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July 1st, 2024

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Happy Canada Day :D


Gay looked at the tin in his paws, then up at the quiet pride radiating from Lech’s small smile. That was not a face he saw often, and it warmed him far more than superficial praise for baked goods…however much it was deserved. “Looks like you managed to tame the feral beast, Gay. Well done.” And he dropped a happy kiss on Gay’s cheek.

Gay smiled and hugged Lech back. More like he tamed some feral stomachs, but he’d take the win. Then he opened his eyes and glared at the other bears. “I’m going to need some willing and attentive sous-chefs.”

Cara blanched, but Sara rolled her eyes. She sidled up against Gay’s Lechless side and snarled in his ear. “Oh SURE. Expect the GIRL bears to be at your beck and call in the KITCHEN. How particularly MALE of you.” 

Gay stared at her, speechless. Lech snickered. It wasn’t often Gay couldn’t come up with words, but right now he was standing there with his mouth hanging open uselessly. Then Sara blinked at him and shook her head. “Sorry, bit of a knee jerk…” She pushed Cara back who was making faces and doing something weird with her paws. “I’ve been working on that…” Then she rounded on her sister. “You see! I even apologized! No WAY I’m not making progress!” 

Gay decided to ignore the whatever, and lay some ground rules. “I wasn’t implying ONLY you bitches help me, GAWD. But I will probably rely mostly on you because of basic competence, and some of my brothers shouldn’t be anywhere NEAR the kitchen thanks to past precedence…and poisonings, etc.” 

Cara laughed. “At least Prozac can help. HE knows the difference between vanilla and soy sauce.” Gay shuddered and Lech crossed his arms in a huff.  “I said I was sorry, already. And it’s not like that would happen again.” He looked imploringly at Gay, with a touch of vulnerability that tugged at the heart strings, or made you snort in exasperation depending on one’s mood. “I CAN help.” Gay smiled and patted Lech’s arm, “Of course you can Lech. You can do the dishes.”


  1. Murphy

    D’aaw, cute glech cheek kiss starving queers love.
    especially hard find represent today!

  2. Todd Maccarone

    Well, at least the bears are getting along. That’s a rare sight… but I doubt the lionesses are going to stay friendly forever. Move it, guys!

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