Page 127
October 16th, 2009

Page 127

I invite you all to add your own whirring nunchucku sound fx as you read this page.

Today is Sammy’s due date! ¬†As of my writing this, no action yet… I’m going to go for a walk and see what happens.

Our vote incentive today is a baby inspired bear sketch :)


  1. Q

    I wonder what Death is going to do to Sloth. o.0

  2. Konvikt

    Funny how Nerd tucked his gi (shirt) in his pants. That’s how women wear their kimono’s in Japan (right side over left). The other way around is the male way of wearing it.

  3. Lissy




  4. HappyG

    The little baby-bear sketch, absolutely ADORABLE… Somehow I can imagine that in Sam’s bedroom, framed above his little cot.

    Again, good luck, tell us how the birth went…I’ve got my fingers crossed for you!

    <3 HappyG

  5. Tezzle

    This comic is AWESOME! I just read the whole archive…AGAIN! I love the characters. Death is my favorite of course, but I love Evil too. He sounds like Jack Nicholson in my head…

  6. Angkochan

    Nerd is an adorable ninja! XD

  7. tuk

    shifu is… asianese (cant remebmer which exactly) for teacher, and is actually spelled sifu, or he is reffering to master shifu from kung fu panda.

  8. Billings

    I totally added the sound effects when reading it. I had to laugh when I saw we were invited to do so in the bulletin afterward.

  9. Salisria

    As the page loaded, I was half-expecting Nerd to hit himself with that nunchuck.

  10. Anaiyah


  11. Stitchpunk

    Man I love these comics XD Is there any way to see the old pics in the voting thing? All I’m getting is the latest pic

  12. gokol

    Japanese Say Sensei not Shifu.
    Otaku-sensei would the Closest thing to Nerd Bear in Japanese. Otaku Kuma is the closest to saying Nerd Bear.Or Kuma Otaku in Japanese order.

  13. bickbak

    ninja we’re out hear

  14. Kitsunekage

    First time I noticed gay’s bow tie is black…..

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