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November 16th, 2009

Page 134

An army of diminutive drooling minions is certainly better than no army at all.  They’ll likely need a little re-training but I’m sure Evil is up for the job.

Today’s vote incentive is more girly drawings!  Actually, despite the obvious exploitation I quite liked Danger Girl and since Jim colored the somewhat recent minis I had to take a crack at them (kind of an old image but one I still like).

Sammy updates!  Because some of you asked :)  If you’re sick of baby stuff ignore the following:

Sam is almost 12 pounds now and will be one month old on Tuesday.  He’s starting to hold his head up really well and is developing some personality… and he’s had a couple of 3 hour naps!  I’m getting almost 4 hours of sleep a night now! :)


  1. TJ YZ

    Aww! Sammy’s cute! Thanks.

    I can imagine Evil taking over the world with his cult of headband wearing squirrels.
    This is the stuff that nightmares are made of. XD

  2. heh

    is sloth dead?

  3. Almo

    This is an adorable comic! Almost like that one kid who’s been pushing all of the other kids off the monkey bars, and pronounces himself King of the world!… just as his mom comes to pick him up.

    Sammy is looking adorable!

  4. Imp Oster

    Haha Great stuff. I havn’t been keeping up to date lately, but I’m glad to see all the new comics. ^_^

    Good to see little Sam is doing well :B Late Congratulations ^^;

  5. ZHEEP!

    Nom Nom Nom!

  6. El Charlito

    Your own diminuitive drooling minion is adorable. :D

  7. Kiyatsu

    Oh Evil, you’re so awesome at times…scratch that…every time. I love how he’s like “…ohi how long were you there?” to Prozac.

    That second picture is adorable. XD

  8. midnightlost

    Evil beat down! lol

    and Aww cute baby

  9. Hex

    Kick ass I LOVE IT!

  10. Hex

    I there was a time to take evil out of the comic for a little bit so you can focus on other characters now would be it. Just saying but not too long

  11. Saddust

    Hi, the expression on Prozac’s face in last panel is too much ! A sweet blend of disgust, scorn and anger when he sees the dead squirrel ! Prozac’s face can be very expressive, indeed !

  12. Nigel-63

    … (sigh)… it’s my birthday today… I wish *I* had minions… (sigh)…

  13. Saddust

    By the way, luckily Tanked (Awwwww…) is not there, I remember that he likes squirrels…

  14. Kenichi340

    I guess I was wrong, Evil did beat Sloth up.

    Haha, and great pictures. Sammy looks cute.

  15. Tigergulp

    Dawwww….. Sammy is the ultimate in minion recruitment! X3 ze cuteness will be the undoing of us all! (except me cause I have my own little minion)

  16. Jon B

    Sammy’s a cutey pie. Great update too.

  17. Jasujo

    Aw! Sammy’s mummy outfit is truly adorable. :) He’s a good looking man!

  18. Who I am is my busness, staying out of my way is yours

    Wait, that squirrel are still alive?

  19. Tonka

    “I have minions” that is a great line. Amazing the damage one can do with some dead (or almost dead) squirrels.

  20. Kitty_cat84

    Awwwww, how cute is Sammy ^^ slightly worried that it looks like daddy (?) is trying to eat him XD Om nom nom :P You have a gorgeous lil baby there XD

  21. PTM

    Oh noes! Evil Minions! I can see Prozac is just shaking with fear…

    Uh oh. Baby Time.

  22. Dubael

    Continued congratulations, Sammy sounds like he’s progressing well. 3 hour naps, that is good and four hours sleep a night, my first wife and I would be jealous of you at that time with our twins. I’m really happy for you. I hope things continue to improve. Great pictures btw, thank you.

  23. G-ret

    That second picture looks like he’s going to eat Sammy. D:

    And sadly, the bears will probably take sloth’s side.

  24. NoSignature

    Sammy’s quite the cute little guy.

  25. Rawrimaducky

    I think the minions need work :P BTW go Sammy! :D

  26. pinkrabbit

    Awe Sammy is adorable! I thought it very funny, however, I could almost hear the excitement of getting 4 hours of sleep!

    Thanks for keeping at Bear Nuts despite becoming a mommy so very recently!!

  27. Kurobara

    You know, I once said that Tanked was the child figure of the group. Now, with the “I hafe minions now. *holds up dead squirrel*” line from Evil, he is now the kid figure in my mind. I’d like to see what happens when Prozac tries to get the others to drag Evil back to the zoo. XD

    Aw, baby father moment! Adorable!

  28. Za!BBy_z

    lol that pic of the baby with his mummy outfit is silly

  29. Aub

    Squee that is the cwootest baby evah~ He looks like a lil turtle T3T

  30. Valerius

    Hehe, if you lived ’round New Jersey (granted, I have no idea whereabouts you live) I might’ve been assigned to do Sam’s one-month pictures. I’m a child photographer, by the way. Our company does awesome portraits at very reasonable prices!

    Hmm….then again, we ARE a nationwide company….humm…..wonder if they got you already?

  31. Valancia Girl

    yeey update :D

  32. Braw

    I love your style, keep’em comming!
    (first comment, but I’ve been around since chapter 3)

  33. Platy

    OMG! Sammy is head essplody kyoot! He is so adorable, thanks for sharing him with everyone!

  34. admin

    Thanks for the Sam comments, you guys are so sweet!
    @ Hex: You know, I keep trying to write about other bears and Evil just worms his way back into everything!
    @ Nigel-63: Happy Birthday!!
    @ Tigergulp: Aren’t minions adorable? Yet time-consuming, my God.
    @ Jasujo: I love that little suit, unfortunately I don’t think it will fit him much longer.
    @ Dubael: Wow twins, I would die. I’m finding one plenty hard enough!
    @ pinkrabbit: You’re welcome, though I’ve done next to nothing in the last month so give thanks for large buffers… that’s pretty much gone now…
    @ Kurobara: I definitely agree that Evil is a child, or at least the most immature of the group!
    @ Valerius: That must be a fun job! We have some photographer friends that can help us out. I can’t wait to see what they come up with… provided he co-operates…
    @ Braw: Thank you!
    @ Platy: You’re welcome!

  35. Hyperchromatic


  36. Savanna

    Awww, the last one? Guess I’ll have to keep checking back =)
    I love this comic… it’s the first thing that’s actually made me laugh out loud in a really long time, so thanks for that =)
    Evil and Death are my favorites =)
    I love how I keep feeling bad for Evil though xD

  37. mw

    is sloth dead? nooooo

  38. Agent66

    So sad that BN only comes once a week now, but completely understand about RL and a baby to boot! Sammy is adorable! Has it been a month??

    This comic is just hilarious! A friend told me to check it out a few months back and I’ve been hooked ever since. Love a Nerdy Ninja! I love Gay and Evil of course has a special place in my heart. Definitely excellent and glad things are going well for you and the fam!

    Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!

  39. Nicole

    Sammy is a DOLL. Thanks for the pics!

    Question….what dictates the big colorful eyes vs. the small dot eyes on your characters? I’m basically seeing calm vs. stress, but I’m curious what emotions lead you to one or the other. :)

  40. Porst

    Wow, cool comic, cute kid.

  41. hafiz

    hey. i started reading bear nuts yesterday. may i know how often u update it? please don’t rush coz u have a baby to take care off. i remember when my brother was a newborn 3 years ago. omg. i had to wake up in the middle of night to make him milk coz my dad didn’t know how and my mum was in the hospital.

  42. admin

    @ Savanna: Don’t worry, not the last one!
    @ Agent 66: Thanks for understanding and Happy Turkey day to you too!
    @ Nicole: Pretty much strong emotions, good or bad. I use dots when I want to push an expression.
    @ Porst: Thanks!
    @ hafiz: Welcome to BN! Right now I’m only updating on Mondays until things with the newborn get easier. He’s pretty demanding!

  43. Yai

    Sammy’s looking hella cute! :D

  44. Phsionix

    I guess with a character who has loose morals, its more fun to create plots around them as there is so much more flexbility xD

    Also, Sammy is gorgeous, congradulations!

  45. Akko

    Did Evil give Sloth massive nipple cripples?

  46. Thorn

    Too cute. Reminds me of my little cousin when he was “king of the playground” and we had to take him home right when he was on top. Poor Evil. lol

  47. Me as myself

    that guy on last pic looks like Torque from “The Suffering”

  48. Anaiyah

    he did say that he’d kill him

  49. Shada

    I love how innocent Evil looks in panels 5 and 6! I adore these comics!

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