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November 9th, 2009

Page 133

No animals were hurt in the making of this comic.

Today’s vote incentive is a random giant sketch of random things from my Deviant gallery, of which I’ve been very neglectful of late…  If you hadn’t already noticed, I like to draw girls :)


  1. TJ YZ

    Yes!!! This once a week thing is gonna kill me. The last issue is so far my favorite.
    Hope you’re getting some sleep even with Sammy adding his own schedule!

  2. Rikki

    lol Pwned

  3. Rikki

    Sorry, But i really like this one! xD

  4. King Todo

    Hahaha. Even with a kid, you’ve still got the great updates. Keep up the good work.

  5. Maha Panta

    How did Evil get free?

  6. Hex

    He got free with his RAZOOOOOOOR CLAAAAWS! Love Evil this is may fave please keep tis awesomeness up

  7. Almo

    Beating Sloth with his own Minions! I love it. :D
    Are those cute little ‘x’ marks their belly buttons… or something lower?

  8. Mirnus

    The voting incentive redirects to the picture from last week…just wanted to make sure that was right.
    The faces in the second panel are priceless.

  9. Dana

    He didn’t even need saving, LOL!

  10. midnightlost

    Go Evil, beat Sloth with those dead squirells lol

  11. machchunk

    DO IT


  12. Como

    woot FUBAR that SOB Sloth!! XD probably Evil’s best so far “Whos the king now bitch?!” just awesome unfortunately Alison this page has inspired the others testosterone and thereby fueled a wrestle/kungfu match thing outside the command tent, lol ima go play too. best of luck and well wishes to you and Sammy

  13. Ras

    haha i just love the second pic where they just look like “oh god not again evil..”
    gotta love bear nuts

  14. Kurobara

    One little word to describe Sloth’s current standing : PWN3N.

  15. kryvian


  16. Snowgods

    Squirrel-chucks – Beats Nerds silly wooden ones

  17. Kenichi340

    Something tells me Sloth isn’t feeling a thing from those hits because of his big belly.

  18. Glowworm

    “Who’s the king now bitch?” XD-Epic! Although I doubt that Sloth is really feeling anything. I bet Death’s gonna death touch him.

  19. Mark

    @ Glowworm: I’m thinking Sloth’s already dead… That’s why you can’t see his face… (Just theorizing here :D)

  20. admin

    @ Almo: lower :)
    @ Mirnus: It’s changed now, it depends on when you check it I guess, I’m not sure exactly when it switches.
    @ Como: lol… thank you! Go for the rear nekkid, always works for me.
    @ Snowgods: ha! They may not do as much damage though…

  21. Nicole

    Did not see that coming! :D Though, frankly, I should have. Go, Evil!

  22. PTM

    Dang it Evil, you should have burned to death by now. No offense to Evil Bear lovers. Just saying that, given it’s taken like, three whole comics for the other bears to get there, you’d expect him to have burned by then…

  23. Kaos

    Wonder if Sloth still is alive? perhaps he did die from a heart attack when he saw Evil breaking free? XD

  24. Puffles

    Somehow I knew Evil would break free and get back at Sloth,Grade A pwning in the last four panels.

  25. Blackwolf99

    Kaos, I think if he had a heart attack, it’s because he was MORBIDLY OBESE.
    Also, as for Evil breaking out, I think that chocolate icing comment was the last straw.

  26. Tonka

    Ah, as Sloth has learned, evil may be contained, but it can never be destroyed…he he he he

  27. Jason

    I imagine a low BOM BOM as Evil is hitting is hitting sloth with the squirells.

  28. Rawrimaducky

    Evil! Evil! Evil!

  29. Who I am is my busness, staying out of my way is yours

    Man…I was expecting Evil to beat Sloth into a bloody pulp, or burn him alive..or at least decapitate him!

  30. Yu Huo

    *ahem* sorry, I’m just happy that Evil is as rocksome as I consider him.

  31. HappyG

    Ooooh I love the vote incentive today… there’s Chi from Chobits! It is one of my favourite animes. Well done on making the post with little Sammy about.

    <3 HappyG

  32. hehe

    when I saw the comic, all I heard was “Boombaboombabooombaboom”

  33. Bellistner

    I like to draw girls

    Doesn’t everyone? :D

  34. slicerness

    wonderful job on rei in the incentive vote thing.

  35. hobbesme

    jumping up and down Arlo Guthrie style yelling “Who’s the king now bitch?”

  36. RJ

    neo genesis evangelion FTW

  37. Robert

    Mohaha. In the end there’s nothing like beating the guy that tried to eat you to death with his own servants.

  38. brittbrat

    Lol i love you and your work it makes me giggle when i’m suposed to be doing school work (at school. Teachers dont say anything most of the time lol :3) and studying!!!!! x3

  39. Phil

    Hey, PTM — you missed it… It didn’t take Evil that long to get away. He probably cut through the rope in less than a minute.

    He’s been beating on Sloth THIS WHOLE TIME!

    The man likes his cardio! And his taiko drums too!

    P.S. This webcomic is SO much fun, and it just keeps getting better… First we have Gay bear’s indignant expression (and bitch slap), then we have Evil’s Taiko drum routine! I can’t wait to see what’s next.

  40. Bosn_c_otter

    wow, Squirrel floggers! Sandy Cheeks would never put up with that shit.

  41. shadowtheunholy

    nice work on webcomic it’s funny as hell. keep up the good work, but make sure you take some time to your self for rest ,comics and kids you super mom. well have fun

  42. luckinflux

    This is all parts of funny! Just one question. What made you decide to give the squirrls butt holes?

  43. Fortytwo

    HIDEKI! Hideki! HIDEKI! >.> (I voted for you, obviously. very well drawn chii)

  44. squidbob

    someone should mod mortal kombat into Bearnuts Kombat Mortal….something…. in any case we know which bear gets the lightning powers :)

  45. Hyperchromatic

    Nice, Evil, nice. XDDD
    Hows Sammy, btw? :> I imagine hes cute as ever? Post a pic sometime :D

  46. Angela

    HA! Best line ever!

  47. Lax

    Sooooo… should be expect a good reason for not having the Friday update? >:(

  48. Delhi K

    @Lax: Uhm. She had a BABY? That’s a good reason. And she said she was nixing Friday updates. Silly you for expecting one…

  49. Kitsunekage

    Wait…….how,exactly, did Evil free himself from the ropes that were pinning him to the post?

  50. sneakers


    Claws are useful for getting out of binds.

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