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November 2nd, 2009

Page 132

Bear Nuts will continue with Monday ONLY updates for the time being because my new little tax credit continues his parasitic latch on my free time (sometimes all I want to do is hold him, it’s so bizarre how they can just take over everything like that!)  Right now he’s sleeping so I actually got on my computer!

Today’s vote incentive is a non bear character from another story… sometimes I miss drawing people… or demonic people in this case: a belated Happy Halloween to anyone who missed Friday!  Yay for left over candy!


  1. hehe

    I adore panels 4 and 5! and its true, why does everything end up in Gay’s ass?

  2. Sarah

    mwahahahaha bitchslap! but I didn’t think he should complain. if it swells he could just run around singing “I like big butts and I cannot lie..” XD

  3. Who I am is my busness, staying out of my way is yours

    The look on Gay’s face in panel 4 made me cry from laughing so hard…and only Jeff Dunham has been able to do that!

    On a side not, thanks for giving us a week-long cliffhanger!

  4. Kiyatsu

    Hurrah bear pockets! 8D

  5. Mickel

    LOL, OMG, LOL I love this one. Is Death actually telling them to walk towards the light? Uh oh.

  6. AquaCoon

    Heh, I didn’t realize they had pockets.

  7. Saddust

    @AquaCoon : They are toons, so everything is possible, even the impossible (^v^)
    So, how is it going with Sammy ? Do you get your sleep fix every time you need, now ? My two daughters had digestion issues (tummy pain) when newborns, so we tried anis infusions and it worked more or less…

  8. clarence

    so, gay bear is a southpaw?!

  9. nia_teppelin

    @Mickel: Oh my god, you’re right! Someone has to stop them!! D:

  10. Bosn_c_otter

    yea, the pocket thing got me too. but hey Comic evolution works much faster than the extremely slow real one. Leech is a crack up. My favorite caricature

  11. Delhi K

    I ADORE how you drew Gay in panel 3 <3

  12. Appel

    pockets…? naa, i wont think about that too hard X3
    poor nerd, looks like it got him pretty hard that he hit gay :C

  13. Crotalus

    Brace for sh-tstorm of epic proportions!!!

  14. Snowgods

    I Love how Gay smacks Lech off-frame

  15. Skittles

    You should get your husband to become… A STAY AT HOME DAD! (Although that would mean more work for you)

  16. David (:

    panel 5 <3 Leach’s Head hahahahahaha x’DD

  17. Unusual

    Wow, that… I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. Thank you. Also I never got to say congrats on Sammy so… congrats! :D We’ll survive on only one dose of BN a week, we appreciate you taking time out of your, now even more, hectic schedule to do so.

  18. Nicole

    Love Death bear! :D

  19. chrisQ

    …in re: vote incentive… that Belial looks absolutely terrific !!!… which comic/story is it from ?… what site does it run on ?… can anyone elucidate me, please ? – I simply must see more !!!…

  20. admin

    Prozac has used his “pockets” before actually :)

    @ who I am…: I’m flattered!
    @Mickel: eerie flickering orange light too…
    @Saddust: Sammy is going, and I don’t think he has any digestion issues but I’m backing off dairy at first just to be sure.
    @Skittles: Actually Jimmy and I both work at home so I have a lot of help, it’s wonderful!
    @Unusual: Thanks! I’m glad everyone’s so understanding.
    @chrisQ: Belial is from another comic pitch of mine that hasn’t gone anywhere…yet. Perhaps it’ll be a webcomic some day too.

  21. £Ø§Ð

    “Why Does Everything End Up in your Ass?” (Astonished!)
    Epic. :P

  22. Rawrimaducky

    Nice. :)

  23. Krebs830

    The expressions in panel 4 were great, especially Gay’s! The vote incentive is cool, too. You’re a wonderful artist.

  24. Maui

    Love it! Also, just noticed the gap in Nerd Bear’s teeth :D

  25. Izze

    Whoa. The vote incentive is… Amazing. Dragon fan? xD <3 I admit, I am one myself. What’s not to like? And do you have a deviantART? I’d love to add you to my watch list if so!

  26. Rela

    Where is Gimpi? just btw…. That gaybear comment made me smile a lot :3 so epic!

  27. Pachi

    … Now I’m wondering where the bandaids came from… no one has pants on(except Nerd) SO WHERE COULD THEY COME FROM?

  28. Seth

    on the “welcome” part down there you might want to take off the part that says you update on fridays

  29. Aja

    what happen to nerd on panel 8

  30. xXRubixCubeXx

    So, It is wed. and we are still going “Why does everything end up in your ass?” “Gasp!” …. It is either because we are silly college kids with no lives or this is just that awesome!….. I vote for the second! Good luck with everything!

  31. ZHEEP!

    You should make a forum page. The comic’s definitely earned one.


  32. hobbesme

    i’m so addicted to bear nuts i’m photoshoping them

  33. Myst

    OMG! The Vote incentive is like.. sexy! What’s the name of the comic he’s from? I wanna read it!

  34. Saddust

    Aaargh ! I miss my BearNuts fix (^v^) I hope everything is well by your side, Alison and Sam.

  35. Glowworm

    “Why does everything end up in your ass?” XD!

  36. Moo

    Is there going to be a girl bear? :o

  37. Lady Luck 87

    I LOVE this comic so much! I die of laughter! Weekly updates just arent enough.

  38. TJ YZ

    Laughed so hard at that bitch slap!!! I could just hear the SMACK!

  39. brittbrat

    Heh his ass hurts. xD

  40. Anaiyah


  41. Some person from Toronto

    “Why does everything end up in your ass?”

    HA HA, Lech is soooo funny! XD

  42. Skykitsune

    All of panel 4 = Epic win. Especially Gay’s expression.

  43. KingMe

    What is with the red on Lech’s face? Is it a bruise from were Gay Bear hit him or something?

  44. Sonic the hedgehog

    Does any one else notice that Death has a butt in the 4th panel?

  45. EJAK5199

    I love Deaths expression when he’s numbing Gays Ass XD

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