Sparkly, perfect vampire boys!!

  6. Nicole

    I can see Gay enjoying Twilight, but not Nerd. Myself, I found the books entertaining, though I had to learn to tune out the constant references to how beautiful Edward was. Over and over and over and over again. Other than that, t’was a good tale to follow.

  7. Amanda

    i totally see gay getting into twilight! that would be hilarious!

  8. Pheebalino

    Gay would love Twilight, definitely.
    And Nerd would just as definitely hate Twilight.

  9. Kiggy

    Bad Nerd! No fandoms for you!

  10. Liar-Fyre

    Lol! That would be interesting to see; a fandom duel between Nerd and Gay. And I must agree with you, the latest movie kinda sucked D8 It made me cry inside XD

  11. GAH O_o

    Delakando I think you mean new bear stalker… and I play under White Wing and Jet Li in BVS so I know you know me!!!! so hows the village? I use school internet so bvs blocked now -.-

  12. Kitsunekage

    Well, credit card fruad explains a lot. Like how they could afford Prozac’s prozac, and why my bank acount is missing cash…….. j/k

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