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June 24th, 2024

Page 933

We survived 7 baby teenagers for a sleep over and too much gaming (the twins’ 13th bday poutine party was Friday night). My basement was hot and sweaty, and full of pre-pubescent BO, and I think I got maybe 3 hours of sleep… they were just sooooo chatty. Definitely won’t be repeating the whole experience again lol. But they only turn 13 once :)

But as preemies, I think they look about 11 so I’m still having trouble wrapping my head around the idea. Some of their friends are like a foot taller.

Per the Father’s Day image from last week- obviously not canon or anything (or possible ;) Just something fun for Glech fans, and for Pride. And I figured the mint coloured one was a nice “genetic” mix of blue and yellow, nothing to do with Prozac.


He tried, a little, to keep the smug out of his tone, but her eyebrow twitched and Gay figured he wasn’t doing it very well, “Well, I certainly treasure all gushing feed back on my efforts!” He swept an elegant bow and tried to make it as sarcastic and needling as possible because she was just SO. EWWWW. “I will take your effusive praise to heart and bask in its warmth on those cold winter nights!”

Lech choked a little behind him and pinched his butt, hissing something under his breath that Gay didn’t quite catch but sounded a bit like, “Reel it back, Jackhole!”

Deciding there are perhaps moments where Lech made some sense, he turned to the left lioness to hopefully diffuse the moment, and expecting more outright praise, but she was sitting in the grass with half a saliva coated cookie lying before her.

Gay’s eyebrow lifted in shock and she shrugged a little, looking a bit embarrassed? “Sorry, I guess I don’t have much of a sweet tooth.” 

Right bitch pounced excitedly with a yowling, “MINE!” And snagged the regurgitated snickerdoodle with a sloppy tongue. Middle bitch glowered at her and the left one smiled at Gay. “Could you perhaps make not sweet things? I liked the texture. Perhaps baked discs like these made of meat? I like meat.”

Steven perked up at that. “Yes! I also require meat discs!” She turned her formidable bulk toward Gay and shoved the empty tin into his stomach. “In addition to the tasty muffins and that pastry thing with the cream, you will add FISH cookies to my weekly delivery.”

All the lionesses perked up at that and the twitchy tension surrounding them all seemed to melt away.


  1. ShennyNerd

    Poor Gay. What did he sign up for. At least it’s all free with credit card fraud.

  2. Todd Maccarone

    Well, at least Gay and the others can get to Leonard without any trouble… right?

  3. Chasey

    Fish cookies. Boy, that sure does sound… appetizing.
    Heh, but no seriously, it doesn’t sound like the worst thing ever. If someone gave me a fish cookie, I would probably try it.

  4. Cam

    Well, chicken crackers are a thing, so I’m sure Gay can make fish flavored ones. Also, the left lioness sounds so nice and polite, i like her.

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