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October 26th, 2009

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We sometimes run chuck seminars for the kids at the dojo, which means we have to be mildly competent ourselves first.  They are kind of fun, but it’s damn easy to whack yourself in the back of the head, or on the elbow… or take one in the face because the person in front of you accidently let go of theirs on a back swing :P

Thank you everyone for the well wishes and baby congrats, it’s much appreciated!  Now anyone have any good ideas for babies that won’t sleep all night and the only thing that seems to calm him down is feeding… I can’t do that all night and I don’t think an over-full tummy is a good idea either :(

Today’s vote incentive is a little sketch honoring one of my influences; apparently people are interested in what warped my brain.


  1. noloveloss

    I love your comic and as far as your little one, my daughter was a half and half. she was eating all the time and since i couldn’t keep up with her i had to start substituting with soy formula(the regular upset her tummy) but i also found swaddling helped her sleep a little bit longer when she did go back to sleep.

  2. Stomme poes

    Some people’s kids are awake every hour. I was one of those who slept all night long (8 hrs or more) where my mom actually needed to wake me up due to her discomfort, lawlz. Yours will do what he does, and it’s okay.
    Unless he has a disorder, he will eat as much as he needs. Most babies regulate themselves, and some need to eat a lot while others not so much. Also okay. Your doctor will likely agree, feed him however much he wants at this age. Most kids are pretty good self-regulators re amount food and sleep until about ages 3-5, where culture starts being able to influence them (“finish your plate” etc).

    Other than your lack of sleep, the thing to keep in mind is, you don’t have to worry much. If any of the suggested techniques work, great. If not, you’ll just need to wait it out : )

  3. rubberbend

    Haha! Funny. Though Ninja Nerd is nothing without bad weapons training :<
    You should go trick-or-treatin’ for Halloween! Given you’re well enough, of course.
    Prolly you should cover your baby basket in a white sheet, and when someone asks, tell ’em Sammy’s dressed as an egg. If you have no white sheet; do not fret! Say it’s an Easter egg. For Halloween. Yup.
    You and/or your husband should dress as penguins or dinosaurs or chickens or something equally inane. :D

  4. HappyG

    My experience is that for the first few months it is about an average 2-hourly feeding schedule. It is grueling and tiring but there are some things you can do… Breast-milk is so much better for the baby, if you have time, expressing some milk perhaps in the morning for night-time feeds will help reduce some of your discomfort and struggling with a bra at 2am an there’s no worries about being in short supply. Also, cracked nipples are a big problem, make sure you moisturize them with a toxin-free, water-based moisturizer.

    Using a little humidifier (you can buy winnie the pooh ones, how adorable) is great for your health, your baby’s health and provides some calming white-noise at a low level.

    Swaddling is controversial, some parents are for and some against, but make sure you’re vigilant for SIDS.

    For safe sleeping follow these guidelines from the SIDSkids foundation:
    ‘1. Sleep baby on the back from birth, not on the tummy or side.

    2. Sleep baby with face uncovered (no doonas, pillows, lambs wool, bumpers or soft toys).

    3. Avoid exposing babies to tobacco smoke before birth and after.

    I found warming a little heat-pack very mildly helps as well as stroking the forehead, chest and holding thier hands, just being close has a soothing effect, as does gently humming and rocking.

    <3 HappyG

    4. Provide a safe sleeping environment (safe cot, safe mattress, safe bedding).

    5. Sleep baby in their own safe sleeping environment next to the parent’s bed for the first six to twelve months of life.’

  5. HappyG

    erk my window repositioned halfway through typing so please ignore the inconsistency there…ohh and lavender works great too, some lavender oil on a pillow for the older ones or a little lavender pouch or the lavender-enriched Johnson’s baby-wash…

    My little niece loved it when I put her to sleep, she was a menace for her mother though.

    <3 HappyG

  6. Heart of Blades

    Ninja Nerd’s got some of those mad skills I’ve been hearing about…to bad all he could hit there was Gay, lol. Oh, Prozac, keeping apologizeing to the squirrls, that is too cute.

  7. Unacceptable

    I just realized one of the reasons I love this webcomic so much. Nerd’s expression in panels 9-10 should be the exact same, but there are these little details that make them very different.
    Alison is very good at that kind of thing.

  8. herelt

    we use a white noise machine with different settings and controlls, for waterfalls, heartbeat, rainforest, thunderstorm…. etc… and you might want to try a projector that shows cool stuff on the ceiling…. my son was in NICU for 4 weeks after he was born. they had him on a 3 hour rotation… then when we got home, after a week we moved it to 6 hours… and a little while after that he just told me when he was hungry / wet / bored …. good luck… Bear (yeah, that’s really what i call him) liked the projector a LOT and he still LOVES the white noise machine… his favorite is the rainforest with the dodo birds (which i secretly detest ;p ) so thankfully there’s a BUNCH of AA batteries @ my house !! …. Good Luck it’ll work itself out. it always does.

  9. mamabrownbear

    co-sleeping saved my sanity in the early days of waking to nurse every hour. you will soon get the hang of propping one eye open long enough to stick your nipple in his mouth so he can nurse his fill.
    also, babies will self regulate your milk supply for what their current nutritional needs are, so at 3 days, 6 days, 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, etc, any time they have a growth spurt, they will nurse more to up your supply. biology is an amazing and wonderful thing. :)
    keep him close, nurse on demand, not on a set schedule, and sleep when he does.

  10. Owndapwn

    I never have liked nunchuko (sp?)…. I’ve always prefered a slim-bladed dagger or 12…..
    Plus throwing knives.

  11. EJAK5199

    Death is just touching all of ’em

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