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November 23rd, 2009

Page 135

Amusingly, when I was in labour the epidural they gave me ended up affecting my system like a spinal (which is what they use if performing a C section).  I was completely frozen from my collar bone down, I couldn’t move my legs at all.  As weird a sensation as that was, I was completely pain free and at the time, that was more important to me.  It started as a numbness in my toes that very quickly spread up my legs in a cold wave… so I now have a better idea of what Death’s power could feel like, except I imagine it to be more painful.

Today’s vote incentive is another giant sketch of random warm up stuff, painting practice, and some fan art… still holding my breath on the idea of a live action Avatar movie (why?! WHY?!) but I guess I can give it a chance before I discount it… maybe.


  1. Phsionix

    lol! Sloth’s expression is the most sinister I’ve seen on any of the bears! I wonder if he’ll turn into the Adelei Niska of Bear nuts! :D

  2. Raven800

    These comics are nicely drawn, neatly presented and funny, but though the “origin of evil” explained where he came from and where the “scar” came from (although not really) I’m still curious as to where his horns came from. One thing at a time I suppose. Anyway, I look forward to reading more of these funny comics and learning the origins of the other bears. Keep up the good work.

  3. Anaiyah


  4. Kitsunekage

    Oh, Yes! Fear the Death Bear!

  5. Solario the Visored

    The last panel totally reminds me of the various scenes of Family Guy involving the Giant Chicken! Our protagonist wins and walks off toward home, bruised but victorious, and we get one last shot of his fallen foe…NOT DEAD! :O

  6. sally

    are death and evil brothers?

  7. EJAK5199

    “Yep, time to go”

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