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October 19th, 2009

Page 128

Question: How many squirrels does it take to change a bed pan? ewwwwwww.

Found this link today to a little news story about a black bear (it’s short and sweet and pretty funny).

Today’s vote incentive is the Lech themed wall paper I’m working on…they’ll all get done… eventually.  I blame Sam :)  Oh, and it’s pink and lacy!  The line art is also available as our current donation gift: a pdf Bear Nuts coloring book.


  1. Kaos

    Evil is going to make Sloth to regret that he did send out his “soldiers”. :B Oh yes he will!

  2. Mickel

    I swear he was going to say “disturbance in the force.” Is it me? Evil is going to go postal on sloth

  3. shadowwalker

    That black bear reads Bear Nuts and his role model is Tanked…he’d make Tank proud…and jealous.

    Sloth reminds me of that fat man that was on Monk ( Mr. Monk Meets Dale the Whale )….he was huge.

    Did you make a Bear Nut costume for Sam? i know he will only be a little over a week old or less?, but well its Bear Nuts and baby/new born… he could have a Bear Nuts Onesie!

    Thank you for Bear Nuts and good luck with Sam! Hes lucky to have such a creative mother!

  4. hehe

    my guess is that the rescue party finds Evil roasting sloth over the fire kabob style.

  5. Saddust

    @Mikel : it is me too, then !
    @Alison : Weeeell ? Sam is there ?
    Funny the squirrel roasting Marshmallow on Evil’s fire…
    @hehe and Kaos : Good guess, I am thinking the same way.

  6. Kenichi340

    Ooh when Evil gets out of this…There will be blood, Sloth better know how to put that girt of his to good use to defend himself.

  7. Danimal

    I could see Evil going all Capt. Benjamin Willard on Sloth’s ass. Queue “The End” by the Doors…

    … the horror, the horror.

  8. Valancia Girl

    Question: How many squirrels does it take to change a bed pan?
    Answer: 6?

  9. Ariana

    Wow, who knew Sloth bear was such a dick?

    “Send everyone out!”

    Bad idea bub, bad idea.

  10. Alicia

    That coloring book sounds neat! When will it be available? Oh, very interesting, btw! I wonder how Evil will get out of this one! Hard to think there is a bear more evil than Evil!

  11. Tonka

    If Evil is happy with succlent toddler flesh, then we know he will do everything he can to slice and dice Sloth.

  12. Rakien

    On reading Evil bear saying “I’m gonna kill you” the song Frontier Psychiatrist by The Avalanches came to mind XD
    Nice page today anyways :D

  13. PTM

    A disturbance in the border?

  14. Yu Huo

    Not that I don’t appreciate it and all, but WHY ARE YOU UPDATING? Put your feet up! Have a break! For heaven’s sake, it isn’t like you haven’t got a good excuse!

    I love Bear Nuts. All the best to you!

  15. WEs

    Everyone is going to come to the fire to save Evil and they’ll find him sitting down to a large feast of a well cooked roast. Sloth is looking pretty plump and tender from where I’m standing.

  16. Evil2.0

    How long are people (or bears) gonna bet against the devil before they realise that Evil always wins ( so many allusions)

  17. Dis Astrum

    @ mickel / saddust that’s what I thought too!

  18. Kiggy

    Re: Incentive:

    Either female bears wear lingerie or Lech has a human lingerie fetish, thus making him more of a pervert than previously thought.

  19. Alex

    Aha! I just noticed the squirrel roasting marshmallows in Panel 4. Brilliant.

    It seems Sloth better have a way to defend himself!

  20. Bosn C Otter

    Lech is now my new desktop. Fantastic!

  21. Oddiccus

    And the story gets juicy…
    not reffering to Sloth’s drink… :]

  22. Kiyatsu

    Ah yes. Go Evil go. >:3

  23. Peach

    Is it sad that I can totally picture Sloth bear having the squirrels rub chocolate icing on him like Hedonism Bot from Futurama?

    “Squirrels! More fudgey decadence! Ohhh….oh yes….ahhhmmmmm, so good.”

  24. Anonymoose

    So… we all assume Evil’s gonna open up a can of whoop-ass on Sloth. What about the border disturbance? Could it be the other bears?

  25. Rahnee

    Lech’s treasure looks kind of like it was dipped in mud. Is that just the design?

  26. Idragon

    poor sloth hes gonna die

  27. glowworm

    Loved the black bear story-maybe he was hot? ;)

    I love the squirrel roasting that marshmallow.
    Sloth better be careful…

  28. glowworm

    BTW-anyone else expect Sloth to say something along the lines of “Bring me the Jedi, and the wookie?” ;)

  29. Tyron E!

    Claws do come in handy! Sloth looks like my friend “Louie”! LOL!

  30. Who I am is my busness, staying out of my way is yours

    I foresee dismemberment, slaughter, carnage, or decapitation in Sloth’s future.

  31. BluPickles

    Can you put Nerd in a Star Trek uniform someday? That would be freaking amazing…

  32. S.P

    *Gasp* Nooooo! Don’t burn im’!

  33. Hex

    Evil shell eat the fat one much like i did with my friend HA!

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