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July 8th, 2024

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Happy belated 4th of July to all who celebrated. Soooo much tension in the world now so I hope everyone can take time to celebrate what we have, family, friends, wherever and whatever you get your strength from.

I finally get to announce details on one of my long running comic projects! SPACE CHASERS is now available to pre-order.
I finished the art for this one months ago (currently 2/3rds of the way through book 2) and it pub date isn’t until Feb. Publishing can be such a sloooooow process, but there are milestones every once and awhile :)  An extremely fun book for kids into STEM and space in particular, but totally accessible for all ages. More specifically the upper middle grade range.


Prozac lay across the top of the lion cave and gingerly stuck his head down through the vent hole. It was easily wide enough to slip his shoulders through so he slid down far enough to get a good view of the interior, feeling Evil’s hold tighten on his hips in case he slipped. He half expected to get his face torn off as soon as he dropped below the threshold. Perhaps it was his more fatalistic mood since lowering his usual dosage to almost nothing, but it really did feel like a face removal kind of day. Fortunately, the possible face remover in question was asleep, lying on a palette toward the back of the cave. Lionel was flat on his back with four feet in the air, rising gently in time with his breath. Occasionally, one or more death paws would twitch, or his tail would curl lazily off the floor and then fall back. 

He looked comical and harmless and Prozac’s mood darkened more.

Prozac tapped his foot against the stone in a signal to Evil and Crack to pull him back up. He couldn’t see the girls from this vantage point, there were too many trees in the way. He thought he’d detected some faint snarling and Steven’s lower rumble while they’d been scaling the back of the cave, but everything was quiet and that made him nervous. More or less nervous than hearing an all out brawl? His stomach was in knots and he wished Cara was beside him. Or better yet, safe back in their cave. Oh and the others too, of course. He was just having a little more trouble than usual worrying about everyone. It was like he’d filled up to the brim with anxiety lately and he sometimes felt that the slightest extra pressure might burst the fragile sack holding him together. When had things gotten this hard? 


  1. Murphy

    yeeaah, some people need meds to live. prozac might be one of those. anxiety disorder.

  2. TekServer

    Agreed, Murphy. I’m on Prozac* myself for depression and anxiety, and I can tell you from personal experience that you have to be REALLY careful tinkering with your dosage. Especially true in Prozac’s case, because he’s (of necessity) self-medicating. I hope Prozac is at least getting Gimp’s help to be an objective outside observer to Prozac’s progress (alliteration unintended, but cool ). Gimp’s no doctor, but he’s the closest thing Prozac has access to.

    *the pill, not the bear.

  3. Todd Maccarone

    Okay, Lionel’s asleep, no fighting (yet) …things are going almost TOO good. How could fate turn this against them now?

  4. Sterling Rodd

    It’s nice to see something from Pro’s perspective again. I’ve missed him. :)

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