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October 12th, 2009

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What goes around comes around…. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians! ¬†Hopefully Evil isn’t on the menu at your family get togethers… I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my water doesn’t break during dinner… but that would certainly be the most eventful Thanksgiving my family has ever had :D

And now a Thanksgiving quiz!  

Crack is running from:

A. Evil

B. Evil with a bat

C. Evil with corn

D. a goose

E. the dark

Click to vote for a holiday image from BN and the quiz answer :)


  1. Who I Am Is My Business, Staying Out Of My Way Is Yours

    Corn, of course! It is a thanksgiving quiz.

  2. S.P

    Wow, this is ironic. Poor Evil, he just doesn’t sound very tasty to me.

  3. Chaos Engiinner

    hummmmm…. tanked and crack home alone? hahahahahaah… I have the impression that something will go wrong … very wrong! hehehe…

  4. Baughbe

    Where did these bears learn to cook? You serve bear with sauerkraut, Kim Chi or other forms of pickled greens. It counters the heavy musky game flavor. Or in this case the heavily embedded evil flavor. Hmmm, considering the evil, will maybe better go with pickled hot peppers. And for dessert, a mouse parfait.

  5. HappyG

    Ohh wow I haven’t commented in SO long, i fact I think the last time I did I was offering help with screen printing Bear-nuts T-shirts…

    You’re pregnant? Very pregnant! Congratulations, I don’t know how you juggle the hormones and still produce your fabulicious works of art and of course do so consistently… Still, that belly makes a good place for a coffee-mug.

    Much love from Australia!

    <3 HappyG

  6. admin

    @ Raven: I’m not sure why it’s doing that?? I’ve never had a timing issue with that site. I’ll include some of the sketches and things as extras in the print books.
    @ Dis Astrum: Thank you very much! No need to worry, I still have a bit of a buffer.
    @ vlovesu: Happy Birthday!
    @ HappyG: Thanks for the congrats, I am indeed exceedingly pregnant, any day now!! Perhaps the hormones are contributing to the craziness :)

  7. HappyG

    Much luck for the birth, I’m sure it will all go well, make sure you take time for yourself, having a screaming child dependent on your every whim is difficult to say the least… And despite the romantic view of birth it is pretty darn painful and messy… Little tip, it will make you urinate and defecate EVERYWHERE…I suggest a towel. Hehe

    Good luck and keep smiling!

    <3 HappyG

  8. sneakers

    Wow Sloth.

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