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October 30th, 2009

Page 131

It’s a bit early, but happy Halloween everyone, from Jimmy and Sammy and I and these idiots too :D

Due to time constraints (i.e. lack of sleep) Bear Nuts is going to just Monday updates for the time being.  I burned through most of my buffer in that ninth month and since Sam arrived I’ve done literally nothing… I had a more interesting Halloween vote incentive planned but I guess that’ll have to wait until next year.

For anyone who’s been missing Gimpy, he actually shows up as a costume in this Halloween themed comic from ‘Friends in Fire‘ by Adam Williams.


  1. hehe

    Second, Gay looks kinda happy to be stuck in the bum ^^ third, I miss Gimp!

  2. Who I am is my busness, staying out of my way is yours

    The “blind ninja” Nerd aint.

  3. String Petoun Ping

    I think that Gay is happy because he can ask that to death that can do it almost without pain. Lech would have probably push or twist the throwing star just to be sure Gay suffer as much that possible.

  4. midnightlost

    So is nerd living out his dream to be the next Beverly Hills ninja? lol, blind throw attack!

  5. midnightlost

    doh! forgot to say Happy Halloween

  6. Bearcub

    Nooohohohooooo :( just mondays! Too sad, but I understand that family first. I believe in you.

    On the other hand, I wonder where’s Prozac, he’d get mad if he saw Nerd throwing stars. No more sorries to squirells, no more hitting with that funny club. It’s shreading time yeah xD

  7. Valancia Girl

    it’s gay’s own fault ….

    also for tommorow happy halloween

  8. Lucky

    Oh my gosh, LOL, it’s incontestable, Gay IS happy with this thing stucked in his butt XDDD
    Thanks for make my Friday very happy :3

  9. Who I am is my busness, staying out of my way is yours

    @String Petoun Ping: No…that’s what Death would do.

  10. G-ret

    Nice to at least see gimp back in some form :D
    And Gay got it in the ass :P

  11. tsophies

    I’ve been massively impressed you’ve continued this long with two updates considering you were in ‘the 9th month’!! Sad to see the friday update go, but congratulations on Sam!! xxx

  12. Dana

    This comic is made of awesome-sauce!

  13. PTM

    Why do I feel like these guys are already too late? Fire burns at a constant rate. Evil is probably dead by now.

  14. Matt Datchuk

    Lech’s face in the bottom left panel is awshum.

  15. Nicole

    @PTM: I was wondering the same thing, but the past few events actually probably happened really fast. Hopefully Evil is only a bit singed at this point.

    I love all their expressions–so real and so funny! :D I bet our Alison is an actress as well as an artiste…

  16. ElCharlito

    Heh, he’s not a ninja, he’s a non-ja.

    And WHO SAID YOU COULD GO BACK ON TWO UPDATES A WEEK JUST BECAUSE YOU HAD A BABY WE DEMAND FREE ENTERTAINMENT yadda yadda. Seriously, thanks for keeping it up at all; just being a three-time uncle and getting saddled with years of babysitting has taught me about how much time kids eat up. Rock on, Alison!

  17. Death-FanLOL

    Gay is totally hitting on Death… “get it out!” Translation, “My ass! Look! Touch it!”


  18. TJ YZ

    Only Mondays!?! How will I ever survive without my Friday dosage of Bear Nuts!!!! I;m sorry to hear how swamped you are. =(

    The squirrels look almost like a cult with their headbands XDDD

  19. OrangeMD

    Where’d nerd bears glasses go?

  20. twootwoot

    @TJ YZ O wow I just noticed that they really are strange worshipers =o

  21. D.Durand

    Nerd is definately my hero !

  22. Dis Astrum

    nerds stomach looks like bacon when he pulls out the ninja stars.

  23. glowworm

    I loved the Gimp comic-that was hysterical!

  24. Hobbes

    You’re vote incentive reminds me of the end of paranormal activity

  25. AquaCoon

    Is it just me, or does Gay look really really excited that he’s got a throwing star in his butt?

  26. Yai

    Damn, I haven’t commented in a while. Gay is so lazy, it’s fabulous. ;D He definitely seems happy ’bout getting a star on his bum, but it was a good suggestion for his butt to be numbed before it got taken out, for he’s aware of the pain. How’s the baby, by the way? (:

  27. Bosn_c_otter

    “get it out, can you numb it first”… Boy how many times I have heard that line… Oops! TMI, sorry.

  28. Almo

    I love how his blind “plan b” is to throw sharp pointy objects into the battle field through his friends. :D

  29. Puffles

    I think Gay seems a bit too excited about having that throwing star stuck in his bum…XD

  30. KingMe

    I don’t like it when Gay Bear becomes a wuss, he has gone toe to toe with both Evil and Lech and can hold his own in a fight. But now he is to afraid to fight a bunch of squirrels.

  31. Michael Sirius

    No no no, not afraid, too fabulous too fight squirrels. Plus he doesn’t want to be here at all, remember?

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