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November 30th, 2009

Page 136

I promised a Death arc so here it is, my early Christmas present to all the Death bear fans :)

I keep getting questions about this so I wanted to mention again that I won’t be able to do any Friday updates for the time being thanks to:

Gotta love the cross-eyed baby pics. ¬†As much as I love getting emails from readers it does take a lot of my limited time to respond to the ones that just don’t read my comments… so yeah, no Fridays for now, but hopefully in the New Year!

Today’s vote incentive is in a piratey mood.


  1. hehe

    secondly (hehe)
    Love the fact your doing a death arc, and glad to see Gimp is back!

  2. Unusual

    Sammy’s lookin good! And I must agree I’m happy to see Gimpy again. Ah luffs him.

  3. JDona

    Ah … no better way to wind down from a two-part Evil arc than one on Death. Hopefully Evil being confined to his room will mean the others can shine (or, in Gay’s case, dazzle).

    Here’s hoping Gimp’s first appearance in a while foreshadows an arc shortly after this one!

  4. Sarita



    I love the line-up there. They’re all so… in character.

  5. Hex

    Death Bear! AHHH the poor thing can’t hear. No mom i think he said. ROOOOAAAR!

  6. allaze-eroler

    your baby i way too cute XD but the “cross-eyes” thing, i already saw it somewhere… ha yes, when i was baby, i have same thing and it was a little problem because i must wearing glass during childhood ^^; so, you should take care of it :)

    by the way, cool “death ark” XD

  7. Briana

    HAH! I love the way they’re all lined up together!!! I read this whole comic tonight, and I can’t wait for the next page. I’ll have to add this to my Monday’s list of comics to read!

  8. Almo

    OOOhhh a harry potter fan!

  9. Deathwind

    Nice a Death arc! Woo!

    allaze-eroler and me too have something in common, I too was born with cross-eyes, they fixed themselves instead of going with the cosmetic surgery. Hope that clears up with Sammy soon so he won’t need the surgery!

  10. Bosn_C_Otter

    Hey, i think your baby’s ears are too tight, its making him all cross eyed. Nerd is just adorable in the last panel.

  11. Jon B

    Great comic update and great vote incentive. As for Friday, don’t worry about it. It makes the Monday updates that much better. Just post the occasional picture of your son. The kid is cute as a button.

  12. poco

    Nerd as Harry Potter is hilarious. I notice Death didn’t have to attend Prozac’s meeting. Maybe Prozac’s afraid to force him?

  13. Hyperchromatic

    Cute Sammy pic, btw :>

  14. Glowworm

    Foreign foods were banned–well it all depends what “food” is. Evil likes children you know-does that count as foreign food? Also is that Goner in the trash.

    Loved the part with the monkeys.

  15. Nicole

    @poco…yeah, I bet you’re right. Death just kinda gets to do his own thing. Though he doesn’t seem to push anyone’s buttons.

    Death is one of my faves! So, yay for early Christmas presents!! :D

    And, oh, the cuteness of Sam. :)

  16. Silverblob5

    The apes are armed….this should prove amusing the next time Evil tries to torment them. Either that, or they’ll form a terrorist organization bent on destroying the Statue of Liberty and establishing ape dominance.

  17. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    A holiday from reality…? Does this mean that Death is going to do some bonding with Nerd?

  18. Braw

    Evil liked the eartag, he’s still using it… In fact he put another one after loosing it in the last page! :)

  19. Johnny

    I wouldn’t say no to a “Monkey with Gun” arc..

    Cute picture!

  20. kennyfox

    yer babys adorable ally. ^^ ive been reading bearnuts for a while now. and i decided to comment for once.

  21. Krystir

    Death bear is definitely my favorite, so I’m very excited that we get a death bear arc <3

  22. Kenichi340

    Evil still has the ear-tag, haha.

  23. PTM

    Oh noes. Death is taking a holiday.
    How much do you want to bet he’ll be severely disappointed with everyone when he gets back?

  24. Jeri

    Sorry I didn’t read the comments was on a limited laptop that popped up warnings every five seconds. Was on vacation. Was worried bout you though and wondering what was going on with that beautiful baby.

    BTW happy thanksgiving and merry whatever holiday you celebrate!

  25. TJ YZ

    Awww! Nerd looks so cute in his new garb!!!! Love it!

  26. Rawrimaducky

    When can Evil come back? :P

  27. ...

    “Death Bear takes a holiday from reality” … Those last two words are really unsettling to me for some reason.

  28. Damascus

    I’m not gonna lie, that’s an ugly baby. ‘Course, all babies are ugly, be proud that yours may not be a total waste…yet
    also yay death, best bear of the lot

  29. TLV

    Sad thing is, I can’t tell the difference between the monkeys and the children.

  30. Nicole

    I imagine that’s fairly on purpose, TLV. :)

  31. Filipe

    What a lovely baby! And decorated with dinosaurs!

  32. John

    Awwww cute baby…
    love gimpy!

  33. Maha Panta

    OMG! Does this mean no more beer for Tanked!

    If Tanked Bear can not get any more beer because of Prozac’s new rules . . . does that mean a return of Sober Tanked Bear!?

    I see a strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde like plot possible there, it could be Mr Tanked Bear and Dr Sober Bear!

  34. tsophies

    @ Damascus, I bet you’re one of those awful people who say ‘no offence’ and then come out with something dreadfully rude. Get some manners wouldn’t you? Don’t say anything if you can’t say anything nice.

    I wonder if the reason you’re getting all the messages is because on your update underneath the page, (mind you dated August the 26th or something) announces you do Friday updates as well?
    Looking forward to the new arc! Thankfully at uni time seems so sped up I’m all like, WHAT MONDAY AGAIN?

  35. hafiz

    @tsophies, thats what he thinks. He’s being honest. Although I agree thats kind of rude.

    @Damascus, that’s not an ugly baby. Different people see things differently and like different things. So just because you dislike him doesn’t mean you can flame him.

    oh and btw, why is the child in the trash bin?

  36. GAH O_o

    YAY for Bear Nuts I love this comice sooo much…

  37. Liar-Fyre

    !! Harry Potter for the win! ^0^ Love the comic btb ;)

  38. Kitsunekage

    Limited Contraband…… It’s an oxymoron! Like Jumpo Srimp and Military Intelligence!

    Either way, nothing good can come from this…..

  39. Thatonegirludontknow

    My last name! :D Haha not many people know what that spell is, so I’m super excited that you do, since Lumos is my last name! You have a great comic. I love you.

  40. Kat

    Your baby looks adorable! <3

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